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“What do you mean you can’t take me home because no one is there?” She asked with wide eyes. “You do realize I am there all the time with no one there. Pluss some of the workers are there.”

“People who have no place watching you.” He said as she huffed and he began to laugh. “Stop acting like your surprised, Dawn. You know by now I am not going to let you be in a situation that could end badly.”

“Mav fine I will call a taxi.” She said as eh looked at him.

“Like hell you are.” He replied. “The deal I have with your father is that I am watching you until I take you home.”

“But you aren’t really watching me. I am not a baby that needs twenty four hour watching Maverick.” She said.

“No, trust me I know that. You are the smartest eleven year old on the planet or everyone keeps telling me.” Maverick said laughing, “though most of the time you seem like the biggest pain in my butt.”

“Then why do you put up with me?” Dawn asked as she looked at him. the look in her eyes said everything to him. He knew that what he had meant as a joke was very real to her. She had been insulted, lied too, hurt, and even beat because of her brain. To her it was a curse rather than a gift.

“Dawn, it was a joke.” He said softly as he pulled her closer to him. “It wasn’t very funny and I am sorry.”

“that didn’t answer the question though.” She said as she looked up.

“Dawn you are going to change the world with that wonderful brain of yours. I just want to see it even from the sidelines.” He said softly. “come on. I think I know what you need more than anything else right now.”

“What is that?” Dawn asked and he tugged on her arm to follow him. He was leading her away from the building they were supposed to be at. Though the campus was bathed in shadows there was nothing there to frighten the younger girl. She knew she was safe with Maverick there.

When the cleared the campus to the small farming area that was at the beginning of the campus he laughed. “Ice cream.” He replied.

“Ice cream?” She asked and then laughed. “You do realize this ice cream is also made with the milk from our farm?”

“It is?” he questioned with a look on his face that made her laugh. “Well then.”

“It’s okay though.” She said, “Our cows are the best.”

“I thought they made it here.” He said as he walked up to the small shack and he began to order.

“They do.” She replied, “But when people started to come here all the time they needed to outsource some raw milk. Dad was the best producer in the area so he sold it to them. Ice cream is easy to make so the students could do it for the time they have.”

“I guess I should learn about cows so we can talk about them more.” He said as he chuckled.

“Not much to learn about them.” She replied. “I like them because they follow the orders better than the goats and other animals. However cows aren’t all that bright. They also don’t really talk back.”

Maverick laughed at her. “Well it would be nice to see the cows and you over the summer.”

“Why?” she asked as she looked at him.

“Dawn.” He said as he shook his head at her, “I don’t know because I am your friend.”

“Sorry Mav. I forget sometimes that you and I are friends. People always like to say either you are using my brain to pass or you have bad intentions.” Dawn said. “Either way I don’t listen to them but it is hard to believe that someone like you actually cares.”

“Dawn they say I have bad intentions?” he asked slightly confused.

“My mother.” She said softly. “She doesn’t think anyone could actually like me as a person. They have to have some reason.”

“Screw your mother.” He said. “We are friends Dawn. I like the fact you help me out when I am stuck on something but I hope you know I don’t expect anything from you.”

“I know that Mav.” She said as she looked up. “but I should get home soon.”

“Dawn.” He said shaking his head at her. “I already told you I don’t like the idea of you there by yourself. I can’t allow that to happen.”

“Then where am I supposed to go for the night?” She asked.

“You can sleep in my dorm room. My roommate his with his girlfriend of the week.” He said as he looked at her. “I can take one of the couches in the main room.”

“Mav, that is sweet but No. I want to go home.” She said and he sighed. “Why don’t you come to the farm?”

“What?” he asked.

“Come to the farm.” She said as she looked at him. “you don’t feel comfortable because it would be just me and the workers there. So why don’t you stay as well?”

“Dawn.” He said shaking his head.

“Why not. There is plenty of places for you to sleep. That way you can learn about cows tomorrow as well.” Dawn said and when he looked at her he saw the look in her eyes. The age difference between them didn’t matter to her. Neither did the difference in sexes. She must have thought of him as nothing more than a big brother. That stung him a bit though he didn’t know why.

He thought about it for a few more minutes. At least this way he knew he could keep her out of trouble. He wouldn’t be able to rest knowing that she somewhere by herself. He sighed as he looked down into those bright blue eyes. “Fine but I have to get some stuff from my dorm room.”

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