Falling For Him

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Blake's POV

I saw Evan walking down the hallway. I called him silently and he came.

"Did you bring it?" I asked. He nodded and pulled out the prints and proves of the hacking.

"There it is. But don't tell them my name when they ask you how did you get it." He pleaded. I nodded.

"I know." He nodded again and left. I pulled out my phone and dialed in a number.

"Hello?" The voice said.

"Hi. Am I speaking to officer Jeffrey? I'm Blake, Alexander's nephew."


Right now, I was in library, making out with my love.

Accidentally, I pushed her against the shelf instead of the wall, making some of the books fall.

That rhymed.

"Silence!!" The librarian's voice yelled. Evelyn giggled and buried her face in my neck. I smiled.

"Let's get outta here." I whispered and she nodded. We ran out of the school. We sat in her car and I drove to my Lake House.

We have been going there very often over a few weeks.

Evelyn got out of the car first, opening the door for me.

I chuckled and got out, holding her hand as we walked in the house.

I made us lunch while she texted her dad, telling him where she is. Later she came to me, but I stopped her in midway.

"No! You're not stepping into the kitchen." She sighed.

"But I want water." She whined and pouted. I shook my head.

"I'll get it for you but you're not stepping in here." I said as I got water for her. She narrowed her eyes at me as she chugged down the water in a single gulp. I chuckled. "Why don't you get blankets for us to cuddle?"

"Okay." She smiled and walked upstairs. She came down with a few pillows and blankets along with something in her hand. "Hey Blake, look what I found."

"What did you find?" I asked, questioning at her mischievous grin. She showed me a photo frame. But

It was my photo of when I was two and was pouting and crying because I didn't have a wine glass like mom did.


I tried to snatch it from her hands but she moved back quickly.

"Nope. You're not getting this. I'm framing it in my room." She grinned. I frowned.

"No, you're not." I said. She came forward and pecked my lips.

"Yes, I am." She pulled back. "Now do your thing and come on quickly to cuddle me." She walked to the couch in front of the TV then.

I chuckled and finished my cooking. I took the bowl in on hand and sat on the couch beside Evelyn. She quickly scooted over to me, putting the blanket on me too. I kissed her forehead and we started watching the movie.


Startled, I woke up to my phone's ringing. I didn't realise that Evelyn had woken up because of me too. It was a little dark outside.

Evelyn moaned as she stretched her hands above her head. I picked the phone up.


"Son? Where are you?" Dad's voice came out of it. I frowned.

"Um..at Lake House. Why?" I asked.

"Turn on the news channel and you'll see." He hung up. I turned on the news channel and both of our eyes widened.

"Billionaire James Davis has been arrested for stealing and hacking the money from multi-billionaire Michael Maxwell's account. He has admitted that his crime and would be sent to the jail in a few weeks. The hacker has yet to be found though."

The lady in there said. There were pictures of James getting arrested by the cops and the videos of him being taken to the police station.

"Woah!" Evelyn gasped. I looked at her and then smirked. She looked at me for a moment before widening her eyes at me. "You did this?!"

"Yep!" I grinned, proudly. "Now that Rebecca is out of the picture, the only thing keeping us away would be your parents and London." Her face falls immediately at mention of London. She turned off the TV and turned to me.

"I don't wanna leave you." She muttered in my neck, climbing on my lap.

"Neither do I." I whispered. She pulled back for a second and then buried her face in my chest.

"I would have loved it if we were together in that University of London. It would be so much better then." She said. I was surprised at this.

"You would?" I asked. She shrugged.

"Why wouldn't I? I love you, you love me, we could have been able to stay together."

"Won't you feel like you need some space?"

"No. You are enough for me. I don't need anyone else." She smiled and pressed her lips on mine. She frowned when I didn't kiss her back.

I was still in shock.

"What happened?" She asked with disappointment.

"Nothing." I answered.

"Then why aren't you kissing me back?" She pouted. I chuckled and pressed my lips on hers.


Tomorrow was Friday so I decided to take my girlfriend for a small date. But first, I had ask her yet.

"Hey Lynne." I said. She peeked from the book she was holding and hummed in question. "Would you like to go on date today?" I asked, smiling. She looked at me in concern and frowned.

"Sorry, I can't. I have plans with Amy." She said. I looked at her for a moment before muttering an okay. She placed her book aside and climbed on to my lap. "But we can have the weekends to ourselves." She smiled, trying to brighten up the mood. I grinned.

"Hmm. I kinda like the sound of that." She giggled and kissed me.

Next day was very boring to be honest. Girls were out. Luke and I watched some movies and played video games all day. When the girls came back, they were empty-handed. I thought they would shop something but when I asked, they would just avoid the topic.


I got my girl for the weekends.

And here we are.

Skipping to Saturday....

Evelyn was in shower while I was watching a random show in television. Soon she steps out of the shower with only a thin towel wrapped around her body.

"Hey, have you seen my shirt? I seem not to find it." She said. I smirked, knowing how I had hid them. She raised her eyebrow at me for not answering her.

"Well, why don't you wear mine then?" I said, throwing one of my shirts in her hands. She hummed and wore it,

Right in front of me.

I looked at her in surprise. She shrugged.

"What? It's nothing you haven't seen before." I chuckled and pulled her onto my lap. She smiled as she placed her hands on my shoulders. I buried my face in her neck and inhaled.

"You smell like me." I stated. "And I love it."

"Me too." She said with a giggle. A few minutes of silence later, she pressed her lips on mine. The kiss was short yet passionate, leaving me for wanting more. I kissed her again and again.

I didn't want her to go. I wanted to stay with her, forever and always and even beyond that if possible.

But the fate has other plans. Soon, we will be graduating in a week and she will be going to London.

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