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I felt her throat constrict in my hand, her breathing becoming more shallow and quicker as her pulse quickened. Good, right now I wanted her scared and nervous. She’d done the complete opposite of what I’d told her, and I knew Edie had a hand in it. Adelaide made me so angry I didn’t even know what I was going to do with her.

“It’s not her fault! Let her have one night of fun!” Edie slurred out, trying her hardest to show that she wasn’t completely wasted. My eyes shot to her, and anger coursed through me.

“I don’t want to hear anything from you.” I snapped at her, she squeaked in surprise. Adelaide hadn’t even attempted to get out of my grip, she just let me hold her tightly against me ensuring she didn’t run off. I wanted to squeeze that delicate throat, let her know how angry I was with her, terrify her into submission. But right now it wouldn’t do any good. She’d had so much to drink I don’t know how she was still standing, let alone conscious.

I’d hung back, watching her from afar drink herself into oblivion and let Edie drag her around the club, flirting with any guy that would get them closer to the DJ booth. What Edie lacked in common sense she made up for with her ability to bend any guy to her will. Adelaide had avoided any guy she’d encountered, quite literally smacking their hands away if they’d tried to touch her. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of possessiveness any time I’d seen anyone going for her. I wanted to end them, leave them a bloody pulp right there on the floor for even just looking at her. But for her own safety it was better not to make a scene, and better not to let her see me until I wanted her to.

She’d danced with Edie for what seemed hours, I didn’t know how she had the energy with how much she’d had to drink but she never quit, swaying and jumping around to the songs. It was the most vibrant I’d seen her, she was usually so reserved around everyone at events, trying to avoid me or interact with anyone else as little as possible. Adelaide was usual so anxious but not tonight, she didn’t know anyone here and let her guard down. She looked glorious in that short sparkly dress, the lights bouncing off her like stars, that long blonde mane going everywhere. Had this been any other time and she hadn’t snuck out, I’d be all over her, kissing and touching every bit of that exposed skin, trying to get out her out that dress as quickly as possible.

I watched her look around the club a few times, making sure she didn’t see anyone who would know me and tip me off that she was here. She was smart to keep an eye out, at least she had that going for her, but she’d missed a critical step in ensuring I didn’t find out what she was doing. She’d kept her phone location on, something that her father had put on her phone years ago in case something happened. All it took was a simple search by me and I’d find her down to the room wherever she was. I knew she wouldn’t be able to stay out of trouble with Edie back, call it a gut feeling. I’d swept the room a few times, ensuring none of Damien’s men had followed her. Thankfully no one noticed she was here but me, and she was lucky that I’d found her before she tried to sneak back into the house.

“Time to go home, Princess.” I hissed in her ear, feeling her pulse racing against my hand. I removed my hand from her neck but kept my other arm gripped around her, pulling her stumbling towards the back exit of the club where Owen and I had parked, ensuring we were hidden from Edie and Adelaide in case they were outside when we got there.

Of course I brought Owen to take Edie home. I knew all about them and whatever little tiff they had going on. Truthfully I didn’t give a fuck about what they had broken up over, I just knew I was pissed enough at Edie to want a little revenge. And what’s better than sticking her in a car with Owen while she’s drunk and has nowhere to go?

Adelaide was quiet as we exited the club, quickly walking past the group of drunk smokers and a few people passed out from too much to drink, with Edie trailing behind calling me every nasty name in the book. She hated me and truth be told I hated her just as much. Anytime she was around all common sense went right out the window for Adelaide. I knew about all the times they’d snuck out and tried sneaking back in, most of the time both of them piss drunk and falling all over the place. I knew about all the times Adelaide had taken her father’s cars thinking no one would notice and drove around all hours of the night with Edie, God knows what they were doing, and the cars coming back with dents and scrapes in the paint.

“Are you FUCKING serious?” Edie yelled behind us as she saw Owen get out of his SUV to help her in, annoyance all over his face for dragging him along to deal with these two. A smirk broke across my face as I saw her try to resist getting into Owen’s car until he had to pick her up and put her into it. God, what he saw in that creature I’d never fucking know. He flipped me off in annoyance as he got into his car with Edie screaming at him, driving off.

Now I had to deal with Adelaide.

Why couldn’t she just ever fucking listen?

I still had a grip around her waist as we reached my car, and I helped her in. She finally started to struggle against me as I tried to help buckle her in, her pushing me away from her as I tried to lean over her.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, you didn’t need to drag me out!” She snapped at me, slurring slightly. She was going to have a hell of a hangover tomorrow.

Good. Let that teach her a lesson.

I walked around the car to get in, slamming my door and staring the car as she crossed her arms and started to pout.

“You didn’t do anything wrong? You fucking snuck out when I specifically remember telling you today to not leave the property. Have you lost your fucking mind going out alone with Damien Moretti after you?” I raised my voice, driving through the city as fast as I could. She was fucking infuriating sometimes.

“I was fine and I was with Edie! I don’t need your fucking permission to do anything, you can’t keep me locked up! He didn’t even know I was there!” She yelled at me as I tried to control my anger, keeping my eyes on the road to get us home as quick as possible.

“I’m not keeping you locked up, I’m keeping you from getting fucking kidnapped or killed. Do you not fucking understand that? Did you not almost get kidnapped last night? You’re a smart girl, Adelaide, but that was the dumbest fucking stunt you pulled. Maybe I should keep you locked up.” I seethed.

“Don’t you dare, Luca! I was fine!” She said defiantly, too drunk to truly fight me like she usually did. I rubbed my face with my palm, shaking my head while I tried to figure out her rational behind sneaking out.

I thought I had made it very clear to her that Damien was not someone to underestimate. She’d almost been kidnapped for fuck’s sake. If I hadn’t shown up when I did she most likely would have been. And here she was sneaking out and getting drunk at a club with no security other than a bouncer outside.

“I would get a wife who’s so stubborn she’s willing to risk her safety for it.” I huffed out, leaning back into my seat as we got closer to get home, the panic that had washed over me trying to find her finally seeming to melt away some.

“I’m not your wife.” She seethed.

“Yeah you won’t be when you get yourself actually kidnapped and have to marry Damien Moretti. So take your pick, Princess. Him or me.” I picked back at her, knowing I had her.

Those were her only two options at this point. So she could either stop being such a smartass with me and just listen or she could deal with her ass getting kidnapped.

“Maybe he wouldn’t be as much of a prick as you are.” She pouted quietly, turning away thinking I couldn’t hear her.

“Really? Well if you want to marry him, let me take you to him right now!” I said, slamming on the brakes to do a U-turn in the middle of the road, she throwing her hands out against the dash to steady herself. I got turned around and sped off back towards the city, fuming now. She was drunk and clearly not thinking properly, but maybe a little scare would bring her to her senses when she finally sobered up.

“What are you doing? Luca, take me home!” She yelled, slapping her hand on the dash.

“Taking you to Damien since I’m such a prick for not wanting you to get kidnapped or hurt. So I’m going to just hand you over and be done with it, free myself from a brat who doesn’t care what happens to her and save myself the trouble.” I said nonchalantly. Fear slashed across her face. Got her.

“Luca I swear to God if you don’t take me home right now!” She demanded, fear in her voice now that I would actually take her to Damien and hand her off like a prize.

“You’ll what? Sneak out again? Fight me? You’ve already done that, Princess. Frankly I’m a little tired of your antics and I’d like a little peace and quiet.” I kept driving, the city coming back into view. I could hear the panic in her breathing, her getting antsy in her seat, probably thinking about how to get me to turn around again and take her home.

I would, but only after she got it through her head she couldn’t keep pulling this shit with me. She was a fierce little thing but I could keep her caged up if I needed to. I didn’t want to and she’d hate me for it but if it kept her out of harm’s way, so be it.

“You’re such a jackass! I can’t believe I ever wanted to marry you!” She screamed at me before sitting back in her seat, defeated.


She wanted to marry me? Since when?

Was she seriously THIS drunk that that’s what popped in her head?

I pulled over on the side of the road, putting the car into park. She refused to look at me, staring straight ahead. I could see the fire in her eyes as if she was planning to end me right then and there, she was just waiting for the opportunity.

“Yeah I’m the jackass for caring about your safety and being pissed that you snuck out when I told you not to. God forbid I make sure you don’t literally die at the hands of Damien Moretti.” I fussed back at her. She was pissing me off now how she kept making me seem like the bad guy for taking her home when she’s the one who snuck out behind my back and got drunk at a club, leaving her vulnerable and available for any opportunity to take her. I reached over and grabbed her chin, my grip enough to make her look at me.

“Drop the fucking attitude. You’re not going to fight me and win on this one, Princess. I’m right and you know it.” I said harshly, trying to get my point across without full out yelling at her.

She huffed in annoyance, ripping her jaw from my grip. I let out a frustrated grunt, turning the car around again and pushing my car’s speed to almost the limit.

This little brat had a way of always getting under my skin, burning and burning until I’d snap.

We didn’t talk the rest of the way home, she just sat there pouting and looking out the window while I fumed, wanting nothing more than to throw her over my knee and spank the fuck out of her, leaving her ass black and blue for what she did tonight.

Now there’s an idea.

I parked the car in the driveway, barely stopping before she threw her door open and stumbled to the front door. I watched her kick her heels off, walking in barefoot, and try to slam the door in my face as I walked in behind her. She beelined for the stairs, just barely making it up as I walked behind her, making sure she didn’t fall and hurt herself. She was so drunk still it was a miracle when she made it to her room in one piece.

“Go away!” She yelled at me as she tried slamming the door in my face again, but I stuck my hand out preventing her. There’s no way I’m letting her stumble around in her state.

“Uh uh, you don’t get to throw a fucking tantrum because you got caught. You’re staying in my room, you’re too drunk and now I know you’ll sneak out any chance you get.” I grabbed her and threw her over my shoulder, causing her to scream and try to wiggle out of my grip.

“I’m not throwing a tantrum!” She screamed as she slapped my back with her hands as hard as she could, causing me to retaliate and smack her ass as hard as I could before dropping her on my bed. She shrieked and flopped around, trying to get up off the bed in her drunk state.

“You’re not? Because you just tried to slam the door in my face twice, you’ve called me a prick and an asshole, and you’ve done nothing but scream at me because you’re mad I made you go home. That’s a fucking tantrum, Princess.” I said pushing her back down on the bed as she tried getting up. If I could keep her in spot then maybe I could keep her from doing anything else stupid.

Doubt it though knowing her. This was going to be a long night.

“I’m not going to sneak out!” She said as she struggled against me holding her down, grabbing her hands and pinning them next to her head. “Let me up, Luca!” She thrashed around wildly before tiring herself out, breathing heavily.

“I don’t believe you. You just did it tonight after I told you not to. You don’t fucking listen.” Her eyes connected with mine, frustration burning in them. She just laid there staring at me for a long while, catching her breath. She closed her eyes for a few minutes before finally just relaxing in my grip.

“The room is spinning.” She said as her eyes flicked open in panic. She’d gone pale and I could see in her face she was going to be sick. I let go of her and she bolted up, running to the bathroom.

It didn’t take a genius to know she’d had more to drink tonight than she could handle. Edie kept buying them drink after drink and I knew Adelaide hadn’t eaten much today, there’s no way she’d be able to handle it all.

I walked into the bathroom to see her laying on the floor by the toilet, obviously uncomfortable and now utterly spent from her little escapade. I helped her up and helped her stand by the sink, grabbing an extra toothbrush from under the sink and handing it to her so she could brush her teeth, getting the taste out of her mouth.

I leaned back against the counter and crossed my arms, watching her and still wondering that the hell I was going to do to get it through her head that she can’t sneak out. The bending her over my knee trick might work, but she’d probably catch on that it’d be too much fun for me.

She finished brushing her teeth and using my mouth wash before wiping the tear streaks off her face and stumbling out of the bathroom. I followed her out and caught her before she fell, holding her up against me.

“I want to get out of this stupid dress.” She fussed, now hitting the stages of being uncomfortable in every aspect while drunk. I let go of her and walked into the closet, grabbing a sweatshirt for her to put on. It’d be big on her and probably more comfortable.

“Here.” I handed it to her and went to lift the bottom of her dress before she smacked my hand away.

“I don’t need your help.” She said taking the sweatshirt and going back to the bathroom, shutting the door some but not all the way.

“I’ve already seen some of what’s under that dress, Princess. No need to be shy.” I smirked as I went back to my closet and changed into my sweats. I came back out and she was laying on top of my bed, the sweatshirt reaching just a little above her mid-thigh.

If she wasn’t drunk, this would be almost a dream come true, having her in my bed in my sweatshirt. All I wanted as to run my hands up those tanned thighs and be right in between them, having her make all those little gasps and moans that drove me crazy last night while she let me make her come.

Maybe I’d get luck tomorrow on our date and she’d let me between her legs again.

God, I could only hope.

I switched off the lights, climbing into the bed next to her and flipping on the TV. She climbed under the covers next to me but kept her distance, no doubt still mad with me. She needed to get over that, she’s the one at fault for once.

We laid there for a bit, neither of us talking to one another. As long as she was staying in one spot and not fighting me, I didn’t care if she was mad at me. She was always mad me, what else is new? She was lucky I hadn’t spanked her like I planned to for what she did.

She rolled over to her side and looked at me, my sweatshirt swamping around her tiny frame. Those icy blue eyes staring at me with curiosity and still some frustration.

“Why did you say you were going to give me to Damien?” She said, hurt cutting through her voice.

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