Hold me while you wait

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“Excuse me?” Maverick said in a deep growl and the shadow came to a halt. They looked around and saw him. “I do not believe that she needs any company.”

The person bolted out of the hallway and then out one of the doors. Maverick could breath a bit better after realizing that he had saved her from probably some more trauma. Now he really didn’t want her to be alone. This was the final straw.

He went over to the door and opened it and saw she was fast asleep still on the bed. He shut the door behind him and went back to the couch though he thought it was too far away from her room. Whoever that was knew she was supposed to be there by herself. That bothered him but he couldn’t tell but generally who the other person was.

He would have to look over the workers her father had there and see if he could see someone who met the description he had. This was not okay to him. It was planned to a point. Someone wanted to hurt her. He couldn’t understand why.

Then it hit him. There was another person who knew she was here by herself. Her mother. He wouldn’t put it passed the woman to try and lash out at her this way. Maverick was the unknown part of the equation. He shook his head and then laid back down and waited.

The morning light came and he could hear some rustling around in the kitchen that was in back of him. She was dressed in more rugged clothes and was already flushed from work. “You have already done some of your chores?” he asked as he tried to force the words out.

“Yup.” She said. “Sorry if I woke you. I figured I would make some breakfast and then leave it for you so I could finish for now.”

“Breakfast can wait.” He said as he stood up. “Dawn something happened last night.”

“What happened?” She asked.

“When you were sleeping.” He said.

“What did you have a girl over or something?” She asked as she looked him over.

“What?” He asked.

“Maverick it is okay.” She laughed, “I have twelve brothers.”

“Dawn someone broke in and went straight to your room.” Maverick said as he looked at the young girl.

“What?” she asked now confused.

“Someone went straight to your room from that door over there.” Maverick said, “I got to the room going down that hallway at the same time. When I said something they bolted back out the way they came in.”

“That door?” She asked as she looked at the door in question. She seemed more focused on the fact they used that door instead of the one they had come in through the back of the house.

“Yes.” He said. “They knew the inside of the house.”

“They would.” She replied.

“Dawn?” He asked.

“It’s nothing.” She said and continued to start to cook something.

“It is not nothing, Dawn. This is serious.” Maverick said and he could see the tears build up in her eyes.

“That door is always locked.” Dawn said as she looked at the mixing bowl in front of her. “The only people who have the keys for it are my older brothers and possibly my mother. Even dad said he lost his key for it years ago. I have never had one. It simply stays locked all the time.”

“That’s what I thought.” He said as he moved closer to her. “Dawn you won’t be staying alone here again.”

“It’s fine.” Dawn said. “I’m fine.”

“Nothing about this is fine, Dawn.” Maverick said. “I won’t allow something to happen to you.”

“I said I was fine.” Dawn said as she looked at him and then she turned away. “I am always fine remember? So I really don’t need help Maverick. I think you should go.”

“What the hell are you doing?” he asked. “I just said I was staying here.”

“Go.” Dawn said as she sniffed, “You don’t need to be caught up in this.”

“Dawn.” Maverick said as he reached for her. For the first time she moved away from him. He stood there and looked at her as she moved to the corner of the room. Through he head was down she couldn’t hide the wetness on her shirt or that was dripping down her cheeks to fall on the floor. “Sweetheart come here. You know I am not going to hurt you or leave.”

“Just go away, Maverick.” She said softly as she sniffed some more. “I don’t need another brother. The ones I have will just end up hurting me too. I don’t want to add you to the list of people I trusted. Just go.”

“I am not going anywhere ever.” He said as he knelt in front of her. “I won’t be on that list Dawn. That is a promise.”

“But you will be. Everyone will be.” She whispered. “I am just not good enough for anyone to care about. I wish I was dumb again. Then everyone would leave me alone.”

“Dawn, you are special.” He said softly as he tried to tip her head to look at him. “The people who want to hurt you just don’t understand that or how special you really are. I do know that. I am not leaving you so stop begging me too.”

“I don’t understand you.” She said.

“Most of the time neither do I.” He chuckled and she looked at him. Both people knew something changed in those moments but they didn’t know how. He just held her hand until she could stop crying again. He didn’t like that when she did.

Dawn Newberry looked at him and then she made herself a promise. She was never going to cry again because of her family. No matter what she was done with letting tears fall because of them. She would make sure she could fight them all off if she had too. She was done with them all. They couldn’t hurt her anymore.

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