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Dawn cried when he left as she watched from the airport parking lot. The plane took off and she felt that hole in her heart again knowing that he was going to be gone for over a year this time. It hurt in a way that she didn’t know it could.

After she pulled herself together she focused on her work at the hospital. She was doing more to be done with everything quicker. When he was settled in his new place the calls and texts were the only thing she looked forward too.

Time seemed to move on at a grueling pace put soon enough the day she wanted the most was finally upon her. He couldn’t come home and she understood that. She had a friend’s wife hold up her phone so he could watch overseas as she took those steps across the stage to finally be a doctor. When she made it back to get her phone he was smiling like he had been the day they graduated together.

“Dawn I am so proud of you.” He said and she felt them. She didn’t know a person could feel words but she did. She also felt the pain of him not being there with her. “I gotta go. I will see you soon.”

The days pressed on and she was having to spend time with her mother equally now. Though she didn’t understand why all of a sudden the woman had taken an interest in the child she hated for the past seven years. She worked at the local hospital until she had passed her boards which she would be taking right before her eighteenth birthday.

The days went by so slowly. Every time she was forced to be at her mothers house though she packed up a box and placed in the car that Maverick had let her drive. As her eighteenth birthday got closer her room was emptied. It was all at Mavericks’ apartment now. That was where she spent most of her time anyway. No one seemed to notice when she wasn;t in either of the houses.

She knew she slept better sleeping in his bed. It was like he was right there with her. He didn’t even seem to notice that it was his bedroom they had most of their conversations about work, life, and whatever else was going on.

“Dawn I don’t think I will be able to make it there for your eighteenth birthday.” He said and then sighed. He looked so distraught by the idea he wasn;t going to be there. “We have a lot of training going on and I don’t think I can miss it.”

“I understand, Lieutenant.” She said with a small laugh. “I mean soon enough you will be home and I will see you.”

“Three months is too long.” He replied and she laughed.

“We will get through it just like we have the past year.” She replied and then closed her eyes for a minute.

“You need to sleep honey.” He said softly. “I will talk to you tomorrow.”

The next few days were spent with her mother as she planned a birthday blow out for her last set of twins when they turned eighteen. Dawn knew the party was more for her brother than her but it could also be that her mother was really having the party for herself. She would be officially done with the girl that caused all the problems in the world to fall on her head.

A week before the party her middle oldest sister called everyone to come to mom’s house for an announcement. When everyone was there waiting for the news Jenny smiled and told everyone she was now engaged for the fourth time but it would be her third marriage. Everyone was so happy.

Dawn didn’t understand why they were with knowing that Jenny was very much like their mother and wouldn’t stay faithful to her newest victim. Her mother walked over to Dawn and looked at her, “You wouldn’t mind sharing your birthday party with your sister would you?”

“Of course not.” Dawn replied knowing either way the party would be more for her sister than her now.

“Good.” Her mother said and then went to Jenny and told her the news that they could publicly announce it at the party she had already planned.

Everyone was so pleased and more enthusaic to the idea of the announcement than they were about the birthday party anyway. Dawn walked upstairs and looked at her room one last time knowing that she would never be coming back to the house again. She picked up the last of her things and smiled as she closed the door behind her. This was her last goodbye to the place she began her life.

She also did the same thing over the next week to her fathers house. She had been there the most but it wasn;t hard to gather her things and make car loads and bring them to Maverick’s. She had filled his second bedroom by the time she was done. She knew soon enough she would be a certified medical doctor and would be making decent money with her job. She could be out by the time he got back. Though she knew he wouldn’t mind her things being there.

No one seemed to care where she was most of the time. She was at the hospital or somewhere they didn’t know. She had gotten used to the idea of being on her own.

The part now in two days she called Maverick but got no answer. She was sure he was probably doing something in the field and couldn’t. Somehow that didn’t bother her. She knew he was doing something he loved. He would call her when he got the chance.

She fell asleep in his bed and had the phone by her head for the whole night. Sometimes he would call back when he could and it would be late. Not this time though.

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