Falling For Him

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Evelyn's POV

To be honest, I was quite surprised with the news of James Davis' arrest. But I would be lying if I said I don't like it. Since the last weekend we had, Rebecca hasn't come to school nor have I heard or seen about her.

The world seems so much better without her...


There come my world.

"Blake." He smiles and slides his hands around my waist, pulling me in a deep passionate kiss. Once we pulled back, he kissed my forehead and then led me to the cafeteria.

"You look lovely today." He complimented and I frowned.

I raised my eyebrow at him, stopping in middle of the hallway. "Did you do something?"

"No....maybe....why?" He said with a mischievous smirk.

"Because you just complimented me, which by the way, you never do unless I'm dressed for some occasion or something." I stated. He chuckled and shook his head.

"You're such a cutie sometimes." He pinched my nose and I swat his arm. "Anyways, how about we skip school and go on a little date? I'll also teach you to ride my motorcycle as promised."

And I jump into his arms.

"You're the best boyfriend I ever had!!" I squealed, but he frowned and pulled back.

"Ever? How many boyfriends have you had before?" He asked. I giggled and pecked his lips.

"Only you, silly. Now come on, we have a bike to ride on!"


"Okay, so rule #1: always check the tires, oil, stands, controls and lights before you ride. I have checked it before so you don't need to do it right now." Blake said. I nodded.

"Okay." He took a helmet and placed it on my head. He adjusted it a little and then smiled. He then pulled out a pair of gloves and a black leather jacket that matched with his and helped me to put them on and grinned.

"I must admit you look really hot in this outfit. I guess I would just have to save you from the rest of the world." He chuckled.

"Thanks. Did you select these?" I asked.

"Yeah but it was Amy's idea. Let's get started now, shall we?" I nodded. "Okay, hop on." Once I mounted the motorcycle, he gave me all the instructions I needed. Now it was time for me to start it.

And I was freaking out!

"Now listen carefully, push the button on your right hand side while holding the clutch and carefully increase the accelerator. Remember, you have to increase it slowly."

"Okay." I nodded and placed my hands on the parts. When I was about to increase the accelerator, he interrupted me.

"Slowly, Evelyn. I'm telling you again. Increase it slowly." I nodded and was about increase the accelerator again, but he interrupted me again. "Slowly, Evelyn."

And I snapped.

"I know Blake! I get it!" Frustrated, I increased the accelerator in a quick motion, resulting in the bike moving forward in a quick jerk which I wasn't ready for. I let out a shriek and didn't even try to apply brakes. I mind was completely blank.


I let go of the bike.

And fell down.

"Shit!" Blake cursed, running to my side. He picked me up and then removed my helmet, examining my body for any wounds which fortunately weren't there.

"You freaking idiot! I told you to increase it slowly and yet you won't listen to me! What if something had happened to you, huh? What if you had fallen on your head and lost your memory and forget about me!? What would I do then?!" He yelled at me in frustration and concern.

And, me being the idiot I am,



"No! Don't you dare think any of this is funny, Evelyn! I'm dead serious!" He glared at me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, trying not to laugh.

"Y-you are just s-so adorable." I said between chuckles. He sighed and wrapped his arms around my waist, burying his face in my neck. I smiled at his concern and worry for me. We stayed in that moment for a few minutes until I broke the silence.

"I love you." He nodded in my neck and sighed again.

"I love you too." He then pulled and back looked me in the eye. "But, you're never ever gonna ride any vehicle from now." I chuckled and nodded.

But we both knew I wasn't gonna listen to him.

"Let's grab a bite now." He pecked my lips and smiled.


We entered the cafe. I was still wearing the jacket he had given me earlier because I think I look pretty cool in it but I had removed the gloves.

We grabbed a booth and placed our orders. Soon, our orders came and we started to eat, talking about random stuffs and laughing together on silly jokes we make.

"So, what colleges—" before I could complete my question for him, a hand comes out of nowhere and grabs Blake by his collar, making him stand.

A gasp escapes from me when I see the scene in front of me.

Suddenly, a punch is sent to Blake's face. Before I could even understand what's happening, a voice roars.



He raises his hand to hit Blake again, but I come in middle of both of them and he stops.

"Xavi stop! That's my boyfriend you're talking about!" I glare at him. His eyes widened.

"Your what?"

Before we could continue our conversation, the manager comes.

"I'm sorry but I would have to ask you guys to leave. You're causing trouble for the people here."

Nodding, we all get out of there and were now standing in the parking lot.

"What the hell do you mean by your 'boyfriend'?!" Xavier asked. Just then, a soft hand is placed on his shoulder and he calms down.

"Babe, why don't you let them explain and calm down?" A soft voice said. My attention is drawn to the figure beside my cousin.

It was a blonde haired girl, blue eyes and a warm smile.

I immediately liked her.

But wait. Babe??

"Explain, Evelyn." Xavier orders. I sighed.

"Xavier, this is my boyfriend, Blake— WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO XAVIER!!?" I yelled at him as I saw corner of Blake's mouth is bleeding. I guess, even Blake hadn't noticed it as he raised his hand and wiped it up.

"I punched him." Was his answer. I glared at him. He chuckled. "What? He deserved it. He's dating my sister after all, which by the way has to be explained." We didn't speak.

Finally, the awkward silence was cut off by Xavier himself.

"Does dad know about this?" I nodded.

"He does."

"And he didn't even tell me?" He glared at me again.

"Xav, why don't we give them their space for now? You can talk to them at home, right?" The blonde behind him spoke.

Surprisingly, he agreed. "Okay. But we will talk when we are at home." He warned. I rolled my eyes as he left. I then turned to Blake, looking at him guiltily.

"I'm sorr—" he cut me off by pecking my lips.

"Don't be. Let's go home now." I nodded.

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