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*** TRIGGER WARNING: Eating disorder***


The anxiety hit me like wall as I walked back into the dining room, still seeing all the other families standing around, waiting for the dinner to start.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long, as I made my way towards the other end of the room, everyone started heading towards the table, taking their seats.

I followed close behind, clenching and unclenching my hands to calm myself. I didn’t know what else to do, I had just been so overwhelmed by emotion. I found my seat on the side of the table, in between Luca and his other brother, Owen. I didn’t mind Owen but we usually just steered clear of each other, neither of us feeling any type of way towards each other.

Because of the contract, I was required to sit with his family for all events at my home and any other home. I didn’t like it but there wasn’t anything I could do about it other than stomp on his foot when he annoyed me. But it was better than sitting next to my mother who constantly worried about what she ate and what I did. Always with the watching my figure.

Actually, I didn’t know who was worse now. Luca, who had just surprise attacked me with a kiss or my mother. I didn’t want to be near either at this point.

All the other members of other families sat and the dinner began with a speech from Roman’s father about the engagement and how they’re happy to welcome Hannah into the family. It was sweet but I hadn’t paid much mind, the champagne finally kicking into my system and making my mind start to space back to the kiss. Luca had actually kissed me, I didn’t imagine it. My lips still tingled at the sensation, my mind still racing. I snapped out of it when everyone applauded and started the dinner.

We were all given another glass of champagne and I sipped at it, seemingly faster than everyone else.

“Might want to slow it down a bit unless you want me carrying you back to your room a drunk mess.” Luca said quietly next to me, not even having to look at me to know what I was doing.

“I’m trying to forget what just happened, erase it from memory.” I seethed out. I really just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could, my anxiety had picked up again as well as my heart rate. I crossed one leg over the other and started lightly bouncing my leg, trying to calm myself down.

“You liked it, you can just admit it. I can give you another one after this.” He turned and winked at me. I rolled my eyes, sipping at my glass.

Luca carried on a conversation with Park on the other side of him, Owen talking to their other brothers Jack and Banks, leaving me alone to pick at my food and plan my escape out of this room.

“You need to eat something.” Luca said quietly next to me, leaning in enough so just I could hear. I didn’t think he’d noticed that I pushed the food around on my plate, making it look like I ate something.

“I did.” I choked out, trying to make him believe me.

“No, you haven’t. I’ve watched you move that carrot around 3 times now.” He rested his hand on my bouncing leg, instantly stopping it. His hand felt hot against my skin but comforting, instantly calming my anxiety.

“I’m not hungry.” I side-eyed him, trying to figure out what he was doing. He couldn’t have known about my eating disorder I had when I was younger. No one else had but my sisters and mother and I had been sent away for 6 months to a clinic a few years ago to get it under control. It showed its ugly head every now and then though when I was anxious, but never in front of Luca. He didn’t say anything further about it, only kept his hand on my leg, rubbing his thumb against it every now and then.

I had finally noticed Cecilia across and diagonal from me, glaring daggers into me as she saw Luca was touching me. I just barely kept down the smirk that was creeping across my face at her anger. I don’t know why she continued to think Luca would show any interest in her. He never had yet she continued her efforts, and continuously failed.

“Looks like Cecilia wants your attention.” I said, finally picking up my water glass to sip at it. The cold felt good in my throat, pushing the anxiety that had settled there back down. I saw him smirk out of the corner of my eye as he lifted his hand off my leg and put his arm lazily around my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. I gasped at the sudden movement, not expecting he’d play into it just to keep her wound up. No one other than Cecilia had noticed, with the contract this had been expected of us at some point. He picked up a strand of hair and twirled it around his finger, sipping at his second whiskey glass.

“Should I give you another kiss so she can see?” He leaned over to purr in my ear, knowing Cecilia could see what he was doing as he leaned. He planted a quick kiss right under my ear, causing me to sit up straight as if I’d been shocked. My face flushed at the reaction, and I saw Cecilia flinch in anger. I drank more water trying to calm myself.

“You shouldn’t do that to her.” I said quietly and turned to look at him, his arm still around my shoulders, still twirling my hair. He had a lust filled look in his eye.

“Why do you care so much? You don’t like her.” He sipped again.

“I don’t say that.” Liar. “I just don’t think you should lead her on like you do if you have no intentions of fucking her. It’s not nice.”

Liar liar liar.

You care what he did to Cecilia because you didn’t want her near him.

“Do you not want me to fuck her, Princess? Want me all to yourself? We can go back to your room after this.” He said in my ear, his breath swirling down my neck. I shuddered.

“Nope. We’re not together. We won’t ever be. Everyone knows that and knows the contract doesn’t truly mean anything. I just don’t think you should play with me like a toy to make her jealous. I’m not a toy.” I tried to take another calming sip of water as he ran his fingers lightly down my shoulder and arm, sparking me up like earlier.

“You’re not, but you’d be a pretty little toy that only I get to play with. Everyone still knows you’re mine even if you don’t want to be.”

“Then stop messing around in front of everyone.” I set my glass down with a little too much force causing some water to splash out the side.

“Not going to happen, especially when it gets you this wound up. Like you said, we’re not together.” He slipped his hand off my arm and down to my waist, gripping it. “Besides, it’s hot when you’re all wound up and jealous like this.” He said in my ear, only loud enough now for me to hear.

I was not jealous! Was I?

Heat crept up my chest and onto my face. I stomped on his foot with my heel, causing him to flinch in pain and trying his best to not show on his face how much it hurt. He tightened his grip around my waist, almost becoming painful.

“I think it’s time you go back to your room, Princess. Matter of fact, I’ll walk you there myself.” He said, anger burning in his eyes, teeth clenched as he whispered harshly in my ear.

“No thanks, maybe I’ll ask Liam to since you’re too busy with Cecilia.” I turned quickly to look at him, meeting his gaze with matched fury. I stood up, knocking his arm off me before swiftly walking out of the room, everyone now too engrossed in their own conversations and drinks to see me leaving. I heard his chair scoot out from the table as I made it out of the room. He’d be hot on my trail soon enough.

My heels clicked furiously down the hall as I headed to my quarters, annoyance coursing through me. I rounded the corner and slipped my heels off, now annoyed at the clicking and how long it was taking me in heels to walk. I hadn’t been fast enough as I heard heavy footsteps heading towards me and peeked around the corner, seeing Luca coming straight at me. Anger at me and my comment about Liam burned in his face, his jaw tight.

“Shit!” I said under my breath, pulling my dress up some and took off at a sprint down the hallway, trying to get to my room before he was able to catch up to me. I knew he’d be pissed about the Liam comment but I couldn’t resist. I got to my room and slammed the door, locking it right as he reached it, throwing his shoulder into it to try to stop me. I yelped in surprise.

“You think you’re so funny, don’t you, Princess?” He seethed through the door. I leaned up against it, like I had been blocking him from coming in. I knew I wouldn’t ever be able to if he wanted to get in.

“I mean I thought it was a funny comment.” I said through the door, a smile spreading across my face knowing that I had made him as angry as he made me most days.

I suddenly didn’t hear anything on the other side of the door, no snide comment back to me, no furious turning of the doorknob trying to get it unlocked. I slowly turned around and unlocked the door, peeking my head out, expecting to see him standing there and barreling himself straight in. Instead, I was met with an empty hallway.

“Where in the hell –” I said to myself before a pair of hands grabbed me around the waist and yanked me backwards, the door slamming as I flailed around like a hellion, trying to rip Luca’s hands off me as he hauled me backwards and threw me onto my bed. I threw my head to the side to see how he’d even gotten in, his door leading into my room was open. He had gone through his room to get into mine. Shit. I had forgotten about that. I should have locked that earlier.

“Get off me!” I screamed as he pounced on me, pinning my hands on either side of my head and pinning me to my bed. I thrashed around, kicking and trying to claw at his hands, my dress riding up and my hair becoming wilder, covering parts of my face.

“You’ll stay away from Liam Blake if you know what’s good for you.” He growled in my face, holding me down with as much rage as I was showing against him. Rage that I was stuck having to marry him, rage that he had talked to me like he did at dinner, rage that he was publically messing around with Cecilia in front of me.

“Let go of me! You can’t tell me what to do!” I kicked underneath him, my knee somehow kicking him in the stomach, causing him to let go of my wrists long enough for me to use them to push him off me, not before he flipped me over, caging me in his iron grip arms, pinning me to the bed.

We were both breathing heavily, my hair a tangled mess in my face and one strap of my dress having fallen. I turned my head and snarled, trying to get my arms free, causing him bark out a laugh.

“In soon enough time, Princess, you’ll be all mine and I can tell you what to do. And you’ll be a good little wife. I’ll tame all this fire.” He huffed, still catching his breath from fighting me. I panted heavily, still enraged by him and the fact that he had the advantage over me.

“And you’ll never be able to.” I growled out, angrily blowing a piece of hair out of my face. Rage still radiated off him but so did something else. Lust.

He’d had me in a submissive position. My body hummed against him, my skin burning hot wherever he was touching. My dress had ridden up to my mid-thighs from all my kicking, my hair feeling like a bird’s nest all around me. He moved my hair to one side, exposing my neck. I was still breathing heavily, trying to figure out what he was doing. Something in the air between us changed, it hadn’t felt as charged with anger. It was the same way I felt earlier.

“Is that so?” He traced my neck with his nose, his breath causing goose bumps all over me. I squirmed as he planted a kiss on my neck, holding in a gasp that so desperately wanted to come out.

He felt so good. He shouldn’t feel this good. We didn’t like either other, we never would.

But here we were.

He planted kiss all up and down my neck, nipping my neck where it and my shoulder met, causing my body to move on its own and push my lower half into him, feeling his get hard behind me. I froze but his kisses felt so good, I didn’t know what to do. I’d never done this or felt this with anyone before, especially not him. I couldn’t let him have this power over my body no matter how good it felt.

“Seems like you like me taming you.” The grip he had around me tightened, and he ground himself into me more from behind. I could feel like getting even harder through the thin fabric of my dress and his pants.

I need to stop this. NOW.

But it feels so good.

“Well I don’t and I would appreciate if you get off me now before I scream.” I growled out again, squirming against him to try and get my arms out from his grasp. I felt him smile against my neck.

“I’ll make you scream all you want, Princess, but everyone is at that dinner. No one knows we’re in here.” He said against my neck, knowing full well he added that double meaning to the first part of what he said. He loosened his grip enough and I scrambled out from under him. I finally fixed my dress, pulling the strap back up and pushing my hair from my face.

“Get out of my room, Luca.” I pushed him as he stood in front of me, trying to push him back through his door backwards. He pretended that I was strong enough to push him until he got to the door frame, stopping in place and standing still as a rock.

I was so frustrated now I could punch him.

“Luca!” I yelled, angry now that he wasn’t leaving and found it amusing.

“I’m not even in your room now, I’m in mine. And I would appreciate it if you would get out of my room, Adelaide, you’re being very rude.” He looked at me and teased, before leaning down to peck me on the lips, catching my attention by saying my name, and then shutting the door the separated our rooms in my face.




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