Hold me while you wait

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Six years from the day they got married they stood outside her father’s farm house watching the older man take their daughter, Sophie, on the tractor while their son, Kyle, lay in his father’s arms sleeping. Maverick looked at her with his grin knowing soon enough she would be showing again the next addition to the family.

He got out of the military three years ago and then moved on to a different career while she worked hard to make a name for herself while being a full time mother as well. Her dream of being a doctor was there but it wasn;t as important to her any longer. She now had other things to focus her brilliant mind too.

Sophie came back and was walking with her mother as they looked over the herd of cows that her father had added since she had last been there. Her parents were not a big part of her or her family’s life so it was a treat for the kids to spend time with their grandparents.

“Mommy what is the best present daddy ever gave you?” Sophie asked as she looked up to her mother’s face.

Maverick was right behind the pair walking slowly to not wake up the seven month old in his arms. “I would like to know that as well.” He pipped in as he chuckled a bit at the face the little girl made at him.

“He gave me a few that were some of the best I ever received.” Dawn said with a smile. “The first was you and your brother. I don’t think he could have ever given me anything better than the two of you.”

“What else?” Sophie asked as she clearly didn’t like the first answer that her mother gave her.

“Well he gave me the gift of him as well. You know your daddy was my best friend in the entire world and when we could finally be together he flew all the way from Europe to come get me.” Dawn said with a smile remembering those first few months the two were in Germany together both before and after they got married in Paris and honeymooned in Rome. Those were some of the best memories she had in life.

“What else?” Sophie asked.

“The best gift though was time.” Dawn said. “You can’t understand what I mean but it was the best gift of them all.”

“Even I don’t understand what mommy means.” Maverick spoke up with a laugh.

“You don’t?” Dawn asked him as she turned to look at him. “That should be easy to understand.”

“Sweetheart I gave up long ago on trying to understand the way your brain works.” Maverick said as he leaned down to kiss her forehead, “Sometimes it is just easier to agree with you.”

“Well I mean you literally gave me time. Time to learn more. Time to grow up. Time to find myself and grow into that person. You also gave me the safety net of never pushing me into something that I wasn;t ready for because you gave me that time.” Dawn said to him. He smiled at her and then to his daughter.

“I let mommy be herself and didn’t try to change her like some other people did.” Mav said as he smiled even more to his daughter. “Do you understand that?”

“Yes.” Sophie said. “But why?”

“Because I loved your mommy from when she was a little girl. The person I married though was my world. She was the most important thing to me. Why would I want to change that?” Maverick smiled at his daughter. He only saw Dawn when he looked at her though his son was all him. He looked up to Dawn, “This isn’t a normal conversation to have with a three year old, you know.”

“Oh I know.” Dawn said with a smile. “Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be married to someone like me and have a daughter with the same curse?”

“Seriously?” He asked and Dawn nodded.

“Though I think we will keep that from her for a while.” Dawn laughed.

“She isn’t going to college when she is eleven.” He said as he looked down into his wife’s face.

“Why not?” Dawn asked as she looked at her son in his arms.

“Because she might meet someone like me.” Maverick said.

“And that is a problem?” Dawn asked as she tilted her head.

“I waited.” He said, “I knew I had too. However not all are willing to just hold you while they wait for seven years.”

“Maverick.” She said with a laugh. “Whatever happens we will be there for her.”

“What about him or the next one?” Maverick asked.

“All of them.” She said with a bigger smile, “We aren’t my parents. In the mean time you can keep holding me while we wait.”

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