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Dawn woke and knew that it was odd there was nothing from him. She thought maybe it was just because of the day but she had thought maybe something could come through. It was her eighteenth birthday after all. A half a world away but in her heart it just didn’t seem right.

The days events were her going to her mothers and listening how they had changed all the decorations for the party to fit Jenny’s wedding more than her and Christian’s party. Dawn didn’t even know if he was coming at all to the party. He didn’t seem like he cared to much for anything that was being done. Dawn didn’t either. Thoguh she knew the reasons she had thought of that her mother had gone all out for the party she had hoped maybe it was the last ditch effort to be nice with her. Dawn knew that was a long shot and the more the day went on the more she knew she had no hope of that left.

Her eighteenth birthday and she would be alone in a room full of people. “How wonderful.” She said under her breath. She had not only realized that this wasn;t about her at all at the time but that her mother really didn’t care one once for her. The dress her mother had picked was ridicous. “There is no way I am wearing that.”

“And why not?” Her mother demanded from behind her.

“Because that thing is huge and it isn’t something I would wear at any time.” Dawn said as she turned and looked at her mother. The older woman looked like she was going to strike her but instead she was caught off guard when Dawn looked at her in the eyes. “Now it child abuse it is plain and simple assault.”

“Why did I even bother thinking you would be grateful for anything I have done?” Her mother than questions. “I did all this party for you and your brother and this is how you repay me?”

“No mom. Let’s be completely honest here.” Dawn said with a grin of her own. She finally had a chance to say something knowing it would be her last time. “You threw a party and then changed it. I am fine with this but don’t think for a second this was ever about me. This was about you saving face because you had one more daughter to get to adulthood. At the first chance though you stripped that down and gave the party to Jenny. It is hers now not mine. Don’t try to think otherwise. I mean do I even have to come to it?”

“Just be there.” Her mother growled out, “After that you aren’t my problem anymore.”

“I haven’t been your problem in the past seven years mom.” Dawn said as her mother was leaving. “I was just your scapegoat.”

“Watch out at seven pm.” Her mother said.

“What happens then?” Dawn asked.

“The balloons fall and the dancing starts. You wouldn’t want to end up with the wrong partner.” Her mother said with a laugh. “Just wear a dress. No one will notice you either way.”

Dawn waited the rest of the day as her mother continued to try and slice her down to almost nothing. The words never mattered or the implied threats that were there. Dawn just wanted the day to be over already by the time the family met for the small dinner before the party. Dawn knew there would be food there and she couldn’t event think about eating. She figured she would pick something on her way back to Maverick’s apartment. It was a weird thought but now she also had to think about moving out of that safe place and into her own place.

She shook of her thoughts and plastered the fake smile on that she had mastered for the past seven years and put on her dress. A much simpler style and one that flattered her shorter stature and the curves she had naturally. Her sisters and mother had had to buy theirs and hated that Dawn was the one that got them all naturally.

She styled her hair and had it going down her back in waves as she got in the car and went to the place in the long row of cars from her family. It seemed half the town was there waiting to greet the family. She hated this already.

Soon the building was packed and she was dismissed from standing in the greeting line to go and mingle with the people. She looked at the clock on her phone and it was nearing seven. She knew that would be her cue to leave. She smiled knowing this torture was almost over.

At five minutes to seven there was a noise from the back of the building. No one thought to much about it. It wasn’t like an explosion or anything. When the music started to play it was the theme song for one of her favorite movies that was older. She though how fitting it was that this would be the song her mother picked or her sister to finally announce her engagement. To her favorite song.

Soon people were racing to get tot eh dance floor but she stayed there in her place. She looked around hoping that she would be able to make it out of the building before any one noticed that she left. She then looked at the crowd seemingly parting before her as a man walked toward her with a large bouquet of flowers in his arms. The room was dimmed but she knew that outline of a man. That was the one person she wanted to see more than anything.

She stood up and then he moved faster to get to her side. She didn’t think. She wrapped her arms around him as he hugged her tight to him. “Did you think I would miss today? Nothing was going to keep me away.”

“Maverick.” She said softly.

“Come on let’s dance.” He said as he placed the flowers down at the table and he led her to the dance floor to get this one dance in. He knew this was her favorite song. Her mother had completely botched this up and he requested it be changed to this one. He wanted to have the extra help for the next step he was going to have to take.

He had been waiting for this day for seven years. There was no way he was going to miss it.

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