Falling For Him

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Evelyn's POV

It was the next day. We were waiting in the lab for the teacher to show up and put some sense in us. Amy and Blake were exactly opposite of us. Luke was beside me and he's really a nice guy. He promised me to help me out with the assignments and stuff.

Unlike Blake who was just checking the girls out. I heard the earlier conversation between him and Amy.

It was like this....

"Listen nerdy, I don't care how you do it, but I want it done. And before you ask or have some hopes then no. I'm not doing a single thing in this...whatever we are paired up for."

"Okay." Amy muttered.


And rest of it was awkward silence between them both.

Me and Luke just rolled our eyes at them.

But, I didn't miss the way he looked at Amy and gave her a knowing look.

"Okay class, let's get started. Can anyone tell me how acids taste?" She questioned. I knew the answer and just when I opened my mouth, Blake butted in.

"No Ms Marino. Never tasted one before." He remarked. I glared at him and he rolled his eyes.

"Well, Mr Maxwell, your unnecessary remarks are not appreciated here. Next time, you'll get a detention, understood?" Ms Marino said. Blake smirked and shook his head.

"Nope." He said, popping the p. Ms Marino sighed in frustration but gave up. She then turned to other students and smiled.

"Anyways, so acids are sour in taste and bases are bitter. Now each of you here have given a base and an acid. You have to make the neutral solution. So, go ahead." She smiled. Everyone started their work.

"Do we have to dilute the solution?" Amy asked. Before I could answer her, Luke spoke up.

"You should. So th—" I gave him a smirk. He blushed slightly and looked away. I giggled and so did Amy.

Blake just rolled his eyes at us.


"So you like him?" I asked her while we were walking out of school.

"No! He's just really sweet." She said.

"Yeah, so you like him?" I asked again. She looked away before sighing and smiled.

"I do." She blushed. I giggled. "I'll see you tomorrow." She walked to her car.

Everyone has a car except me.


"Hey Eve!" I heard someone and turned. I saw Luke running towards me.

"Hey Luke." I smiled. Behind him was Blake, frowning while folding his hands on his chest.

"Hi...um....I was wondering.....um.....since you're...." He trailed off.

"Get straight to the point."

"Okay. Do you know if Amy's single?" He asked. I smirked.

"She is. But, likes someone already."


"I think you should ask her yourself." I patted his back, silently saying ‘Best of luck’. He nodded.

"Well, thanks. Bye." Just when he turned, Blake came.

"Dude, why do you have to talk to her? So long?" He asked Luke.

"So, now, you have a problem with people talking to me?" I butted in.

"Yeah, I do. I wouldn't like to get my best friend going as crazy as you're." He glared at me.

"Well, then I guess, he's already as crazy as you are."

"Shut up, Carline."

"It's Evelyn, Maxwell."

"It's Blake, Carline."


"Both of you shut the fuck up!" Luke yelled. "You go home and you, come with me." He dragged Blake with him.

I sighed and walked to the gates. Uncle hadn't come yet so I was waiting.

A few minutes later, Luke and Blake came to me.

"Hey Eve, need a ride?" Luke said.


"Why are you always calling her 'Eve'? That's not her name." Blake butted in. I glared at him.

"Dude, it's just a nickname." Luke sighed.

"So you're on nickname basis with her?" Blake now glared at Luke.

"Shut up. Eve, need a ride?" Luke asked again.

"No. Thanks." I smiled at him.

"Okay. See you tommorow." Luke smiled and walked away. Behind him, Blake followed him too, sending daggers at me.

I saw my uncle and got in the car.


"Hey Evie?" Uncle Andrew called. I looked up.


"I wanna talk. Come downstairs." I nodded and followed him downstairs. We sat on couch, opposite to each other.

"Coming straight to the point, my work hours have increased so I won't be able to pick you up from school. I am working for a promotion which will transfer me to New York. So, we are getting you a car." He said. I grinned.?

"You're getting me a car?!" I squealed. He chuckled and nodded.

"Consider it as your birthday present. And also, I'm sorry for being so cold towards you for months. I'm really sorry." He smiled.

I got up and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Oh I love you, dad– I mean, uncle Andrew." I said. He smiled.

"But, remember, no boys till you're twenty." He reminded. I nodded and walked to my room again and ranted it off to Amy.


Next day

"Evel!!!" Amy screamed. I startled and looked over at her. "He asked me out! He asked me out!!" She jumped. I laughed and hugged her.

"I'm so happy for you."

"Thank you." She smiled. We then walked to the lab. Just when we entered in, Blake and Luke came in the view. Luke looked at Amy and she blushed. I rolled my eyes and went in.

We sat there.

A few minutes later teacher came in and we had our class.

At lunch, unfortunately, Blake was sitting with us. Luke and Amy wanted to sit together so we all four sat together.

"Evel, you should find a boyfriend too." Amy said. I raised an eyebrow at Blake when he snickered.

"Which dumb fellow would wanna date Carline?" He remarked and snickered at his own joke.

"So you think I can't have boyfriend?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Nope. And do you know why?" He asked.


"Because you're sour like an acid." Just eyes widened at his statement.

"Oh well, then you're as bitter as a base." I folded my hands on my chest.

"Then why don't you both get mix and make a neutral solution?" Luke said and Amy and he started laughing.

"Fuck off!" Blake and I said at once. All of the eyes turned to us.

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