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I pulled up to entrance to my family’s property, the guard not hesitating to open the gate once he recognized it was me with Adelaide.

The 15 foot walls surrounding the property only added to the menacing look of our property but the extra security my father put in place in order to keep Adelaide safe until Damien could be dealt with would ensure no one would sneak on or off the property. Adelaide would have no chance of sneaking off like she did with Edie and a small smirk crept up my lips. Part of me knew that even with that knowledge it wouldn’t stop her from trying to do whatever she wanted. I almost wanted to dare her, let her try to sneak out again just so I could have some fun with her when she was caught.

Adelaide was always going to do what she wanted, regardless of how much it pissed me off or made me want to lock her up like a storybook princess. But I’d be a fucking idiot to think I’d have any control over her, even here, unless she wanted me to.

So now I just had to make her want me to.

I needed to tame my little wildfire.

I parked in the garage next to all the other sport cars my brothers and I have acquired over the years, really nothing but toys for us to tinker with and looked around to make sure none of my brothers were hanging out, waiting to pester and jeer at her. Adelaide had met my other brothers on multiple occasions, her sister Hannah even having a childhood crush on Park, but that didn’t mean I was in the mood to deal with their eyes roaming her and their whispers about her. They all had made comments and jokes to me over the years of Adelaide’s beauty and fire towards me, Jack even earned himself a broken nose for wanting to start a bet on which one of my brothers would fuck her before I ever laid a hand on her.

I would be the only one to fuck her and no one would take that from me. Just the thought of it right then had me concentrating even harder to keep the blood from rushing to my cock.

Adelaide looked hesitant to get out of the car as I went to turn the car off, no doubt knowing she was about to just step into a lion’s den. My father’s hatred for her and her family was ever present whenever she was in his presence, and he had used that to his advantage to try to make her feel small and meek. He didn’t know her like I did. Little intimidated her, as shy and nervous as she could be. She knew when to be cautious, she just didn't always adhere to that.

She hadn’t had much exposure to my mother over the years, but the way her own mother treated and acted around her was much the same as mine, though not as spiteful. My mother wasn’t happy at the fact that I was to marry into the family of our family’s enemy, and she’d made comments over the years to her friends at events how she thought I had deserved better — someone she thought was more attractive, someone with more influence, and not related to Gabriel Foster.

I had quietly fumed at these comments. Adelaide and I may have hated one another for longer than we could stand each other, but that didn't make her any less of a beauty, any less full of that fire I wanted to tame, any less mine. Had she not been the daughter of Gabriel Foster, our whole relationship could have been different. Maybe she would have kept that fire at bay and not challenged me as much as she did at every turn but fuck if she wasn’t my match and fucking turn on at that. I would have found a way to make her mine, and keep her burning the way I did now.

"So this is what you spend all your money and time on." She said as she got out of the car, referencing all the cars and bikes my brother's had accumulated over the years.

"They're not all mine. But yeah, they distract me from the pain in the ass you are when you’re being a little spit fire." I toyed with her, wanting to rile her up so some of the fire would burn away any of her anxiety she may have about being here. The more wound up she was, the more confident she was. All you had to do was look in her eyes to see that flame flickering and growing.

"As I've said before, everything I've ever done to you you've completely deserved." She said with her nose held high as I got her bag out of the car. I rolled my eyes, ducking my head into the car so she didn’t see.

“So what do I have to do to deserve getting you naked in my bed?” I said smartly, throwing my arm over her shoulders as I led her inside. Her cheeks flamed red and I saw the annoyance burning through them.

I led her through the hallways on the ground level, leading out into the foyer where two massive staircases framed the room leading up to the next level, where most of our rooms and living quarters were. Adelaide had been here before, but she hadn’t seen most of the house, just where we had had our events and meetings. She hadn’t tried to spend anymore time here than she needed until now.

My brother’s and I each had our own wings where our living quarters were, giving us each our own privacy and probably stopping a few more fights between us when we were all younger.

She followed quietly at my side as I led her to my quarters, far away from prying ears and eyes of my brothers and father. The further I kept her away from my father the better. She silently moved her head around, taking in all the artwork that hung on the walls and probably trying to make a mental note of which hallway she was to stay down. The house was quite large and easy to get lost in.

I led her through the door to my quarters and she followed in as I placed her bag on my bed and watched her look around. She’d never been in my room any of the times she’d been here, and I could see her taking it in that this was now where she would be living. I’d had girls in my room on many occasions, only to fuck them though and never letting them stay too long after. It felt foreign to have Adelaide here with no intention of fucking her like the others and sending her on her way. She’d be sharing my bed, my space, something I wasn’t used to

“Not bad for a guy.” She said as she plopped down on my couch in front of the fire place. I could see her relaxing, just the slightest, as she leaned back.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I gave her a quizzical look and crossed my arms.

“I just expected piles of dirty clothes, an unmade bed, maybe a poster or two of a half naked model on the wall.” She shrugged with a spark in her eye.

“I’m not thirteen.” I scoffed. “I like my things neat. It makes me feel less... on edge about things.” I walked over and sat on the couch next to her, relaxing back and throwing my arms over the back of the couch. “I think I have those posters though somewhere around here.” I teased her and she rolled her eyes.

It had hit me finally how tense I had been all afternoon, my shoulders aching and my jaw tight. Between trying to keep Adelaide safe, getting away from Damien’s man, and what had happened with Gabriel when Owen and I found the tracking devices on our cars it’s any wonder I didn’t have a fucking panic attack from it all.

It bothered me that Gabriel hadn’t been more concerned about the tracking devices and someone getting onto the property unseen to put them on. It was one thing for Adelaide and Edie to know how to sneak off, it wasn’t the leaving I was concerned about now. If someone had been able to stick them on our cars so easily, how close had someone come to potentially taking Adelaide or taking out me or Gabriel?

The whole thing wasn’t sitting right with me and I needed to figure out what the fuck was going on before anything else could happen.

“Are you still on edge now?” Adelaide said quietly next to me, exhaustion darkening under her eyes a bit. She already didn’t sleep well, the amount of coffee she could tolerate already concerning enough, but this stress on top of it couldn’t be helping.

“No. You don’t need to worry about me. I’ll be fine.” I lied, rubbing my face and eyes with my hand, trying to relax. “You’re just too desirable for your own good apparently. If only Damien knew what he was getting into with you.” I blew out a breath, acting as if I was in over my head.

Maybe I was.

I’d sworn to myself I wouldn’t ever fall for her with the way we treated each other and she now had me wrapped around her finger. She could tell she’d kiss me if I jumped off a fucking bridge and I’d do it. She was magnetizing, she always had been, and it had made it so much harder when we fought with each other to keep her away.

Fuck, you moron, you’re literally whipped.

I didn’t even know how I was going to handle thinking of her as my girlfriend. I didn’t know how to be in a relationship, the closest thing I’d had to one is sleeping with the same girl twice within six months and that was pushing it.

I’m so fucked

It’s one thing to have to marry her, I could have said my vows and moved on, only playing into the marriage when we had to like at events, but continuing to have a life separate from her. It’s another to actually want to be with her, this little wild fire who still burned me to the touch when she wanted to. Now that I had her, I was scared shitless of what to do. She wasn’t just a piece in this game anymore to take Gabriel’s territory. She was mine.

“Then give me up. You get to be free of me and we can both do whatever we want.” She said matter of factly, trying to hide her smirk by biting her lip.

“Not gonna happen, Princess. After all the trouble you’ve put me through plus dragging me through the aquarium all day, you owe me.”

She let out a small laugh and looked up at me, like she couldn’t believe what I just said.

I had a few ideas of what she could do to make us even

I need a shower. Want to join me, Princess?” I wiggled my eyebrows at her, hoping desperately she’d just give in.

“Thanks, but I’m going to pass on that offer.” She said getting up and going to her bag, rummaging around.

I walked to my bathroom, keeping the door cracked in case she changed her mind.

The hot water on my skin felt scalding against how tense I was but it slowly made the muscle relaxing, loosening enough to finally be somewhat comfortable. I stood under the water, running through my head different scenarios of how someone could have gotten on the Foster’s property undetected.

There really was no way unless it was someone already there. No one would look twice at someone just walking past a car. Someone could have easily snuck it on our cars, pretending say to tie their shoes near where the devices were found

But who?

Had Adelaide not had a stroke of genius about them knowing where we were, someone would have tailed us here too and now knowing she was here. Clever little princess. Even I hadn’t thought of that and I was the one who ordered devices on rival’s vehicles. It was easier to track daily movements for ambushes than it was it sit around and wait, hoping they’d leave at some point to tail them.

Whoever had put those devices on our cars was going to pay dearly once I got my hands on them. No one crosses the Katsaros and lives to tell about it.

I was pulled out of my thoughts at the sound of items being dropped on my bathroom counter and floor and someone angrily saying to themselves “Ah, fuck me.” Like Adelaide’s shower, mine had a privacy wall to walk around, and I looked around it, not expecting anyone to come in.

“I’ll take you up on that offer, but not tonight, Princess.” I toyed at her as I watched her pick up things off the floor. She had bottles upon bottles of hair stuff, what looked like makeup, and whatever else girls needed to clutter the counters with.

“Very funny.” She scoffed as she started arranging her things as I watched her carefully avoid my gaze in the mirror. She had taken off her oversized flannel that swamped her and was standing in her short sleeved dress, the material quiet see through from the angle the harsh bathroom lights were hitting her.

“Want to join me now?” I said to her, trying to make my voice as silky and enticing as possible.

“Still no, but you’re putting in great effort. Probably more effort than you’ve ever put into anything that I’ve seen. But you’re taking too long in here and I wanted to unpack my stuff.” She said as she continued cluttering up my counter with all her things. For someone who had been so low maintenance over the years, the girl had a lot of shit.

I barked out a laugh at her comment knowing she had me there. I was putting in a lot of effort to get her naked and under me, but she had been the only woman to ever turn down my advances and I liked playing this game with her.

“Girls like effort, I’ve heard.” I said back to her, still watching her. She had refused to look up and meet my gaze in the mirror and it was driving me mad.

“They do. Not every girl wants to sleep with you because of your looks and last name.”

Looks and last name?” I sputtered, not expecting her to hand that back to me. It was true, I hadn’t had to make much of an effort before to get a girl in my bed. Once they found out who I was, it was as simple as getting them to leave the club with them hanging off my arm.

“I know all about your tricks, Luca. You forget Edie is queen of the club, she always sees you when you’re in the same place.” She finally looked up at me in the mirror, knowing that she had me and there wasn’t any way for me to deny it.

We hadn’t been together then. Adelaide and I had no intention of ever being together willingly and she knew that. She knew that I fucked who I wanted to and did what I wanted just as she had. Granted she hadn’t messed around like I had. I could feel the jealousy seeping off her, wrapping around me as I stood with the water beating my skin.

“So you were spying on me is what you’re admitting.” I smirked at her. She broke her eye contact with me and turned red as I slipped back into the shower to turn it off.

“I was not!” She scoffed as I laughed at her.

“You were, Princess. I’ve caught you now. You’ve been keeping tabs on me.” I played as I dried off, coming out of the shower in my towel to see her still standing there, her face still red in the fact that she’d been caught spying on me through her friend. I watched her eyes quickly shift to roam over my body, as if she couldn’t help herself.

“You’ve got a bad little jealousy streak, haven’t you, Princess?” I said as I backed her against the wall by the door, leaning over her with my arm propped up over her. She had crossed her arms over her chest and was staring up at me with her eyes burning again. She’d light me on fire now if she could just to end this conversation.

“I do not.” She said forcefully as if she was trying to make herself believe it. A smile crept on my lips as I leaned down to kiss her neck softly, feeling her relax into my touch.

“I’m all yours, Princess. There’s no one you need to be jealous of.” I snaked my arm around her waist and pulled her to me, her hands coming up to my bare chest to steady herself. I kissed and licked up and down her neck, feeling her push herself further into me just as her phone rang out in the room. I growled, hoping she wouldn’t pull away from me.

“Ignore it.” I said as I kissed below her ear as she tried pulling out of my grasp.

“I can’t. What if it’s Hannah and something happened?” She said with tinge of anxiety in her voice. I let her go at that thought and she left the bathroom.

Fucking great, she left me again with another hard on and nothing to relieve it with.

I stalked to my closet that was in my bathroom to change, cracking the door so I could listen if it truly was Hannah with an emergency. I should have known better though as soon as I heard her laughing. Edie had called her not even hours after she left, completely cock blocking me as she usually did with Adelaide.

I took my time getting dressed as to avoid overhearing Edie’s voice through the phone, annoyance running through me. It was amazing how similar Adelaide and Edie were yet Edie always had the uncanny ability to drive me up the fucking wall. She had Adelaide’s attitude problem but on drugs and just all around annoyed me since we were all younger. What Owen saw in her I’ll never know.

I came out of the bathroom to see Adelaide lounging on my bed with the blanket pooled around her in that small black nightie of hers she tried to hide from me while packing. She hadn’t noticed me watching her, she was still on the phone with Edie as I raked my eyes over her body. I must have just missed her changing and fuck me if I wasn’t annoyed all over again.

Her tanned skin a glowed against my black linens, that wild blonde hair of hers almost glowing like a halo around her. I want nothing more than to be between those tanned, toned thighs and tame her some more, making her submit to me even for just a time. I felt my cock getting harder the longer I stared at her, imagining all the things I’d do to her when I’d finally fuck her. It would only be a matter of time until I would have her begging for me to.

I’d fallen too deep to not want to get between her thighs again, making her moan and gasp with the way I touched and kissed her body, and literally scream my name.


That was like music to my ears.

I’d thought about that almost constantly since that night, making it incredibly difficult to be around her alone. She’d had no clue how much I struggled to keep the blood from going to my cock every time I saw her, replaying her splayed out under me, my fingers in her pussy while her hips bucked wildly, her hands wound in my hair as she held me tightly to her, enticing me to let her finish.

She had finally looked up, noticing me staring at her lust almost blinding me. Her cheeks had gone pink again and she looked nervous, like she wasn’t sure how I was reacting to her.

“Edie, I have to go. I’ll call you back later.” She said as she hung up her phone and watched me, her eyes never breaking contact with mine.

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