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He stood up and began to get ready to walk out. “Where are you going next?” he asked as he looked down to her. She already felt small but when he stood up he dwarfed her. She had to crane her neck backward to see his face.

“I have an hour off and then I have an English class.” Dawn said as she grabbed her bag.

“Mrs. Little?” he asked as he made his way to the door.

“Yeah, How did you know?” Dawn asked.

“I have the same class.” He laughed. “Come on kid. We can go there together.”

Dawn had no idea that meeting someone who would be nice would be easy here. She thought they would all think she was a freak like the others she had known. Her friends couldn’t play with her anymore. Their parents didn’t like her now that she was different. They all looked at her weirdly. They looked at her parents though with anger. Dawn knew why. Two people who were seemingly average and had so many average children but one of the was better then the rest. Dawn was told by certain people that she was better than everyone else.

Dawn never thought she was better than anyone. People just assumed that she was stuck up because of her found ability. Most people, adults or children, never gave her chance because of this. “So how did you find out you were a genius?” Maverick asked as they were headed down the stairs.

“Why?” Dawn asked as she looked at him as he was a few stairs ahead of her on the way down. She could actually see his face without having to break her neck.

“it sounds interesting.” He said as he paused and looked at her.

“Oh okay.” She said and he stopped completely.

“What is it? “He asked as he looked down at her and could she the clouds of doubt in her eyes.

“People just think I am a freak most of the time so I don’t really get to talk to people. No one likes me either most of the time. They either want something from me or they want to wait to see me fair at something.” Dawn said with a sigh.

“Well I don’t want either of those things.” He said with a laugh as he held out his hand to her. “I see someone who looks on the outside like they could be as scared as I am of being here and not doing well. I just thought maybe we could feel that way together.”

“You’re scared of being here?” Dawn asked surprised.

“I am going to let you in on a little secret kid.” He said as he sat he pulled her outside where they could sit down on the concrete wall that lined the building. “I am terrified at failing here. I had to fight to be able to even come here and now the entire weight of it is real.”

“I couldn’t read.” Dawn said.

“Excuse me?” He asked.

“You asked how I found out I was a genius. I was being tested because I couldn’t read. Well I could read but I didn’t understand it. They knew I was different but they thought it was because I had a problem. When I had to go to a place to help me understand how to read and understand it when the school tested me again they had found my secret.” Dawn said.

“And that was?” He asked as he looked at her.

“The reading they said was my block. It was what kept them from realizing that I already knew everything they were trying to teach me. When I could I read all of my older brothers and sisters text books and then I knew what was coming later on. The test then wasn’t for my reading it was to prove that I had the IQ they thought I did.” Dawn said. “They also realized I have a photographic memory. That is part of the reason I could do well in class when someone else was reading and I could answer the questions.”

“How old were you when this happened?” He asked amazed by her.

“It was a little over a year ago.” She said with a sigh, “I went from third grade to twelfth in a year. I also had to meet with the teacher I would have had and had to take all the middle exams and finals to get the credit of the class. I have a lot of older brothers and sisters and though they don’t take the best notes I was able to pass all the classes just by having those and reading the books.”

“That is mind blowing, kid.” He said shaking his head. “You really are special.”

“Please don’t say that.” Dawn said as she looked at the ground. “Special means different or weird.”

“Well you are both those things. Maybe instead of think of it as a bad thing you should be both of those things.” Maverick said as he stood up. “We should head over there to the English building and just wait by there. It is a good hike and well I really don’t want to have to carry you for most of it.”

“You won’t have to carry me.” She said with a huff. “I can make it fine.”

“Teasing you, kid.” He said. “I guess I got a lot to teach you about people. You can help me by not letting me fail this and I will help you understand when someone is being nice or they want something from you.”

“That sounds like a deal.” Dawn said and they shook on it again. She thought he was rather cute for an older guy. Though she was not really staring at him she knew his strong features would also make all the other girls take notice of him. He seemed not to care when he was with her. He kept all his attention on her. That made her feel differently special and she could get used to it. Maybe having him for a friend wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.

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