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The phones calls never stopped. The video chats never stopped. There were text messages to start every day for both of them. Though they both had long hours and the time seemed to fly by. He was still working in Europe and had been there for a year and had come back for a year and a half. Though the time they had spent together was minimal during that time they had still been close. She was working on her medical degree most of the time and her PhD as well at the same time. No one really understood the power of her brain at this point.

Though the schools had tested her at nearly every stage of her growth for her teenage years they couldn’t get an accurate reading on her. They had to say though she was in the top one percent of IQ’s in the world. She had a brain that they just wanted to study though as she got older she fought them on all the tests. She was over the fact she was different or special. She wanted nothing more than to be normal.

At sixteen she began her actual working in the hospitals to do her clinical rotations. This was also the time he was soon going to be leaving again. She had carved out some time that they could spend together before he left this time for a little over a year. She wasn;t sure exactly where he was going and he was keeping it a secret for some reason.

She walked out of the farm house and saw him in his new car. She smiled at him as he got out and then walked around the car and opened the door for her as she went to sit down. When he got in she smiled at him, “Always the gentlemen.”

“For you, of course.” He said as he took her hand and then drove to the restaurant that he had picked. They were sat at one of the best tables that was over looking the pond that was there. Since it was sunset the water looking like a mirror of the sky as the different hues were playing out everywhere. “I won’t be here for your next birthday.”

“Maverick, don’t.” She said as she looked at him. “I know this is your job now. I am okay with it.”

“You shouldn’t have to be.” He said as he took her hand in his. “I wanted to give you a present though and I wanted to see your reaction in person not just a video call.”

“Mav.” She said and he pulled out a small box. “You really shouldn’t have.”

“Call it a tide over to your eighteenth birthday.” He said with a small smile. “Open it.”

Dawn opened the outside and then the small ring box fell out into her hand. She looked at him confused as she went to open it. When she did there was a ring that looked like a class ring of sorts. She looked up to him knowing there had to be a story that went along with it. It was made to fit her hand she could see that. She waited for him to speak.

“My division wanted to do something for the others that would mean something to them. Most of the guys had them made for their wives or girlfriends. They were actually surprised that I placed an order for one as well.” Maverick said. “I think they all think I am gay or something.”

“Well you don’t date.” She said with a laugh.

“I can’t right now.” He said as he looked at her. “Anyway when I did place the order they all started to ask questions and everything. They somehow think you are my sister or something from when I talk about you. I told them that you were my best friend from college and you have been through all of this with me. You deserve it as well.”

“Maverick. That is so sweet.” Dawn said as she looked at him. he took it out of her hand and looked at it and then took her left hand in his and slid the ring down on her ring finger.

“It could be sweet to some but it is a promise, Dawn.” He said as he looked her in the eyes. “Everything I do I am doing for you. Remember that.”

As the dinner came to a close and the night was still early. She thought he would bring her back so he could enjoy the last bit of his leave before he was off again scouting the world. She awaited for him to drive her back. “So how do you like driving?” he asked as he was taking the long way to her house it seemed.

“It isn’t as hard as some made it out to be.” She laughed. “I will enjoy it when I have my own car and I don’t have to beg to use one of the old trucks.”

“I don’t understand why they didn’t get you one either way.” Maverick said as he pulled into a parking lot to his apartment. He looked at her surprised face and laughed. “Did you really think I was going to bring you home right away?”

“I thought you might like some peace before you leave.” Dawn said.

“The only way I will find any peace is if you are nearby.” Mav replied as he got her out of the car and then up the flight of stairs in the middle of the building to the apartment in the back. He opened the door and his gear was already boxed up and ready to go. She didn’t want to see that and neither did he right now. He moved to the main room of the apartment.

“What are you going to do with the place while you are gone?” she asked and he looked at her. He grinned that special grin that she knew something was up.

“Do this.” He said as he handed her a set of keys. She noticed a few more on them than just the apartment. She was confused. “Dawn, I want you to have a safe place if you need one. The things your mother has thrown at you over the years and the neglect your father has also given you I need to know you are safe while I am overseas and can’t get to you.”

“But.” She said.

“Just take the keys.” He said with a chuckle. “this way I know you are safe even though you are so damn stubborn.”

“Mav what about these keys?” she asked as she lifted up a two that were to a car.

“That is my car.” He said. “Since I have to leave it behind I would like to know it is getting driven and taken care of while I am away.”

“You are letting me drive your car?” She asked.

“You need one and I need it driven.” He said, “It’s a win win.”

“Are you serious?” she asked as she looked at the keys in her hand. This was freedom in a new form.

“As a heart attack.” He said and she hugged him. “Now I want to feel comfortable here as well so I want you to think of it as your place. If you want to bring things over go ahead. Bring it all for all I care.”

“I don’t know what I would do without you.” She said softly knowing he was doing this so she would be safe. No one knew about this place.

“You will never find that out, sweetheart.” He said as he hugged her tight as she did the same. “No matter where I am I am still here with you most of the time with my thoughts.”

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