Sneaky Blues

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Bee and Haze both detectives; have been assigned to undergo as a married couple. While hating each other, Bee dealing with Haze's ego doesn't make it much easier. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©2020

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Chapter One. We’re Getting Married.

As I pull the lid off my coffee mug I sluggishly walk over to the coffee maker, hoping and praying there’s at least one cup of coffee left. I rub my tired eyes and grab the coffee pot to pour whatever remains. I groan in frustration as I notice not even a drop is left. Huffing, I start another pot of coffee. Glancing out the corner of my eye, I notice the head detective Haze Atwood, working his way towards me. “Hurry up coffee maker!” I whisper to it, in an effort to get out of here before Atwood reaches me. As soon as the coffee maker beeps I pour as much as my mug will hold along with the usual, one creamer and three sugars.

“Busby, you really gotta stop drinking that stuff.” Atwood informs me, not his first time telling me this. It’s a usual thing.

I roll my eyes, “You say that every single day.”

“Because you drink an unthinkable amount every hour. It’s unhealthy.”

I wave him off and gladly drink my coffee, it’s precious, not even a drop should be wasted. He straightens his buff back and crosses his very muscular arms over his chest, obviously trying to intimidate me. “Bee.”

“It’s not going to work you know.” I murmur before downing more coffee.

“What’s not?” He queries. Just as most of my coffee is drank, I add in some more coffee and my sugars. “Would you like some coffee with that sugar?”

“So funny I forgot to laugh.” I exchange my fakest grin yet.

“What’s that? Your seventh cup of coffee today?” Stacy Rodriguez, the Technician Analyst asks.

I brush Haze off as he wanders over to another deputy. Stacy follows along as I head back to my desk, getting comfy in my chair. “It’s the only thing that keeps me alive.”

A small chuckle slips through her pink lips. Slapping a file in front of me, she flips her blonde hair over her shoulder and sits on top of my desk. “Captain asked me to get these to you.”

“Oh yeah? Why’d she ask you?” I inquire, leisurely flipping through the file.

Her eyes scatter across the room, ” I was just fixing her computer and heading this way afterwards.”

“I see. I already have enough paperwork as it is.” She adjusts her glasses as she gawks at Haze. “You’re staring at him again.”

“At who?”

“Atwood. Everytime you come out here.” I grin, leaning back in my chair.

“His glistening muscles, beautiful green eyes, hecka hot face. Oh.. did I mention his body? Are you blind Bee?”

“He’s got an ego the size of Jupiter. If you ever talked to the guy you’d know. Heck, even if you didn’t you’d still know. His ego just radiates off of him.”

She giggles and sips her tea in hand. “I think it’s sexy.”

“It’s the farthest thing from sexy. Yeah, sure he’s definitely good looking. But his personality isn’t great, in fact it’s the worst. I don’t know how anyone could get past his giant ego.”

She shrugs, “I don’t see an ego when I look at him.”

“That’s because you’re blinded by his appearance.” I sip my drink and spin around, gazing at the name Eric Moore in the file.

“Bee, are you still listening to me?” Stacy questions with raised eyebrows.


“What’s so intriguing on that file, Bee?”

I chug down the last of my drink and look up at her, her blues eyes staring back at me.“Nothing.”

“Hey Bee, is there any coffee left?” Aaron Miller asks me from his desk.

I bob my head up and down, “Yup, just made a new batch.”

A small smile stretches across his face before heading towards the coffee bar. “As I was saying,” She clears her throat and blushes. ’He’s got great hair.”

“What’s that have to do with anything?”

“I don’t know it just looks so soft and silky.” She giggles to herself.

“O-kay.” I hop out of my chair, “I gotta go.”

“Okay see ya Bee.”

I walk briskly to Captain Williams office and tap on her door frame. She swivels around in her chair and gestures for me to wait a second. She tells the person on the other end something before hanging up. “What is it Busby?”

Walking through her office door I place the file on her desk. “You had Rodriguez give me these files.” I state.

“Yes, I did.” She nods, brushes her kinkly black hair back with her hand.

“This,” I open the file and point to a name. “The name Eric Moore, why do I know that name?”

She folds her hands in front of her on top of her desk, her dark eyes staring back at me.“Two years ago this man shot and killed two of our cops and four innocent bystanders and got away with it. Prior to that, he was in prison for nearly ten years over a drug deal.”

“He’s the guy that went silent right? Like his life was completely erased?”

“Yes,” She shakes her hand and stands up, handing me back the file. “He did. Recently someone by the name Eric Moore deposited one hundred grand out of a bank about an hour from here. I had Rodriguez do a little investigating on her computer. Turns out it’s not just a conquince. He’s staying at the Elkwood penthousing complex. Do you know where that is?”

I ugly laugh, “Yeah, that place is insanely nice. Would you like me to head down there?”

“Not exactly. This past week we have reasoning that he shot these two men.” She grabs pictures of the scene, showing me the men. “I’m ordering you and Haze to go undercover as a married couple.“Her eyes and nose crinkle in an effort to not laugh. She covers her mouth with her hand, silently laughing behind it.

My jaw drops, I almost feel speechless. “Me... and Atwood?”

She straightens herself out and nods, “Yes, that’s correct.”

“Atwood and I?”

“Well, yes.”

I beg her with my eyes that I just missed heard her. “Um, why us two?”

She snickers quietly, “Bee, I know you two despise each other with a passion. But you two are the best detectives in all of Seattle, I trust you two will work this out and play the part well.” She pats my back reassuringly.

“Does Atwood know about this?” I question, brushing my stray hairs that had fallen out of my bun.

“Nope.” She smirks slyly, “I’m leaving that for you Busby.”

“Oh my-” I rub my temples as a headache forms, “It’s too early for this Captain.”

“It’s five pm.” She clarifies.

“I know.” I nod.

She lowers her glasses as her eyes roam to her monitor, “You need to be packed tonight. You will be leaving first thing in the morning. After you let Haze know, please come back into my office, we have a few things to go over.”

“Roger that.” Scrolling out of her office I glare at Haze through his glass walls.

“Oh and Busby!”

I poke my head back into her office, “Yeah?”

“Please tell Stay and Aaron that I need them.”

“Will do Captain Williams.” I walk over to Miller and Rodriguez chatting to a few of the guys. “Excuse me boys, I’m afraid Captain needs to speak with these two.” They glance at each and back at me before heading off.

I steadily make my way up to Atwood’s office. I regret this already. With a heavy sigh I push open the door. “We’re getting married.” As those three words leave my mouth I cringe. Just the thought of us two together, nope, no, not going down that road. We’ve been at each other’s throats since day one.

He spins around in his enormous swivels chair, staring back at me. “Joanna.. I’m gonna have to call you back.” He ends his call and stands up, brushing off his pants. I close the door behind me and take a seat in one of his black leather chairs. “Excuse me?” he fumes out.

“We’re going undercover as a married couple.” The hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

“You’re joking right? Did one of the guys put you up to this?”

“Not exactly. Captain told me to tell you. Oh, and she said she needs us in her office.”

“Why us?”

“You’re asking me? She just said we’re her best detectives.”

“We don’t work well together.” He breathes out in frustration. “I mean, I’m a pretty damn good detective, probably one of the best. But you and me? I don’t think so.”

“Hey, tell that to Williams.” I brush my sweaty palms on my black jeans. “And your a pretty good detective too Bee.” I mimic his voice.

We walk back into Captain Williams’ office. Stacy sits at the Captains desk, typing away. Aaron sits in a chair reading over a file. “Great your back! How are you two holding up?”

“Just fine.” He forces a smile.

“Great! You now both go as Bee and Haze Taylor. Haze, your a bigshot lawyer and Busby you are a masseuse.”

“Damn.” I hiss. “Why can’t Atwood be the masseuse?”

Haze fiddles with the bottom of his dark blue suit and crosses his arms over his sinewy chest. “Because I’m a guy.”

Captain holds her hand up, “Just deal with it Busby.”

Haze places his hands on her desk, “Williams I hate to inform you, but we do not work well together.”

She crosses her arms and takes a step closer to him. “Haze, you and I both know that that isn’t true. You two are the best in this department. Sure, maybe you two don’t get along the greatest, but you two work damn well together. Man up.”

“What am I going to tell Joanna?” He asks.

“Your girlfriend?” She questions.


“That you’re going undercover. Just explain it to her, surely she’ll understand. And if she doesn’t then she’s a big girl and she’ll get over it.” She claps her hands together and gestures towards the tv screen. “Now let’s get to work.”

Aaron hands Atwood the wedding bands. Haze places it on his finger and shoves my band into the palm of my hand. “This is exactly how I thought I’d get married.” I mumble as I slide the ring onto my finger.

Aaron smirks, “You might want to get her a diamond.”

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