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The drive to the farm wasn’t all that long. Though he knew this was not probably the smartest thing to do he couldn’t argue with her. He honestly didn’t know why he voluntarily took this child as his responsibility but he had as it seemed that no one else seemed to care what happened to her including her family. They were the worst to her he had seen.

When they got there even to his untrained eyes the farm was huge. There were so many cows there in the open walled barn that she didn’t seem to think anything was different. She went and opened the doors to the large farmhouse and he followed her in. He saw the wall of photos that had to be her brothers and sisters that were scattered there just hanging up. He didn’t see many of her there. He didn’t understand that about her. There were very few pictures of her.

She went deeper into the house and sat in the main room. “We can watch tv here.” She said as she flopped down onto a seat. He sat next to her. She handed him the remote.

“What do you watch?” he asked.

“I don’t watch much television.” She said, “unless it is a medical or astronomy documentary.”

“Why that?” he asked as he laughed.

“Cause those are two things I like to learn about.” She replied as she looked at him.

“So you are going to be a doctor?” he asked.

“That is the plan.” She said. “Though no one believes me when I say that.”

“Why not?” He asked as he found a comedy show he liked to watch. He settled back into the couch.

“My mom wants us all to be desk riders. I hate the idea personally but the rest of them love it. Whatever makes her happy makes them happy as well.” Dawn said as she looked at the man sitting next to her. “I have to think of the four years that will be in between college and I turn eighteen as well of what I want to major in. I have a free ride for this college and probably medical school if I choose to go but because of my age she could block me and then I would have problems. I can’t even get emancipated for two years after I graduate.”

“I didn’t; think about that.” He said, “Sometimes I forget your only eleven.”

“I take that as a compliment then.” She said with a laugh. “I don’t know why though you aren’t out with people your own age though. I mean you aren’t really my babysitter.”

“I don’t want to be.” He said as he laughed. “There is something about you Dawn. I don’t mind hanging out with you.”

“Well I guess I will accept.” She said as she settled deeper into the couch.

“So what do you do when there is no one here. I am assuming of course this isn’t the first time he left you for the weekend.” Maverick asked.

“This isn’t.” She said softly. “I just do my normal tasks. Though I don’t do them as early as I normally do if he is here.”

“So you then do what?” He asked.

“Rest or read.” She said.

“You really can’t stop your brain, can you?” he chuckled. “that’s fine. You are going to be something when you are older.”

“That isn’t a good thing always.” She said as she laughed. “Is this better than your dorm?”

“Kinda the same.” He said, “except no people.”

The two didn’t have to speak as they continued to watch the television and he looked over to her to see her curled up on the couch. He realized that she had to see her mother that afternoon but she had been there at the farm in the morning. She would start her day at three in the morning. She was exhausted most of the day because of the start time.

He thought of her in the future and was never amazed by what he saw for her. She would be something and she would do things in her life that most people only got to think and dream about. However people would think that her being a genius was easy and she had things handed to her. He knew the truth.

Her knew all of her truths. She was simply just trying to be two things. He would never doubt her but she needed to learn to be one or the other. One could be anything she wanted to be. The other was anything she didn’t want to be. He didn’t understand why people had turned on her like they had except for the fact she made them feel small though she never tried too.

Maverick looked at her sleeping and just let her stay there. He would wake her up in a little bit for her to go to her room. It would be a long weekend but he didn’t mind. She would help him get ready for the finals. He thought some more. Maybe he would ask her father for a job. She would probably like that. He could keep an eye on her then for the entire summer.

Maverick leaned over, “Hey brainy go to you room.”

“Not now.” She said as she mumbled.

“Now.” He said as he got up and helped her to her feet. She started to walk somewhat like a zombie to the back of the first floor. When she opened the door she pointed as she turned to him.

“Bathroom and blankets are in there.” She said as she stumbled and managed to make it to her bed. He closed the door behind her and went in search of some things for him to sleep. It was going to be a long night but at least he was learning more about her.

He laid out the blanket on the couch and a pillow. As he turned off the nights and the television he laid there in the darkness of the room. Just when he was going to close his eyes he heard someone walking in one of the hallways that led to the back of the house. He got up and walked quietly to the room he had just left not to long ago. The shadow of a person was also there.

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