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Luca lay next to me with just the TV illuminating him, his face only half lit up from the angle he was looking at me. The alcohol was still coursing through my system even though I’d gotten sick, causing his face to look almost like a mask against the light. It was hard to concentrate but hurt spread through my chest.

I knew he’d been teaching me a lesson because I’d snuck out and argued with him. Deep down I knew he’d find me and drag me back, and I knew I’d pay for it somehow.

I also knew it was the alcohol talking, making me scared that he would really hand me over and be done with me when we had just started.

Had we?

When he turned the car around and sped back off towards the city I felt my heart leap into my throat, and I wanted to beg and plead him not to give me up. I wanted to stay with him even though I was pissed he was telling me what to do again, even though it was for my own good.

“You really think I’m just going to hand you over to Damien after all that?” He looked at me with like that was the dumbest thing he’d ever heard.

Uh, well yeah. He literally turned the car around and headed towards where Damien was.

“You said you wanted peace and quiet, it’s the easiest way to get rid of me.” I snapped back defiantly. “What am I supposed to think when you turn the car around and say that?” I rolled back over onto my back and crossed my arms.

Okay maybe I was still a little too drunk but what kind of jerk says that knowing I’d believe it?

Luca laughed and rolled towards me, wrapping his arm over my waist and pulling me to him. I stared straight ahead at the TV.

“Look at me, Princess.” He demanded, propping his head up with his other arm. I turned my head only slightly, I had had enough of his demands tonight. He’d pissed me off enough and then made me think he was handing me over. What an ass.

“If I was trying to get rid of you, do you really think I’d gone to that club to get you and bring you home, give you my clothes to wear, and put you in my bed for the night?” He pushed. I shrugged, pouting and not wanting to answer.

“If you would just fucking listen for once, I wouldn’t have had to do that.” He said rolling over and wrapping his arm around my waist and burying his face in the crook of my neck. His breath was warm against my skin and it sent a shiver down my body as I wrapped my arms around his neck, suddenly wanting to keep him close. “I just want you to listen. You’re going to be the death of me, Adelaide.”

“I was listening.I realized he’d said my name. “You only say my name when you’re mad at me.” He squeezed his arm around my waist tighter.

“Yeah, you listen really fucking well when I tell you not to do something. You can’t always be a princess no matter how much you want to act like one.” He kissed the spot where my neck and shoulder met, causing my hips to move involuntarily. I felt him smile against my neck before pulling away.

“How am I acting like one?!” I pushed, narrowing my eyes. He rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“We just went through this. I think you know.” He took his arm off my waist and fluffed his pillows, getting comfy as he laid down next to me on his back. He left the TV on and I could see him watching it but not really watching it.

How the hell was I acting like a princess? What does that even mean?

“You tell me right now, Luca, or I swear I’ll smother you while you sleep.” I sat up and got to my knees, wobbling as I turned around to grab a pillow and hold it over my head, intending to show him I meant it. I knew I was still way too drunk like he said if I thought I was strong enough to actually smother him over this. But with all that liquid courage coursing through me still I felt like I was an equal match to him. I could take him, easy.

“Do it. I dare you.” He raised his eyebrows, challenging me.

I growled and hit him with the pillow as hard as I could before he blocked it, his hand flying up over his face, but I kept hitting over and over and over. I hit him one last time before he grabbed the pillow and yanked it from my hands and threw it across the room, sending me flying into his chest where he banded his arms tightly around my waist while I squirmed, trying to get up.

“Exactly like that. You’re not getting your way so you’re throwing a fit. God forbid Princess Adelaide not get her way, you’ll get a pillow to the face.” He said laughed at me. “And I thought you were wild when you were sober.” He said as I kept trying to get out of his iron grip, pushing against his bare chest but it was no use. He wouldn’t budge. I gave up and just laid on his chest, exhausted.

“You can’t just do what you’re told and you get mad at me for it.” He rolled us over so he was on top of me, laying between my legs bent on either side of him. One of his hands moved up to the back of my head, fingers lacing through my hair, while the other arm held me against him. My hands had ended up spread across his upper chest, keeping a small distance between us.

It’s amazing how I somehow always ended up in these positions with him, fighting with him or not. His chest muscles felt tight against my hands as I found the urge to feel more of him. God, he was so handsome. His high cheekbones, those eyes that bore right into me, the way his messy hair framed his strong face. He looked like a literal god with that golden skin. I could stare at him all night if I wasn’t so annoyed.

“We were fine!” I rolled my eyes, tired of hearing about how I snuck out now.

I swear this man was going to hold it against me forever.

“You were fine because I made sure you and your dumbass of a friend were. You don’t know who could have been there, you could have walked right into Damien for fuck’s sake.”

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” I groaned, feeling exhausted from all the drinks and the adrenaline rush of tonight’s events.

“Too bad. We’ll talk about this tomorrow. Bright and early.” He looked at me with amusement on his face and I had no doubt he’d wake me up early about this.

“Or we could just not and you could just drop it already.” I nudged his face to the side with my nose and planted light kisses across his jaw and down his neck. His grip in my hair became tighter but not painful as my hands squeezed his shoulders. He let out a pained moan as I knew he was holding himself back. I could feel him tense against me.

“You’re not getting your way this time, Princess.” He said, letting go of my hair and stealing a kiss before rolling off me. I let out a frustrated groan and rolled over, not wanting to face him.

Stupid boy.


A phone rang in the distance, loudly. Over and over and over, pulling me out of a dreamless sleep. The longer I laid there, the louder it got until I realized it was a real phone, and no one was answering it.

I opened my eyes and was once again blinded by sunlight. I really needed to get blackout curtains in here, this is no way to live.

Someone moved next to me as my head started to pound at the noise of the phone ringing. Whoever it was didn’t move to answer it though. I had enough and hauled myself up, reaching over the body next to me, and grabbing the phone, throwing it across the room where it hit the ground with a thud and finally shut up.

Thank fuck.

I laid back down on my side, slumping against the pillows and trying to move my head in a way that the sunlight wouldn’t hit my eyes when I opened them again.

“Did you just throw my phone?” A gruff, sleepy voice said in my ear as I felt an arm slip under mine and wrap around my waist, another going under my neck and wrapping loosely around my shoulders in the front.

The voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t figure it out. I was so tired and my head pounded I could barely register that I was alive.

“No, never.” I said, just as sleepily, wanting whoever had talked to not talk anymore. All I wanted was sleep.

“Don’t lie, Princess.” The voice said in my ear, kissing the back of my neck.

The realization hit me. The person talking was Luca and I was wrapped up in his arms. How did I get here? What in the hell happened last night?

Pain surged through my head as I opened my eyes again, seeing now that I wasn’t in my room, let alone my own bed. I was also wearing a sweatshirt that didn’t belong to me. The last thing I remember wearing was that new dress I bought but I don’t remember coming home at all.

Oh God, oh no

Did I sleep with Luca last night?

Why can’t I remember anything?

My first time and I can’t even remember it?

“Oh my God, Luca, did we sleep together last night?” I groaned, rubbing my temples. He huffed out a small laugh.

“I fucking wish. But no. I’m not going to fuck you when you’re drunk.” I let out a sigh of relief.

“What a gentleman. Where’s my dress?”

“You took it off before you went to bed, you’re wearing my sweatshirt.” He said softly in my ear, knowing I’d probably punch him if he was too loud.

Though I don’t remember much else, that was sufficient enough to let me relax back into the pillows as I stayed in his arms, not having the energy to try to pull myself out. And I really didn’t want to truth be told. He was so warm against me, my body molding to his.

“Don’t go back to sleep, you’re still in trouble for last night.” His chest vibrated against my back, pulling me out of passing out again. His voice still sounded full of sleep, deep and raspy. A spark shot through me down to my core, tightening. I moved my hips around to lessen the discomfort, but Luca just pushed his further into me from behind.

Calm down.

“What are you talking about?” I said, confused as to what he said.

What did I do?

I racked my brain trying to figure out what I’d done to be ‘in trouble’ but it only made my head hurt more to think.

“You don’t remember anything that happened last night?” He asked, disbelief in his voice. His voice was just a touch too loud, making my head ring.

“Obviously not. You’re so loud.” I groaned as his hand around my stomach spread wide, his thumb rubbing small circles into my skin. I knew the sweatshirt had ridden up over my hips and my stomach was exposed by I was too tired to do anything about it. Besides, his hands were warm and it felt good having him touch me.

“Well for starts Edie and you had the bright idea to sneak out to the club last night thinking I wouldn’t find out. I did, because I always know when you’re up to something.” He said as he nuzzled my neck from behind, his lips brushing against my skin, making me feel hyper aware of where every inch of him touch me was. “I brought you home, but not before you fought me and told me you didn’t do anything wrong. You thought Damien would be better to marry than me, you fought me some more, got sick, and ended up here.” His hand on my stomach moved down to my hips and rubbed the area between them. My core tightened at the sensation, remembering what happened last time his hands went that low. “Oh, and you threw two tantrums and told me you were going to smother me while I slept.”

“Mmm the smothering you part sounds like me.” I smiled, knowing that’s something I would have said to him. “I’m sure you deserved everything else.” I felt his chest move with a quiet laugh, trying to not make too much noise because of my head. We laid there in silence, our breathing start to match soon enough the longer we laid there.

“I was going to punish you for sneaking out but I think you’ve learned your lesson with this hangover.” He moved behind me so that his chin was resting on the top of my head, caging me in further against him.

“I feel like death.” I said, trying not to move as every movement made my head pound. I had learned my lesson, and that lesson was to not let Edie buy me anymore drinks for the rest of my life. Bits and pieces were starting to come back the longer I laid there, but mainly memories of all the rounds of shots I’d done. It’s a miracle I made it home conscious at the point.

I was only a teensy bit sorry I’d not listened to Luca and snuck out. We had been fine, Edie and I. And I’d had a good time until he showed up and dragged me home. But I knew I was in the wrong for it. I should have listened. Damien could have been there and then what? Luca wouldn’t have made it there in time to stop anything. I got lucky this time but I didn’t want to chance it again. Edie was going to be on Luca’s case once I told her it couldn’t happen again, she didn’t like anything stopping her fun, especially Luca.

Luca had gotten up some time ago to take a shower, leaving me in his bed until I felt like I could get myself up. It took a long while but eventually I sat up and the room spun quickly as I held my head. No more tequila for a very long time. I heard him walk out of the bathroom as I rubbed my eyes, adjusting to the midmorning sun now. I turned to look at him and I’m sure I was a sight for sore eyes. He was in a white henley with the sleeved rolled up and a few buttons undone and dark wash jeans, his hair in damp messy curls. He hadn’t shaved in days so his beard was now more pronounced but I liked it. I liked his rugged look more than decked out in suits. It seemed more natural for him.

He threw his towel over the back of a chair and finally picked his phone up off the floor. I could see from where I was that I had cracked the screen when I threw it. But in my defense, it was loud and he wasn’t answering it. “Sorry.” I said and scrunched my face, crossing my legs under the blanket and leaning my elbows forward on them to rest my head in my hands. He just shrugged and slipped it in his pocket.

“I still have to take you on a date today.” He raised his eyebrows at me, knowing that I had forgotten all about it.


Shit shit shit.

Where am I going to have him take me? And hungover like this?

As long as I don’t have to dress up and there’s coffee. And I’m not into that romantic date stuff so don’t even think about a candle lit dinner or anything like that.” I said combing my fingers through my knotted hair. I needed a shower so bad. And a huge glass of water.

“Damn, I guess I need to cancel that reservation.” He winked.

We’d obviously never been on a date before but I suspected that Luca was observant enough to know what I would like while going out and not. Hannah was the hopeless romantic of the three of us and I liked simple as can be. Buy me a coffee, maybe go to the beach for a few hours, and I’m good as gold. Just the thought of a candle lit dinner made me want to roll my eyes and cancel it all together.

Although I felt like death, a flutter of excitement had settled in my stomach at the fact that Luca was taking me on a real date. Well, my version of a date. For once he was taking the time to not pick on me, and me on him, and actually try to get to know me. A tinge of guilt settled in next to that excitement at the fact that I hadn’t listened to him last night even though I’d given him my word I wouldn’t leave. I did feel bad that I had been such a brat, a drunk one at that, and told him Damien would be a better husband. He didn’t deserve that no matter how much I was annoyed at him.

“Are you planning on getting out of bed at any point today or is that where we’re having our date? I have a few ideas of what we could do that aren’t necessarily ‘romantic’.” He had walked to the bed and put his hands on either side of me, caging me in again.

“Does your mind only work on one track or are there others in there you’re just ignoring?” I glared at him. A smarmy smile spread across his face.

“What’d I tell you about being a smart ass?” He said and kissed me.

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