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My heart was racing faster than I ever thought possible as Luca’s lips hovered above mine, just a fraction away from touching. The storm continued but it was now a vague memory as I was too distracted by Luca laying on top of me, my legs wrapped around his waist, him once again pinning me to the bed.

This time I wasn’t upset about it. But I was nervous about what he had planned.

Why did I have to tell him to distract me? I should have known what he was going to do

Instead of kissing me like I thought he would, he nuzzled my face to the side with his nose, running his lips just barely over the surface of my neck down to my collarbone, leaving a trail of heat as he did so. His breath was hot against my skin, spreading over my chest, his unruly hair tickling my skin as he skimmed it.

My heart felt like it was going to fly out of my chest with how fast it was beating, my body becoming hot against his. I hadn’t expected him to actually listen to me when I told him to distract me, when had he been listened to me?

“Why are you nervous, Princess?” He said against my neck as he nipped it, causing my hips to buck against his. I felt his lips curve into a smile before he kissed the spot under my ear, making me bite back a gasp. He had me and he knew it.

“I-I’m not.” My voice shook as I tried controlling my body, stop it from giving him any indication that I really liked what he was doing.

So much had changed from yesterday afternoon to now, emotions and thoughts creeping to the surface that I tried to keep from coming to light. Luca and I had spent so much time hating each other, always at each other’s throats, that this isn’t something I’d thought would be possible — him comforting me during a storm, doing his best to distract me from my fear while my body gave into his touch.

As much as I didn’t want it to be true, it was. I liked being here. With him. Like this. I liked the way he had made me feel safe in his arms, I liked the way he was rough, I liked the way it felt like he would never let me go. And he would never let me go, in any sense of it. That inkling of always wanting him had crept to the surface, light fully illuminating it.

But I also didn’t want to give in. This could all be a game to him. We’d been at this for so long now that it was hard to tell when feelings and words said had any meaning other than to cut at the other one. Luca and I had never had a moment’s peace with one another until these last two days and I wasn’t sure what this was.

“Your heart is beating so fast I can feel it everywhere.” He ground his hips even more into mine, pushing his erection even more up against me, the heat and hardness of it causing my core to tighten. I didn’t realize how badly my body wanted him until that moment and I knew now there was no going back to what we were. I felt heat creeping up my face with shyness. It had dawned on me that I was only in my short black nightie and Luca was purposely pushing himself against me, winding me up in a way I hadn’t experienced.

Since there has never been any boyfriends or anyone for that matter interested in me, this was all new territory, all new sensations. It was like electricity was shooting to my core, causing my stomach to tighten and wanting Luca to keep rubbing into me. He knew exactly what he was doing.

“Just relax, Princess. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.” He said as he placed open mouth kisses down my neck again, down my chest to stop at the top of my nightie, which was already low to begin with. My fingers tightened around his as he kissed across my chest, letting go of one of my hands to place them where he held both my wrists with one of his strong, wide hands, keeping a tight grip on them. I knew Luca was strong, working out almost every chance he got, but I never realized just how strong that was until I tested moving my wrists and they didn’t even budge under his grip. His free hand dragged down my arm to my breast, tracing the shape before moving it to my side, goosebumps swelling on my skin.

It only frustrated me now that I couldn’t touch him, I didn’t like being pinned with no control of anything. I squirmed in his grip, trying to get my hands free as he pulled back to look at me.

“You always have to fight me, don’t you?” I could hear the smirk in his voice, the excitement of me challenging him once again.

“I’m as wild as they come, remember?” I said as he went back to my chest, this time kissing even lower through my nightie to my nipples that had hardened, practically begging for his attention. My breath came out in pants as he continued kissing as I struggled to get my hands free from his grip.

“And I’m going to tame you.” He said just as he sucked one of my nipples through the silky fabric, causing me to stop fighting and instead thrust my hips up again and my head to roll back some as a moan slipped from my lips.

God, that felt good


“Good luck.” I breathed out as his hand traveled back up my side to cup my breast through the nightie, flicking and pinching my nipple slightly, keeping me from trying to fight his grip anymore. I squirmed under him as the sensations shot through my body, feeling the dampness in my panties increase. Another crack of thunder stole my attention, causing me to jump.

“I’m right here, Princess. Focus on me.” He said as I felt him pull down the fabric of my nightie from my breast, the cold night air snapping around it, causing my already hardened nipples to strain against the air.

“Focus right here.” He said as he took my nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it in tight circles. A shrieking gasp tore out of me, causing my back to arch off the bed and my legs to tighten around his waist, pulling him closer to me. He began sucking and biting lightly as he swirled his tongue, my breath coming out in gasps and moans I could no longer keep back. He moved to the other nipple, pulling the fabric from my nightie down from it and massaging my other breast with his free hand while his other kept a tight grip on my wrists. I had stopped struggling against his grip and gave into these new sensations he was causing, feeling him grinding his cock even further into me.

“God, you’re gorgeous.” He said between switching again, he breath coming out almost as fast as mine. I blushed again, suddenly feeling exposed. He’d never given me any nice words and it was like a shock of my system.

“You’re only saying that because you saw my tits.” I was suspicious of the compliment but also just wanted to pick at him. What would this relationship be if we weren’t at each other at some point?

Was this a relationship?

In the dark I could still see him flash an amused smile as I started struggling against his grip again, trying to wriggle my wrists from him.

“The more you fight me, Princess, the more I’m going to try to tame you.” He said as he ran his free hand down my side again but this time sliding his fingers slowly under my nightie and over my hip, his fingers gripping it. He began running his fingers across the top of my panties, leaning in to kiss my neck again as he did so. He fingers traveled lower, running softly up and down my inner thigh which was still wrapped around his waist.

I let out another small moan, biting my lower lip to keep anymore from coming out. His hands traveled closer to my core and I could feel that my panties were now soaked.


His lips traveled back up my lips, once again lingering over them. This entire time he hadn’t kissed me once and my lips felt like they were aching for him. His hand moved to cup me, no doubt feeling how wet my panties were now and began slowly rubbing, making my hips move once again. A pained sounding groan came from his chest as I had let out another moan. It felt so good. He felt so good.

“I need you to tell me if you want me to stop, Princess.” He whispered against my lips as his fingers slipped beneath the top of my panties, traveling down to just above my clit, stifling another breathy gasp from me.

I knew I should have him stop before it went any further but I truly didn’t want to. This had felt so good, the first time Luca and I had ever stopped fighting and faced what we were to become, what he was doing to me now. My head swirled with thoughts and I closed my eyes tightly to block out everything. His finger moved in small tight circles on my skin right above my clit, enough to have me moving beneath him still at the sensation. I didn’t want it to stop. I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted it. And in this moment I only wanted him.

“Don’t stop.” A breathy whisper came out against his lips as he finally kissed me, moving his fingers down my slit and back up, rubbing circles directly on my clit, making me even wetter.

My head rolled back and my hips rolled against him as he continued rubbing, stopping every now and then to run his finger up and down my slit and to the entrance of my core, wetting his fingers more before rubbing again. He placed open mouth kissed along my exposed neck, occasionally taking another one of my nipples into his mouth, moans and gasps escaping my lips.

I could feel the knot in my stomach growing bigger and tighter the longer he rubbed and my hands tightening against his that held them down, now struggling just to hold onto something while I writhed around under him. I could no longer control the movement of my hips, bucking up and down and rolling against him and his hand, wanting more and more from him. He whispered in my ear all the thing he wanted to do with me and he slid his finger down to my opening, teasing me by rubbing it, and then moving back up to my clit. My core was aching for him to be in it.

“Luca, please!” I whimpered against his lips as he kissed me, teasing me with his finger again. I pushed against him, trying to force him, but he caught on and held back every time. He was keeping me under his control, trying to tame me, while he kept me pinned exactly where he wanted me.

“So you can be tamed and like it.” He said, teasing again. My head rolled to the side and my eyes closed, trying desperately to get him to give me what I wanted. “I’ll give you what you want, Princess. But I want to hear you say you’re mine first.” He kissed below my ear and rubbed slower circles around my clit, knowing I didn’t like when he went slow. I liked him fast and not gentle. I didn’t know a Luca who was gentle and I didn’t want him. I huffed and whined, still letting my hips roll against him, hoping he’d increase his pace.

“Tell me you’re mine and I’ll make you come, Princess.” He kept his pace deliberately slow, knowing I was getting frustrated and needed a release. He had wound me so tight I could feel the knot in my stomach getting close to snapping.

As much as I wanted to say it, I was terrified to mean it. If I did, I was giving the contract the power to force us together with no say if we would have chosen it for ourselves. Luca and I had always been at each other and the odds were we still would be after tonight regardless of what was happening. He was angry he had to marry, I was angry I would have to marry someone who didn’t want it. And it terrified me that he would never want it, never want me. It drove a wedge between us, causing this war between us all these years.

When I was little, younger than when I had known Luca, I had dreamed about getting married like any little girl does. I dreamed about the man who’d sweep my off my feet, love me unconditionally, be my prince charming as silly as it sounded. I had dreamed of the princes I had watched in princess movies with my sisters, and the enormous beautiful weddings they’d have.

And here I was, being forced to marry a man who had probably killed more people than I could ever imagine, who had other crime bosses cowering. Luca was ruthless, letting nothing and no one get in his way of gaining power. He was the most feared among his brothers, only coming in slightly behind his father. He thought Park was more intimidating than him but he was so wrong. Behind that handsome face was a man who could bring anyone to their knees in terror.

He didn’t want to marry me. He most definitely didn’t want to a wife who wasn’t afraid of his power, who wasn’t afraid to bite back, who gave it back to him as good as he gave it. I fought him every step of the way because I knew he wanted me meek and little, never arguing back or standing my own ground. I fought him and the contract tooth and nail because I thought he’d try to bound me, keep me quiet and burnt out. I was just a piece of a game on a board for him, to move and use how he saw fit to win.

“You don’t want me.” I said between moans, turning my head back to look at him in the dark. I could see a hint of confusion in his eyes, just a flash, as it dawned on him what I meant. He may want my body in this moment, my kisses, but not me.

Or did he?

He had never said he didn’t want to marry me, only that he didn’t always like how spiteful I was towards him, how much fire I kept burning when he was around. But he had never said he didn’t want me now that I really thought of it.

Does that mean...?

He leaned into me, staring unblinkingly into my eyes for a moment. My breath had caught in my throat despite what his fingers were doing.

“If I didn’t want you, Princess, I would have ripped up the contract. Given you to any man who showed interest. You’re mine and always will be.” He quickened the pace of his fingers while my mind imploded on what he had just said, not allowing me to think too long with my core getting tighter and tighter.

He wanted me?

“Say it, Princess. Say you’re mine.” He whispered in my ear, tightening his hand around my wrists. I hesitated for a moment, my eyes squeezing shut as I shook my head back and forth. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to, desperately, but it would take more than words in this moment for me to believe it.

“I don’t believe y-you.” My words came stuttering out as he continued. I heard him huff a laugh. Of course we’d be arguing right now. He completely stopped moving his hand, causing me to look up at him.

“Luca!” I let out an exasperated growl, not wanting him to stop when I was getting so close. It was just cruel.

“Say it.” He was refusing to budge. I groaned, closing my eyes and turning my head to the side. My stomach now rolled with nervousness and my throat suddenly felt dry, causing me to try to swallow. I took a quick breath and turned back to him, staring up into his dark eyes, still able to make out the emotions on his face.

“I’m yours.” I said quietly, hardly above a whisper. He scrunched his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry, Princess, what was that? I didn’t quite hear you.” He ran a finger slowly up my slit, making me draw in a quick breath.

“I’m yours!” I said louder as he pushed a finger into me, causing a moan to rip out of me, pushing my chest up to his. His mouth crashed against mine as he pumped his finger, hitting a spot that had my hips rolling wildly, shrieks escaping from my throat.

Oh my God this felt good

“There’s my girl.” He said, slipping in another finger, stretching me while I writhed beneath him. He finally released my hands and they flew around his shoulders, one gripping the back of his head and hair for dear life as he buried his face in my neck, kissing and licking as moans continued to escape my lips.

Oh my God,” I moaned every now and then, feeling myself getting closer and closer to the edge as his thumb continued quickly circling my clit. Just a bit more and I’d be there, clinging to him with everything I had. He was going between kissing me and burying his face in my neck, occasionally taking one of my nipples in his mouth and swirling his tongue. He was getting me there faster than before.

He increased the speed of his fingers, slamming them into me even harder, and rubbed me faster and I hit a wall at full speed.

I screamed his name as my back bowed completely off the bed, my arms squeezing him against me as I pushed my chest completely against his, my head falling backwards. His fingers kept pumping in me as fast as he could, drawing out my orgasm as it kept hitting me in waves, making my core clench around his fingers to keep them there. He took the opportunity to keep kissing up and down my neck, hitting every sensitive spot he could find.

My eyes were clenched closed and fractals of colors danced all around my eyelids as my body felt like it was continually being pumped with electricity.

God I never ever want this to end

His fingers stayed in me until I was coming back, my breath coming in quick pants as he kept pumping inside me, now just causing me to scream because it felt so good.

He finally withdrew his fingers, my arms still tightly clasped around him as I laid flat against the bed, my legs still clinging around his waist. It took a few minutes of lying there for my breathing to slow, my body twitching from my orgasm. Luca had wrapped his arms around my waist, keeping my body completely against his as he planted soft kisses all over my neck and chest, his unruly hair even more of a mess from my hands tangling in it.

“Ready for round two?” He said, pulling back to look at me.

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