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I’m so done for

A date? She wants a date?

Of all the things I thought would calm Adelaide down a date was not one of them. I thought she’d say something like punching me in the face to get out her anger or giving her space until our marriage, anything but a date. But if it was a date she wanted, she’d get one.

She had me wrapped around her finger, quickly breaking through that wall I kept up in front of her. It was easier for me to accept what was happening if I kept her behind it, out of reach. I hadn’t wanted to admit that I liked her, ever. Or at least not until after we were married and I could tame her some, seeing how much of her fire I could control. But she was impossible, pushing and pushing until she got what she wanted from me.

It was also impossible to not like her. That spiteful, bratty, mouthy little hellion had me going head over heels. She terrified me the way she stood up to my father and hers, unafraid of the consequence of mouthing off like that. She was lucky I got to her before my father did, he didn’t tolerate that kind of rebellion, especially if it came from his enemies’ daughter. She was so much angrier than I thought, especially with how last night had gone.

Last night had been a brief glimpse of her letting her guard down around me and it was glorious. I’d never seen Adelaide as vulnerable as she was, she was always fighting me about something or avoiding me like the plague. But last night… last night something had changed in her.

I couldn’t think too much about that now or think about what she had let me do with her last night, although I had thought about it all night, hoping and praying to God we’d do it again. Right now I had to find a way to deal with Damien Moretti after what Park had found out from him. I’d been right thinking he wanted her for marriage, possibly harming her if she’d resist if he got his hands on her. I needed to get her out her here faster than the end of the week and now I’d promised her a date anywhere she wanted to go.

Idiot, you just told her father she wasn’t safe and now you promised her a date, possibly somewhere you couldn’t guarantee that.

Fucking idiot.

I had to stop thinking with my dick when it came to her and force the blood back to my head. I couldn’t back out now though from what I told her. I’d just have to make it work.

Maybe this would be easier if I just convinced her to punch me in the face instead.

“Helloooo, Earth to idiot.” Adelaide said, waving her hand in front of my face, snapping me out of my thoughts. “So your brain does actually work sometimes. It’s strange to see you thinking.” She slipped out of my grip and ducked under my arm that was still against the door, walking further into the library. Always with that smart mouth.

This is where I usually found her if she wasn’t down at the beach since it was right behind her home. I was surprised she hadn’t snuck off there this morning since that seemed to be her favorite place to hide.

“Always such a brat, aren’t you? Even when I agree to take you on a date.” I turned around to watch see her plop herself down on a couch, picking through piles on books on the table in front of her to find what she’d read next.

“You like it.” I saw the ghost of a smile creep along her face, bringing one out of me. She had me there.

“What are you going to do about Damien?” She asked, catching me off guard. Truthfully, I didn’t know. I didn’t know the best way to handle this without it dragging out even longer.

Damien had the men and resources to keep up with game for as long as he wanted, despite the loss of territory. I knew Adelaide would be safe when I would be able to get her to my home, with guards posted 24/7 and every security measure under the sun at the ready, but taking Damien out would prove harder than I thought.

Park had gone this morning with Owen and Jack to meet with him, Damien expecting us after last night’s fiasco with Hannah and Adelaide being followed. He knew a threat on her would bring us forward, hoping Gabriel would give him what he wanted in order to ensure her safety and take us out of the game completely, wiping out any and all competition.

He also knew I wouldn’t give Adelaide up without a fight.

I wouldn’t give her up at all.

Stop, get out of your head, idiot! Stop falling for her now, you’re just making it harder.

The more I thought about her the harder it was going to be to concentrate to come up with a plan to take Damien out for good.

“I’ve got it handled, you don’t need to worry about it.” I tried to act unbothered, showing no emotion in my voice. The less I had to involve and worry her, the better. “You just worry about this date you want to go on.” I tried to quickly change the subject but it didn’t help going to one that tied right back in.

You really are a fucking moron today.

“You say it like I’m forcing you to go. If you don’t want to go on a date with me, fine. Maybe I’ll ask Liam.” She said with a spark in her eye, knowing that was the one thing that would wind me up. Not only was Damien after her for his own gain, Liam wanted her to for God knows what. Just to have her so I couldn’t? That little shit always wanted what I had, always had since we were young.

Adelaide was too desirable for her own good. I wondered if they knew about her temper, if they’d known how ruthless she was when she didn’t get her way or something made her angry. They certainly couldn’t handle it.

And you can?

You do that. I’ll take Cecilia, we’ll make a double date out of it.” I threw right back at her, knowing that would set her off. Her eyes glazed over with that fire she had, burning straight through me as I tipped my chin up, cocking her a smile.

“If I didn’t know any better, Princess, I’d say you were jealous.” I said, sitting down on the couch next to her as she shuffled books around. I threw my arm over the back of the couch behind her and twirled her hair in my fingers. It was the only way I could semi-touch her constantly that didn’t seem to bother her.

“I am not.” She said quietly but defiantly, trying to put an end to this turn on conversation. “We weren’t and aren’t together, there’s no reason for me to be jealous. Especially of Cecilia Blake.” She tried keeping her attention on the books but I could see the heat creeping up her chest.

“Interesting. Because I would have thought you saying you’re mine and me making you come last night would mean we’re together. And now going on a date.” I picked at her. I knew I was getting to the end of her rope but she’s just so fun to wind up.

“Were you together with every other woman you slept with?” She turned to look at me, seething.

There it is, there’s that jealousy

My little princess was jealous and wanted me all to herself

I gave her a cocky smirk, reveling in the fact that she did want me. “There’s a difference between being with someone and just fucking them. I wouldn’t just fuck you, Princess. If you want to be together then we’ll be together. I wouldn’t even breathe in another woman’s direction.” I grabbed her chin, making her look at me.

I could tell she was being shy and trying to hide from me. Her breathing picked up and I could see her rolling it around in her head what I had said, those pretty blue eyes focused on me. My eyes moved down to her lips and I fought back the urge to grab her and kiss her until her lips bruised.

We’d never been together, she was right. But that didn’t mean I was opposed to it. She had been free to mess around with whoever she wanted like I had been. Girlfriend’s weren’t my thing, there was no point in getting attached if it was just going to cause more issues with my marriage to Adelaide. It made me an asshole, I knew it, but that’s just the way it was.

“We’ll see. Maybe I won’t like you anymore after our date.” She said smartly, moving her face out of my grip.

I grabbed her before she could her too far and placed her on my lap, causing her to shriek in surprise and throw her hands up against my chest to steady herself. She ended up straddling my lap again but I sure as fuck wasn’t going to complain. “I doubt that. I can be very likable. I think I proved that last night when you were in my bed.” I ran my hand up the side of her neck and wrapped it around the back of it, tangling my hands loosely in her hair as my other wrapped around her waist.

“That was a one-time thing. You got the better of me while I was freaked out.” I could see the lie in her face, her trying to hide that she liked everything I did to her.

“I hope not, there’s a few more things I want to try I think you’ll like.” I said as I leaned in to kiss her neck, feeling her fingers tighten around my shirt. I kissed all the sensitive spots up and down her neck, bringing those gasps and hitches in breath I craved out of her.

I pulled back slightly to look at her, see those eyes filled with that same want I held for her to have her crash her lips against mine.

Everything about her was perfection. Her looks, that wild personality, the way she carried herself like she was a force to be reckon with. And she was. I couldn’t get enough of her as I held her tighter against me, my hand wrapping tighter in her hair to keep her lips on mine, her wiggling on my lap to get as close as she possibly could to me.

Amidst all the kissing, each of us fighting for dominance, she pulled back slightly as I nipped her neck, causing her to roll her hips against me. I was going to end up taking her right here if we didn’t stop. “We can’t keep making out in weird places, someone’s going to see.” She said, trying to catch her breath between each of my kisses on her neck.

“Last night we were in my bed, let’s go to yours then.” I said as I wrapped my hands under her ass and hailed her up, her throwing her hands around my neck and legs around my waist as I walked us blindly towards the door, refusing to stop kissing her.

“Not right now!” She wriggled around, trying to get free of my grip as I backed us up against a wall by the door.

“Why not?” I said against her as I planted kisses all along her collar bones, feeling her tighten her grip again around me. Just then my phone rang, full volume.

Of course now, because why the fuck not?

I growled, lowering her to her feet and ripped my phone out of my pocket, not even checking who it was before answering it angrily.

“What?” I said coldly. It was Park. I had forgotten I told him to keep me updated on Damien’s whereabouts after he left so we could track him. It’d be a cold day in Hell before I let him or one of his men get close to Adelaide again.

I walked away from Adelaide as to not let her listen in on what we were doing, but I knew she was straining her ears trying to figure it out.

“He’s gone back in the city and has 4 of his men with him. It looks like he’s heading towards that bar he took over, I have Owen and Jack following now. He’ll be within a 20 mile radius of the Foster’s so if I were you, I’d keep that little wifey of yours under lock and key today.” I could hear the car noises in the background which meant Park was also tailing him and keeping an eye on my brothers.

I let out a heavy sign, pinching the bridge of my nose as I closed my eyes, trying to think of what to do. Just because he was in the city didn’t necessarily mean he was coming for her or sending any of his men out to follow her if she left, but I couldn’t chance it. She’d hate it because I couldn’t allow her to go anywhere today.

“Keep me updated on anymore moves. I’ll take care of it from here.” I said before clicking my phone off and feeling myself tense up. Nothing could ever just be easy for me.

From behind me I could hear Adelaide moving around the room, going back to her piles of books she was sorting through. Whenever we’d be married and living in the same space, I’d make sure she have a library twice this size. Books seem to be the only thing that kept her occupied, she’d be in here for hours and never move from her spot when she found one she liked. I may have to take her away from a lot to keep her safe for now but I wouldn’t take that from her.

“I need you to not leave the property today. Damien is in the city and I can’t chance it.” I told her sternly, her never turning around to look at me.

There was a pause and then I heard her. “I won’t. Promise.” She turned to look at me and for the first time there wasn’t any fight in her eyes when I told her to do something. She walked up to me and placed her hand against my cheek, trying to show she wasn’t lying.

“I know he’s dangerous, Luca. I won’t leave.” She said sincerely, probably because she could see how suspicious I was of her. She fought me tooth and nail on everything so this wasn’t something I was used to.

I nodded my head acknowledging that she was promising me she’d listen for once.

“I need to go inform your father. Don’t let me catch you listening in on any conversations today, Princess.” I winked and leaned down to steal a quick kiss before turning and heading towards the door.

So much for not falling for her.






A/N - Do you think Adelaide will listen to Luca for once and not leave?

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