Falling For Him

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Evelyn's POV

Right now, me and Blake were sitting in an empty classroom, waiting for Evan to show his ass.

I was sitting on Blake's lap with my hand on his shoulder and head on his chest while his hands were around my waist and chin on my head.

"Wow! Such a lovely couple you are!" A voice boomed in the room, making both of us jump. We sighed when we saw it was just Evan.

"Don't do that again, shithead." Blake glared at him. Evan glared right back at him.

"If you want me to do your work, you need to be more polite. I seriously don't understand why would someone like Evelyn date you." He sighed dramatically.

"Just shut up and do what I tell you." Blake said. Evan sighed and sat in front of us on a desk, opening his laptop.

"Okay. I'm all set. What footage do you wanna hack?" Evan asked. Blake shook his head.

"It's not any footage. It's Maxwell Enterprise's bank accounts." And that made Evan freeze.

"You want to hack your own money?" Blake nodded. "Why? Isn't your daddy giving you your pocket money?" Evan asked.

"Just shut up and do it." Blake said. Evan closer his laptop and looked at Blake.

"If you want me to do it, I want you to tell me everything. I don't wanna get caught up and then turn up in a jail. I have a boyfriend for god's sake." Evan sighed, melodramatically.

"Ugh! Someone is hacking my money so I want you to tell me who's the hacker and on who's account is that all money going." Blake said. "Now please, I beg you, do it. If you get caught and go to jail, I swear I'll bail you."

"Okay." He opened his laptop again. He typed in something. "What's the account number from which the money is getting hacked?"

Blake told him the account number. He did some more typing and then frowned.

"We need the password. What's the password?" Evan asked him. Blake frowned.

"I don't think there's a password. Show me." Blake turned the laptop and saw the screen. He was frowning too now. I looked at the screen and hummed.

"Can't you just hack the password too?" I suggested.

"No. I can't. I mean, it can't be done. You need the password anyhow if you wanna go in or take out money from this account." Evan said.

"Why don't you call your dad and ask him?" I suggested to Blake. He nodded and pulled out his phone.

"Hey dad...yeah...so, I need to know our company's account ....password.... what...no?... oh...thanks."

"He doesn't have it. According to him, my mother had set the password. The only thing that can be done is adding the money to the account. If you want to take out some money, you need the password. He didn't need it because he had his separate account in which he transfers money." We nodded.

"Then.....do you remember anything that you think your mother would set as a password? I mean, any name or any city or stuff?" I asked. He thought for a while before saying.

"I think we should try this— Michael." He said. Evan raised his eyebrow.

"Who's Michael?"

"My dad." Blake answered. Evan typed in the password and shook his head.

"Nope. We have got only four guesses now. If we guess all of them wrong, the cops will get informed and then we will end up in jail." Evan said. "Think a little more."

"Umm..." Blake trailed off.

"How about her name? What was her name?" I asked.

"....Nicolette." Evan typed in the password but frowned again.

"Nope. Three more guesses."

There was a very long silence for a few minutes.

"Try ‘Alexander’." Blake said. Evan typed it but it still didn't work.

"Two more guesses." Evan said.

"Who's Alexander?" I asked.

"It is my uncle. Mom's brother." I nodded.

"Try Felix." Blake said and again it was in vain.

"There's only one guess now. If this goes wrong, we'll be busted." Evan said and we nodded.

"Try to think of something that your mom loved or cared about." I suggested. He thought for a while and then sighed.

"Dominick." He said.

"Are you sure?" Evan asked.

"I don't know. But she used to call me Dominick. It's my middle name." Blake answered. Evan sighed and carefully typed in. All of us were holding our breaths. The tension could have been cut with a scissor.

"Access Granted"

The computer said. All of sighed. I turned to Blake the same time he turned to me. We smiled and hugged.

"Thank God." He breathed. I chuckled and rubbed his back as we pulled back. "Now check the transfers."

"I'm doing it." Evan said. A few minutes of typing later he smirked and patted his back. "The hacker who has hacked this account is very cunning I may tell you. For hiding ghe transfers, he had cloaked his account."

"Oh. Did you find it?" I asked.

"Yeah but, I can't find the hacker. We can only find the person who has been stealing the money. Hacker can be different."

"Okay. Just find the person then." He nodded and started the typing again. A few minutes later, he froze and the shock on his face showed that it's not good.

"What happened?" Blake asked.

"You won't believe it." Evan breathed out. "The person on who's account the money is getting transferred is – Rebecca's father."

"What?" I asked in confusion.

"I knew it!" Blake said, angrily.


"But why would she do that?" I asked as I licked on my icecream, sitting on my car's hood.

"Because she knew that the only person that will help my dad will be her father. So, she can put any kind of condition for him and she did. She wanted to get married to me. But now, nothing of this shit is gonna happen." He bit on the icecream in anger. I frowned.

"That icecream did nothing wrong to you, baby." I said but I didn't realise I just said ‘baby’.

"What did you say?" He turned to me with mischievous grin on his face.

"T-that icecream d-did n-nothing to you, B-Blake." I stumbled upon my words. He shook his head.

"No. You called me baby." His grin widened.

"No, I didn't." I denied it.

"You did."





"I love you." I blurt out. He paused for a moment before leaning and pressing his lips on mine.

"I love you too, baby." He kissed me, slow and passionately. While trying to wrap my arms around his neck, my icecream fell down. I pulled back, looking at my fallen icecream.

"Shit!" I cursed. Blake raised my chin with finger.

"I'll get you another one." He pressed his lips on mine again. He then started trailing kisses down my throat. "Guess we have to take this home, hmm?" He whispered. I shook my head.

"I don't think I can wait that long." I whispered back, making him smirk as he picked me up and moved to the backseat.

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