The Taken Butterfly

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A butterfly is pure and innocent, as it flutters peacefully through the air A butterfly is calm and gentle, as it drinks from the nectar of flowers. A butterfly is peaceful and comforting, as it floats by you. However A butterfly is vulnerable and fragile, as it is trapped in the spider's web. A butterfly will fight for its freedom, the spider will never let it escape but what would happen if the spider set the butterfly free?

Romance / Horror
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"I'm sending you the image of the next one you need to get, and the questions you need to ask during interrogation. Be quick about it, I want this job to be done before midnight" I hung up on the voice of my client, and looked down at my phone at the picture. The girl had dark blue eyes and golden blonde hair; she was pretty.
I went down to the basement going over to a table and grabbing my gun, a small bag with tiny white pills that dissolved in liquid, and rope. Putting it all in a small bag I went back upstairs dropping it by the door.
"Daddy?" I looked over unable to stop a small smile to appear on my face as I looked down at my little girl, she rubbed her tired brown eyes her chocolate hair a complete mess from being asleep.
"Hey there princess...what are you doing up?" She walked up and wrapped her tiny arms around my leg,
"Daddy leawing?" She was still learning how to speak,
"Yes, Daddy has to go to work but I'll be back in a little bit okay?" She nodded yawning,
"Now go back to bed for me okay?" She started making her way back to her bed,
"Goonight, I wove you" I blew her a kiss,
"I love you too princess" when she was back in bed I left making sure to lock the door. I put the bag under the seat before driving off looking at the location on my phone,
'Dancing club? Well that's going to make things more difficult'
It took about 15 minutes until I got there; I parked and grabbed the bag pulling out the tiny bag of pills before hiding it under the seat again. Taking the pills, and phone I got out walking into the noisy club keeping my eyes open for the girl in the photo. Finally, I spotted her by the bar talking to another girl. I made my way over and nonchalantly sat down making sure not to act suspicious,
'Damn I fucking hate this job....and it's a hell lot more difficult with people around'
I ordered a drink noticing when she too had a drink half full. She was facing away from it and the girl she was talking to was too drunk to notice anything. I waited for the bartender to turn around as he made someone else a drink before I glanced around making sure no one was paying attention. Quickly I opened the bag and slipped the two pills into her drink watching as they dissolved instantly. I moved my hand away just in time before she grabbed the drink and finishing it off.
"Alright I'm going to go home" she said as the other girl nodded and I waited before following her out. It didn't take long for the drugs to start taking affect as she leaned against a wall. Just as she was about to collapse to the ground unconscious I caught her carrying her limp body to the car. I looked down at her face,
'Damn this is such a pain. I better be getting paid more than last time'
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