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Luca had come out of the bathroom, his dark curls still damp as they were messily pushed around his head. He didn’t have a shirt on and I thought my heart would burst out of my chest. His muscles gleamed in the little bit of the light that was on in the room, making him look as though he’d been carved from stone the way the shadows played around them. His eyes stared into me intensely, hunger in them I’d never seen before, like I was prey he’d been stalking and he was now close enough to strike.


Everything in my body told me to run, to get away from him before he was able to overpower me, but I couldn’t will my body to move. His dominance rolled off him, hitting me full on in waves. My fingers clenched the sheets, unsure of what to do. It didn’t help that I was wearing practically nothing, it was as though that was fueling him even more the way his eyes burned across my body. There was nowhere for me to hide from him, and he was going to take from me what he wanted.

I wanted him to. So badly.

I so badly wanted Luca

All I could do was match his gaze, feeling my heartbeat through my entire body as I watched him stalk forward towards me, crawling up the bed towards me. Lust for me burned in his eyes, making them almost look as if they were glowing with how intensely he was looking at me. His eyes traveled down my body and back up as he stopped at my thighs, staring at me intently.

I studied his face, watching it wash over with contemplation like he was wrestling with himself in his mind over what to do next. That look of desire never left his eyes as he grabbed my thighs, pulling me roughly to him as I fell backwards, my back hitting the bed as I let out a surprised gasp.

He moved his legs in between mine, spreading my legs open with his knees as he leaned down over me, placing his large hands on either side of me, leaning down until we were close enough to kiss.

God, I want to kiss him so badly

Just give in, Addy

You want Luca as much as he wants you

I wanted to crash my lips into his and run my fingers through his messy curls. I wanted to feel him touching me roughly the way I knew him. I didn’t want him gentle and sweet as I knew he’d never be. Luca had always had a rough quality to him, and I knew it was exactly what I wanted, even with the little experience I had.

I went to move my hands to pull him to me, but he had grabbed them and pinned both to either side of my head. I moved them in protest, feeling my ever present need to challenge him back surfacing. “Uh uh, Princess.” He said as he bent his head down to the side of my neck and brushed his lips against it, sending a chill through my body. “I’ll kiss you, don’t worry.” My head rolled back with the feeling of his lips finally touching my skin, kissing my neck with the possessiveness that only he was ever going to have me. My core tightened at the thought as I shifted around under him.

“The more you fight me though, the longer I’m going to make you wait.” He nipped my neck, causing me to jump against him as he pushed his body further into mine. I could feel my panties getting wetter as I felt him grind his erection into me, and I bit back a moan, no longer wanting to struggle against him. My lips ached for his and I didn’t like him making me wait even longer.

“Good girl.” He said in my ear and my core pulsed, making me become even more impatient.

He moved up my neck, placing small kisses up my jaw and down the other side of my neck but never touching my lips. He moved slowly down my collarbone before I moved my hands in his grip, wanting him so badly to just kiss me.

“I thought you were going to kiss me.” I said almost in a whine, knowing I was sounding desperate. I saw him smile as he lifted his head up, hovering over me again.

“I am.” He said as he placed a light kiss on the corner of my mouth, ghosting my lips with his as he moved to the other side and placed a kiss. “Just not here.” He said quietly as his lips brushed over mine, causing a small surprised gasp as he moved down my neck and over my chest. Goosebumps covered my body at the feeling, and I felt my core tightening again, needing some kind of release. I needed him. He travelled to my chest, lightly kissing my nipples through my nightie, but causing enough sensation that I gasped and pushed my chest up to meet his lips again, hoping he’d give them his full attention. A smile spread across his face as he noticed me trying to catch his focus, but he just continued lower, letting go of my hands as he kissed down over my stomach to my thighs, where he was now laying between.

My knees had been slightly bent on either side of him, allowing him enough room to be comfortable. He moved his lips over my thighs, kissing the front of them and slowly moving to the insides, causing me to lay back against the mattress and sheets, and squirm as I enjoyed the sensation of his lips on my sensitive inner thighs.

“What are you doing?” I said before I felt him quickly kiss my core between kissing both of my inner thighs and bucked my hips up, drawing in a quick surprised breath. He did it again, this time a bit more forceful, drawing a moan from me. His fingers slid up the sides of my thighs, feeling hot as fire, as he bent them around the band of my panties, each of his pointer fingers sliding under the elastic to quickly pull them off, leaving me exposed other than my nightie which I quickly tried to pull down to cover myself.

I’d never been this exposed to anyone and I felt my cheeks flame.

“No.” Luca grabbed my wrists, stopping me from covering myself as he kissed my inner thigh again. My head rolled side to side while my breathing came out in pants as he took turns kissing both my inner thighs, brushing against my core each time and causing my hips to roll. He pushed my nightie up over my hips and I whimpered, feeling myself becoming soaked as he continued kissing and wrapping his arms around my thighs, resting his hands on my hips, pinning me in place on his bed.

I moaned as I kept panting, his kisses becoming more and more frantic as he avoided kissing me directly on my core, which was now throbbing. I reached my hand down, weaving my fingers in his hair as he moved from thigh to thigh. “Luca, what’re you — “ was all I got out before he kissed me directly on my core, causing me to gasp loudly, not expecting it to feel that good. His fingers tighten into my hips as he placed his mouth fully on me and flicked my clit with his tongue quickly, making my hips jump up against his hands.

A shrieking gasp tore out of me before I could stop it as he pressed his tongue harder against my clit, flicking it quicker as I squirmed against his hands keeping me firmly in place right where he wanted me.

Oh my God.” I said over and over as my hips moved on their own, chasing his tongue as he dipped it in and out of me before moving back to my clit. The knot I felt in my stomach the other night had now returned but felt even tighter, more pronounced. He moved one of his hands from my hip up to my chest, massaging my breast and squeezing my nipple enough for the sensation to mix with what he was doing with his mouth, causing my head rolling back.

He suddenly moved his mouth off me and started kissing my hip and stomach, dragging his lips across my skin as I whimpered at the sudden absence of his tongue. My body was wound tight, needing a release, and he has stopped the one thing that could have done it.

“No...” I whimpered more as he moved to the other hip, kissing down my hip bone and moving back towards my core before going back up, very obviously teasing me now as he licked my skin above my clit.

“You taste so good, Princess.” He said as he worked his way back up my body, burying his face in my neck again as he ground his hips and erection into me again, causing my hips to grind back against his.

“Then don’t stop.” I said panting, my arms unconsciously wrapping around his shoulders and pulling him closer to me. A small laugh left his lips, vibrating against my neck as he pulled back from me, his hand slowly traveling down my slide.

“I want to hear you beg, Princess.” He said resting his forehead against mine, his lips ghosting mine again.

The knot in my stomach wanted me so badly to give in, beg sweetly like he wanted, and let him have his way. But the fire in me didn’t want me to give in, it wanted me to resist him. I knew he was playing a game with me, with my body, and I wasn’t going to let him win.

This is how it would always be between us, both of us too stubborn to want to give into the other’s influence, even if it’s all we wanted. I didn’t know what would happen if I gave him the power he wanted — would he stop? Would he keep going? Would he want to do more?

“Just give in, Princess. Don’t think about it.” He said quietly, trying to entice me to give him what he wanted.

“No.” I shook my head side to side, my eyes closing as they rolled back as his hand reached between my legs, and his thumb rolled over my clit as his fingers thrust into me.

Another shriek ripped through me, not expecting the stretch from his fingers but God did it feel good. I felt his fingers curling inside me, hitting that sensitive spot over and over that had me gripping his sheets. “Right there, right there.” He had me panting as his fingers continue thrusting into me.

He moved down my body again and I felt his breath between my thighs as his fingers continued, my body reacting so much to what he was doing I couldn’t even pick my head up to look at him. My eyes were squeezing shut as I continued panting and silently praying he’d use his tongue again.

“Beg me, Princess. You know I want to give you what you want.” He said as he dragged his tongue on my inner thigh, my chest heaving.

Fuck, Addy, just give in.

He always stops until he gets what he wants

Just give in!

I warred with myself as he played with my body, kissing and licking near where I wanted him but his mouth always evading. I shook my head no again, still not able to bring myself to beg him.

“You don’t want me to do this?” He teased as his tongue licked my clit quickly as he kept moving his fingers.

The sensation was mind blowing causing a shrill shriek from me.

“Yes, do that.” I panted, the pleading in my voice as I again reached down and wove my fingers in his hair, locking them around it.

“Then do it, Princess. Beg me. Beg me to keep going.” He said with a slightly demanding tone.

God, why did that turn me on even more?!

I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed the release and I didn’t want to resist him anymore. I just wanted him, I wanted what he was doing to me.

“You’re so cruel.” I whimpered, knowing I wouldn’t win against him right now. This was how he played and he knew it would always work against me.

“Give me what I want, Princess, and I promise I won’t stop.” His fingers had slowed their pace, now thrusting slower and shallower, as he placed a kiss on the area right above my clit.

I needed him to keep going. I needed him.

Though we had warred with each other for so long, I knew he was going to be the only one to know how to play with my body, know what would get him a response, and how to get what he, and I, ultimately wanted.

He knew what would make me finish and completely unravel, I just had to give into him. And right now I wanted to give into him in every single way.

Please, Luca, please.” I finally begged sweetly, a moan rolling off my lips as he placed one more kiss before moving his tongue back to my clit. He moved his fingers fast like he had before, working that spot that had me arching off his bed.

Right there, don’t stop. Don’t stop.” I begged as the combination of pleasure from his tongue and fingers was shooting through me, the knot on the verge of snapping. My hips bucked completely out of my control, my chest heaving as my breathing became quicker and quicker. I was gripping his sheets so tightly, unable to control my body under his touch, that it felt like I’d shred his sheets any minute.

He had thrust his fingers hard one more time into me and I hit that wall hard and fast again, feeling like I had completely exploded through it.

I felt my back arch up off his bed, my head completely rolling back as his fingers stayed inside me, thrusting hard, and his mouth stayed on me. A scream ripped through me, but this time I didn’t scream his name. My tongue had been on the cusp of forming it but he had played with me too much and now it was my turn to play him.

He stayed inside me until my muscles had stopped contracting so hard and I was shaking, my breath coming in ragged breaths as he pulled his fingers from inside me, kissing my hip where my tattoo was.

My mind was a flurry of thoughts as I felt him lay on his back next to me, his hand gripping my thigh lightly as I caught my breath.

I was still coming to terms with the fact that Luca and I weren’t fighting each other the way we used to anymore. Now we were fighting with kisses and touches and figuring out how one another worked. I was of course ecstatic to that Luca liked me and was my boyfriend now.

Holy fuck, I forgot he was my boyfriend.

But part of me still was cautious. We had only been friendly, or more than friendly in the moment, for a few days and now he was making me feel like my whole world was revolving around him.

If this is how relationships work, they should have come with a user guide.

“You are the cruelest man I’ve ever met.” I suddenly rolled over to look at him, now annoyed that he had stopped while we were in the middle of what we were doing to make me beg. I hated that he now knew how to get what he wanted from me.

But it turns me on so much.

I need more of him and I don’t care.

You just don’t like that I know how to tame you, Princess. You don’t like being the one not in control.” He grabbed me and rolled us over so that he was resting on top of me, my hands going to his shoulders.

“I think you like when I’m in control over you.” He said, kissing me and I felt him slide his hand up behind my head, grasping my hair. “You like that I know what your body likes and you’re powerless to it.” He said, pulling my head back to get better access to my neck, kissing and nipping up and down it. My breath was becoming ragged again.

It’s going to feel so good when I fuck you, Princess.” He said gruffly in my ear, grinding his hips against mine. Another moan escaped my lips before I could stop it.

“Only if I let you.” I shot back, feeling myself lose grip again against him. He knew I would bend to his will now.

But am I ready to?

Everything had changed between us in a matter of days and it made my mind roll.

“I will be. You’ll be begging for me just like you were. And you will be screaming my name.” His eyes connected with mine and I saw the promise in that statement.

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