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Dawn walked into the chemistry building to find the teacher there waiting for her. “Dawn Newberry I presume?”

“Yes, sir. “She said as she looked up to him with her bright blue eyes.

“I see now.” He said with a soft smile. “The admissions board contacted me and some of the others to discuss you. We have a few minutes before class begins so I would like to talk with you myself before allowing you into the classroom.”

“Okay.” Dawn said as she looked at the man whom she could easily read as one of those professors who took safety seriously and was proud of what he had achieved in his life.

“Why are you here?” He asked.

“To learn.” She replied.

“That is a cop out answer.” He said.

“No it is the truth. There isn’t a concept that you could tell me right now I haven’t read about and formed an idea of it in my own head. However sometimes you have to do things to truly understand them. You need to learn by doing those things. Like I know that the reaction time of certain chemicals depends on the amount of electrons, protons, and neutrons. However I have never really seen anything in person and learning off of the internet is often pointless because of the misinformation there.” Dawn said and she saw the professors eyes widen. “I need to do things to be able to learn more. So it may be a cop out answer to the other students or even to yourself but for me I need to be able to see it to really truly understand it and then hopefully figure out a way to make it better.”

“I see.” The man said. “Will you be able to follow all the rules int eh classroom?”

“Of course I will.” She said as she tilted her head. “I am eleven on the outside but on one of the tests they ran on me to put me here they said I was like eighty with my brain. I think understanding the basics of the classroom or laboratory rules will be rather easy. Do you ask every student that or do you just assume because they are older that they would be able to follow the simple instructions better?”

“I see.” He said as he looked at her like she was an alien. “Though after talking to you I don’t have any issue with you in the class or lab some of it is in partners. Some people might have an issue having you for a lab partner.”

“And they don’t like getting an easy A?” Dawn asked. “Fine then I will do it all myself.”

“it is part of the grade to work with someone though.” He said.

“Then how about we figure that out when the class rejects me.” Dawn said. “I do believe it is about to begin.”

“you’re right.” The man said as he walked with her up three flights of stairs and to the classroom. She knew as soon as she walked in the room it was real. Though she hated being the odd one out this was her beginning. She wasn’t just the last one of her family but she was going to be the first one to graduate from college. She was going to do things in her life and this was only the beginning. She swallowed her fears for a minute and then walked in. The hall was not like any classroom she had been in before. Though smaller it was set up like an amphitheater. There were about fifty students there and all of them were looking at her.

“Awe look the professor brought his kid today.” One of the girls said as Dawn moved to take a seat in the back. She pulled out the book for the class and the notebook she had for it as well.

Three seats over a young man looked over to her. “What are you doing?” he asked as he looked at her supplies.

“Getting ready to take notes.” Dawn replied.

“Wait you’re not his kid?” he asked.

“No.” She said.

“Aren’t you a little young?” he asked.

“Yeah so?” Dawn answered back with a look that silenced him for a while.

The professor began his class. He was going over the rules and the procedures for being in the lab. Dawn was taking notes and she knew people were starting to look at her as she continued to take those notes. The professor sighed, “As you can see we have a special student here with us in this class. I am sure you will see her on campus as well. Though this might be the first class some of you take here or this is one for your requirements it is all the same. This is her starting point. She is younger than most of you as well. Please do not let that get in the way of the class.”

“How old are you?” Someone called out.

“Eleven.” Dawn replied and then looked back to the professor who looked stumped on how to handle this.

“Dawn do you think you could quickly explain why you are here?” He asked and she rolled her eyes. She stood up and looked around as a hundred of more eyes looked at her like she was a freak show.

“I’m a genius.” She said, “That is how I am here.” She then sat down and waited for everyone to begin again. Soon enough after listening to the professor for nearly an hour or so the class was done. She waited for the room to clear out before she event thought of moving. The young man sitting next to her looked at her.

“are you really a genius?” He asked.

“Yeah. “She said as she sighed.

“Dawn was it?” he asked.

“Yeah.” She replied again with a sigh.

“Maverick.” He said as he held out his hand towards her. She took it and they shook hands. As they looked at each other and then their hands that were still clasped together she didn’t understand the chill that ran down her spine.

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