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Luca was right. I did like when he had control over me. I liked when he was rough. I liked the way he held me down. I liked that he knew exactly what to do to make my body sing and move the way he wanted. I even liked the way he made me tell him exactly what he wanted to hear.

I liked every moment I spent with Luca in bed, vulnerable and not knowing what to expect.
But I so badly wanted to be back in control of my own fire, burning him when he got too close to touch, even if it was just a light burn. This relationship would be a power struggle between us and it only made me more excited.

I’d get him back for this stunt that he pulled with me, stopping every time I was close. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Luca obviously had more experience in the bedroom department but the need to take back some power burned through me, and I could feel the confidence building in my chest.

“And what if I don’t scream your name?” I said as I used as much strength as I had, which was very little, and rolled him so that I was now sitting on top of him, my now completely naked core pressing against him, and my hands placed on his chest, leaning into him. His hands went to my hips and squeezed enough for me to squeak. He rubbed my hips with him thumbs quickly to soothe them while he kept his eyes locked on mine.

Even with the room darker I could see each individual messy curl on his head, the way his beard was growing in to cover only slightly how strong his jaw was, and how intense his eyes were, as if they were burning through me. He looked drunk with lust and he was playing right into me. Even beneath me he looked massive, imposing. I wanted nothing more to be wrapped up in those strong arms again, being hidden away from everything else that was going on outside of the little moment we had made for ourselves.

“You don’t want to find out, Princess.” He said, confident in the fact that I would, a devilish smile spreading across his face.

“Always so confident.” I sat up and rolled my eyes.

“Why shouldn’t I be? I’ve gotten my way with you every time.” He said as his hands slid from my hips down to my thighs, pushing my nightie up a little further up them.

“You forget how much I don’t like being told what to do. So now,” I said grabbing his hands from my thighs and placing them next to him as I leaned down, my lips brushing his as he tried to close the space between them, “It’s my turn.”

He looked at me quizzically as that wave of confidence continued pumping through me. I don’t know what had come over me but all I wanted to do was tease him like he had me, to remind him I wasn’t just this timid girl he could always have his way with. That’s not how we worked, and definitely not how I did.

I let go of his hands and sat up again, rocking against his pelvis a bit to wind him up. He sucked in a harsh breath, not expecting it as he tried to reach up to touch me again. I slapped his hands away.

“Don’t touch me,” I said grabbing the bottom of my nightie and starting to slowly pull it up, “Or I’ll stop.”
It was like he had ignited something in me that I just couldn’t put out. All I wanted was to be with him, and have him sink into me, but I knew I wasn’t truly ready yet. It was this rush of hormones through me taking control and wanting to see how far I could push him. I’d always pushed the limits with Luca and this was just another one I wanted to test.

It might be cruel to him but he started this little game when he thought he could always have control over me.

He let out a rough breath, putting his hands to his sides and forming them into fists as to stop himself. I smirked as I saw him already losing control over himself as I pulled my nightie up and off of me, leaving me completely exposed. The cold air swirled around me, leaving goosebumps all over my skin as I watched him gulp and struggle with himself, his want to touch me so badly burning in his face.

Holy fuck.” He said quietly, giving me a small boost of confidence already building.

“Remember when you play with me, you’re going to get burned.” I said as I ran my hands up his stomach and his chest, laying myself flat against him with my legs still spread over his pelvis. I could feel him getting hard as stone beneath me and could see in his face the struggle to not grab me and take what he wanted. His jaw had clenched hard and his breathing became shallow as I moved in closer, taking advantage our skin to skin contact, his skin burning so hot against mine.

I decided to up the ante and started placing small, delicate kisses along his jaw line and down his neck, stopping at his collar bones. He was straining his neck, trying to control himself like this was the hardest thing he’d ever done, and I couldn’t help but smirk more over the fact that I had complete control over him. Who would have known all it would take to control Luca Katsaros was to just be naked and tell him not to touch?

I kissed my way back up to his lips, but stopping to hover over them as I looked at him, his want and desire for me burning through his eyes worse than before. He was tense beneath me as I kissed the corners of his mouth, and he tried chasing my lips again before I crashed mine against his, biting his lower lip playfully. He let out a low groan, obviously frustrated now, before out of the corner of my eye I could see him trying so hard to keep his hands off me as they raised and fell back to the bed and he rolled his head back in frustration, trying to regain his control. His eyes shifted as I could see him wrestling with himself mentally as to what to do. He’d never been put in this position, he’d always had the upper hand, and was bound and determined to not lose it.

“Aw, what’s wrong? Don’t like be told what to do?” I teased as I slowly sat back up and dragged my hands down his chest, my fingers lightly scraping his skin as I sat fully on his lap before my fingers hooked over the waist band of his boxer briefs that were sticking out. He let out a sudden hiss at the unexpected sensation and I saw his entire body beneath me strain with temptation.

I still don’t know what had come through me, causing me to want to sit on Luca completely naked and tease him, but I wouldn’t question it. I was learning more of what made him tick, like he had done to me all these years, and I planned to use it to my advantage. I didn’t want anything from him at the moment, only the satisfaction of knowing if I ever did, it wouldn’t take much to break him.

“Let me touch you, Princess. I know you want me to.” He growled out, his fingers gripping into the sheets like mine had done earlier. Except now it was because he was struggling, not because he was enjoying it the way he wanted to.

I tilted my head so my hair fell to my waist, partly covering my chest as I raked my fingers down his lower stomach, causing his pelvis to roll upwards and me going up with it. He let out another frustrated growl at me and was on the verge of ripping the sheets with how tightly he was gripping them.

“I don’t think so. This is more fun. Who would have thought all it would take is a naked girl you can’t touch to gain complete control over you.” I smiled devilishly, excited in my new discovery.

When I get my hands on you, Princess —“ He said, not finishing his train of thought as I started swiveling my hips in a small circle, rubbing my core against his covered erection. “Fuck.” He mumbled to himself I looked at him, my want for him burning through me as I continued watching him struggle beneath me and rake a hand through his hair, tugging at it painfully no doubt to distract himself.

“You’ll what?” I teased, wanting to hear his answer. I knew at this point there wasn’t a single full thought in his head, only his desire to take control of me again and have his way. He wasn’t used to not having exactly what he wanted when he wanted, especially with me, and I knew it was doing his head in.

I knew it was also doing his head in with what I was doing, matching his want for control just as fiercely as he had. A few days ago we were screaming at one another and now here I was, purposely rubbing myself against him because I wanted him to know how much I’d still burn him given the chance.

Another wave of confidence and hormones rushed over me as I let my hands travel over his sweatpants and rub the palm of my hand up and down his length, which was impressive, watching him drag his hands over his face and his eyes roll back as he let out a groan, clearly on the verge of snapping any second.

“I’m going to fuck you if you don’t stop.” He growled out, attempting to grab my hands before stopping just inches away from me. I smiled even bigger at his frustration as I continued rubbing him, my palm warming up that fabric of his sweatpants. The lower pit of my stomach tightened again when I realized exactly what I was doing and what I was touching. In that moment I was so glad it was dark in the room, otherwise he would have seen my face aflame.

Keep going, there’s not a single thing he can do about it and it’s so fun to watch him struggle

Plus it’s fun to finally touch him

“No you aren’t. I decide when you get that pleasure and you haven’t earned it yet.” I said with fire in my voice, making sure he understood that I was not to be used like any of the other girls he’d slept with. He seemed to understand when he moved his hands away from me and gripped the sheets again.

I stopped rubbing him and crawled down his chest again, rubbing my hands up his chest and leaving them between us.

“Maybe someone else wants me more.” I teased, knowing that I was playing on his jealousy now. He tried never to show it, but I had seen hints of jealousy break through Luca’s well guarded wall before. He didn’t like when the sons of other families were around me, casually socializing, maybe sometimes getting a little too close.

I’d seen his eyes darken when watching me at events and dinners, talking and sometimes touching the arm of whoever I was talking to if they’d said something funny. I usually kept to myself but every now and then I’d try to socialize, mainly because I knew Luca didn’t like when any other guy was around me if it wasn’t him.

Luca had always staked his claim on me even when we despised each other, more trying to kill the other than even attempt for a mere second to get along. His jealousy had always made my heart flutter just the tiniest amount, more for the fact that a guy had liked me enough to care but with it being Luca, it hadn’t ever grown much until recently.

“No one is going to take you from me.” He said roughly as I saw his eyes darken again as I sat up slightly to completely look at his face.

Even frustrated with me, his eyes were burning intensely into mine. I had never seen so my much want in his eyes, not for anything. Not even when he’d been handed new cars or money or even women. They were just things to him. This — this look was real want and it made my stomach fill with butterflies.
Luca wanted ME

“And why not?” I said before kissing his jaw again, massaging my fingers into his chest. I playfully nipped at his neck and felt him tense beneath me again.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my neck and another wrap around my waist as I was flipped over onto my back, Luca laying on top of me with my legs on either side of him. My fingers stayed pressed into his chest as his thumb skimmed the front of my throat, the rest of his finger cradling my throat.

“You’re mine.” He said forcefully, like I had been trying to leave him and he was giving me no choice.

He slammed his lips into mine, biting my lower lip so I’d allow him access as his tongue slipped in and tangled with mine. His arm that was around my waist tightened, pushing me further into his chest as he moved his hand around my neck into my hair, wrapping his fingers into it. My hands traveled up around his shoulders and pulled him closer to me, almost impossibly close.

We laid there, wrestling one another for control as we kissed, tangling our limbs until I knew I wouldn’t be able to escape him unless he let me go. We bit at each other, me nipping his neck causing him to smile at the challenge as he pinned me down again, smothering me with kisses as I growled at him, trying to gain my control I just worked so hard to gain over him.

He had let go of my wrists long enough for me to wrap my fingers in his hair, pulling him from me as he fought for dominance, trying to catch our breaths before mauling one another again, our hands all over each other. His fingers bit into my skin as he tried to keep me pinned under him, but his kisses all over my skin soothed it.

It was like we had finally decided to release all our anger we had built up over the years on one another, trying desperately to get it out of our systems.

The control I had gained was now completely gone. I wouldn’t be able to gain the advantage over him, he was too greedy for me and truth be told, I was being greedy for him. In that moment, completely vulnerable, I never wanted to share him with anyone ever again. Not that I had before, but I never wanted him to think he wasn’t mine, or that I would let someone else gain his affection.

I was melting like a puddle beneath him all over again, my heart pounding in my chest from our struggle and the need to have him touching me, kissing me. My stomach felt like it would never stop rolling with butterflies as he again told me in between kisses what he was going to do to me when I was ready, causing my core to become completely slick again.

“That was a cute little show, Princess, but next time don’t threaten me with someone else.” He said, nipping the spot under my ear as my head rolled back and I let out a sharp moan.

Him feeling threatened changed it all. It meant I hadn’t lost my control like I thought, or much of it. If he was nervous about losing me then I’d be able to make him do whatever I wanted. And I was about to take that control back, continuing this game with him.
A smile widened across my lips as he kissed down my neck before he pulled back to look at me.

“What’re you smiling about? Thinking about what we did earlier?” A cocky smile gracing his lips as he loosened his grip on my wrists, allowing me to sit up some. I was able to slip out from him just a little bit, enough to grab my nightie without him looking.

“Remember how I said if you touched me, I’d stop? Well, you touched me.” I said as I pulled myself out from under him quickly, getting up from the bed and running to the bathroom before he was able to really figure out that I wasn’t underneath him anymore.

I reached the bathroom and slammed the door shut, locking it just as he reached it, the doorknob twisting and turning violently as I watched it with glee as I put my nightie back on.

“Open the door, Princess.” I heard from the other side of the door, annoyance and desperation seeping through it as he once again had let me gain the upper hand.

This wasn’t a momentous game we were playing, it was more of a testing the waters kind of thing. I had only wanted to see how far I could push him before he gave into his own will, but I felt triumphant that I had been able to keep him from touching me because I told him not to for so long.

“Mmmm, I don’t think I will, thank you. I said no touching.” I said, sitting on the counter and crossing one leg over the other as I watched him continuously try to turn the door handle. I had no doubt in my mind that he’d kick the door down if he really want to, but I hadn’t played with him enough yet to warrant that. I knew he was on the other side of the door, a snide smile crossing his face as he realized he was absolutely powerless to me when he thought he’d be able to get between my legs.

“You’re going to have to sleep sometime.” He said, trying to entice me to come back out. He knew I didn’t sleep well as all the blood must not have rushed back to his head yet.

“I will. But not before I slip into the bath, soap myself up, and lounge around completely naked in here for a bit. So sleep tight.” I called sweetly to him, hearing a frustrated growl come from the other side of the door.

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