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The first year of college for the two had ended. When Dawn thought he was going to go home and stay with his parents for the summer he surprised her when he showed up to live int eh small apartment housing that was from the workers on the farm. “Your dad hired me.” He said with a shrug. “I guess I get to learn about cows after all from the smartest person in the world.”

“I am not the smartest person in the world.” She said as she helped him unpack his car.

“You know the owners daughter can’t be seen helping the lowest farmhand.” He chuckled.

“Sure I can.” She said, “No one even sees me most of the time.”

“Dawn.” He said.

“Don’t worry I am not feeling sorry for myself or anything. Just stating a fact. I am good at being invisible.” She said. “So are we still on for the meetings every other Friday?”

“Of course.” He said with a groan. He hated going to the science stuff but he would continue because of her.

“I know you don’t like it so why do you keep going?” Dawn asked.

“I’ll tell you in six years.” He said with a laugh.

“Everyone says that. Like my age matters all that much.” She said as she continued to the house and got her books for the summer classes.

“You are still doing school stuff?” He asked slightly confused.

“I am taking some courses this summer online.” She said.

“Trying to leave before me?” he asked.

“Actually no.” She said. “I am expanding on my major by two more.”

“Of course you are.” He laughed.

The long days on the farm were hard and hot. Maverick learned quickly that this was not the job for him but he stuck it out. He needed the money for the next year. His parents had over extended themselves again when helping pay for his brothers college. That was fine and Maverick knew it was coming because his parents would gladly go into debt to help his brother while they left him scrambling to figure things out. He had enough for the next year already. Though tough and hard on the body the job at her fathers farm did pay well, surprisingly.

By the end of the summer he might have enough for the following year as well. He didn’t have much to his name but he was going to have to figure other things out as they came. He had a few priorities to work through. She was one of them. Being at the farm was easy when he wasn;t worried about what was going on around her. She had changed over the past few months.

Dawn seemed to not care about anything other than school. She would continue to work and she had her visits with her mother but nothing that was ever said to her was thought of again. She was harder than she had been when they met. The changes in her were all there and she was handling them daily. She was also growing. He could see her change when she put on normal clothes.

The summer was going to be the same every day as he worked. He looked forward to the night of her birthday. Again he had talked to her father and confirmed that she could go. Maverick would make sure that she had a good time. The day before she would be stuck with her mother and her twin brother who stayed with her. Maverick wasn;t sure how that was going to work out. The divide had been made clear in the siblings who all looked at her with hatred.

When finally the day arrived she was ready all day. When he finally was done with his chores for the day he changed after a good hot shower and got everything ready in his car. Then he waited for her. Her father had gone off again for the weekend and it was his weekend as well. There was nothing standing in the way of this night being a good one.

She was bouncing when they left. He had to laugh at her for once she was acting like a kid but it wasn;t because of her birthday. It was the events that were going to happen in a few hours. That was what got her excited. She seemed to only be happy when no one else was around. However she knew that he would probably go off with one of the older girls for some time. He had to have another reason for taking her to the meetings and everything else. She thought he was doing it so he could see some girl secretly or something. It seemed like something he might do. It was something that her brothers would have done.

As they got closer tot eh area that the event was going to happen he saw that she was somewhat dimming in her excitement. “What is it?” he asked.

“Which one of the girls is the one you are seeing?” She asked bluntly and to the point. It was something he had gotten used to with the change in her.

“What do you mean? “he asked confused.

“Which one of them, Mav?” Dawn asked as she looked at him, “I know it is one of them.”

“Dawn what the hell are you talking about?” he asked with a laugh. “I can’t stand any of them.”

“Then why do you take me to these meetings?” She asked as she was the one confused.

“Because we are friends.” He said with a look on his face that told her he was serious.

“That’s it? “She asked.

“God, Dawn, for someone so brilliant you can be a moron sometimes.” Maverick said as he pulled into he parking lot. “Bringing you to this wasn;t about me trying to hook up with one of them. I can’t even stand them most of the time. This was all for you. You helped me get through last year and I knew how much you wanted to come to this event. That is the reason why. Now help me bring out the gear for the night. It is going to be a long one.”

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