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Maverick led her out to the dance floor. He held her close to him. “So far how is your birthday?” he asked as he smiled at her.

“Well I just got the best birthday present.” She smiled up to him. He laughed at her response.

“I’m not a birthday present.” He said. As he spun her gentle as the song played on.

“You chose the song?” she asked.

“After some persuasion.” He replied. “It seemed your mother had a few ideas still.”

“I know.” She said with a sigh. She looked around and people were staring at the pair. The balloons were released and they were in the middle of it. She laughed at the slight surprised look on his face. “I think you stole her crowning moment of trying to make sure I knew I wasn;t really a part of the family.”

“No I gave the people exactly what they needed to see.” He replied. “Dawn are you ready to go?”

“Yes.” She said as she looked at him.

“Good.” He said. “I felt safer going through a town in the middle east with no back up then I do here.”

Dawn laughed hard as she looked at him. “I can’t believe you are here. How long is your leave?”

“Not nearly long enough.” He replied as he put out his arm. “Ready. I think if we run out the back door no one will try to stop us.”

“I think we could walk out the front and no one would try to stop us.” Dawn replied. “The party is not for me anymore. It is now Jenny’s.”

“Well my car is out the back.” He said with a smile. “I see you have been taking good care of it.”

“I have been.” She said as he smiled down at her.

“Let’s go.” He said as he looked at her and then placed his hand at her back. He walked out the door and smiled as he looked back. This had been a good cover for him to be able to get here and now he was going to either ruin their friendship or find the happiness he always wanted. He took the keys from her and then started the car. The warm summer night was all around them as the humidity hung in the air.

She was content to not say anything as they drove. That was good because Maverick didn’t think he could make small talk right now. His heart was racing. Seeing her in that dress was too much for him to take in. It seemed to hug every one of her curves and he wanted to see them all.

This was not the little girl he remembered. Somehow when he wasn;t looking she had turned into a beauty all her own. He had missed so much. When he arrived at his apartment he chuckled to himself. Some things however never change. It was good to be home even if it was for only a few days.

He got her out of the car and then up to the apartment. When he opened the door he was surprised to the scent that was there. It smelled like his soap. He looked at her wondering if she had some other man there at his apartment when he was overseas.

“I made some improvements.” She said as she walked in.

“Improvements?” He asked as he looked at her.

“Like the wax burner over there.” She said with a smile.

“That is where the smell is coming from?” He asked.

“Yes.” She replied. “It reminded me of you.”

Maverick could breathe again. For a second he thought maybe he was too late. That maybe she had found something or someone else that would be there for her. He had thought his chance was gone. He looked at her hand and the ring he had given her was still there on the finger he had placed it. He turned it on her hand. “That’s fine.” He said softly. He looked around and saw her things here. “You moved in it seemed.”

“I didn’t think you would mind. I knew after today I would be told to get out so I started a few weeks ago.” Dawn said as she looked down.

“Of course I don’t mind. I told you that much. I like seeing your stuff here, sweetheart.” He said.

“You do?” she asked as she looked up into his eyes.

“Dawn, I wanted you here since the day I moved in.” He said softly. “That is why I got this place. It was big enough that we both could be here.”

“Maverick you have always looked out for me.” She said with a smile. “I can’t imagine my life without you in it.”

“You never will have too.” He said as he bent down and then lifted her up in a different way then he normally did. “I am not suave or even though I thought about this moment for years I know I will somehow not get it right. Let’s just try this.”

Dawn felt her dress move up a bit as he lifted her higher. His arms bracing the bottom of her thighs as he then pressed her into the wall and she freed her shoes from her feet and the dress. She then wrapped her legs around him instinctively. He groaned slightly.

Maverick leaned forward holding her against the wall. Her dress and his uniform were in the way for him to really feel her but when she wrapped her legs around him he couldn’t stop everything going through him. He leaned her more into the wall. He then saw her eyes light up and he touched his lips to hers.

“I waited seven years to do that.” He whispered.

“Why?” she asked as she looked at him.

“Because I couldn’t have you Dawn. I loved you from that first year. Now I can at least tell you and hold you close.” Maverick said.

“You loved me?” She asked knowing that was the simple truth that had been between them for so long. She knew how she felt. She loved him too.

“Dawn you know I did.” He said as he moved to sit with her still attached to him though they had way to many clothes on for his liking.

“I know.” She said as she looked at him. She leaned forward and kissed him this time as she moved her legs slightly. “I guess this is where we move on?”

“Move to better things.” He replied.

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