Love is Sweeter the Second Time Around

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WARNING: SEX | DRUG | LANGUAGE | VIOLENCE LOUD noises. Smoky. Dark. Many people doing nasty. The Club M is the most safest zone to those important person and high ranking officials to hid their dirty little secrets. The Club D has three owners. The leader is Takio De Jong, followed by Imre De Vries and lastly Maoz De Meijer. The three are not mafias, not a Yakuza's, not a gangster, they are not connected to any kind of organization. But nobody's attempted to make a move on them. The three wasn't the nicest person. Especially, the leader, Takio De Jong. He's known as the most merciless person among the three. Bad; Ruthless; Cruel; Pitiless; Heartless; Hard- hearted; Unrelenting; Unforgiving and many more people describe him. But the leader seems no care about it. It's true. All true. No one go against him. He has no weakness, at all. But what if he met someone the opposite of him? A merciful; compassionate and Gentle woman? Will it turns good or bad? Will it have a happy ending like other fairy tale story? Let's find out!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Ultrasound

"Ciara, I'm pregnant .. It's Zade's." A woman said softly to her.

After hearing it. She was stunned. Her mind can't process it nor accept it.

"No! You're lying!" She shouted. Couldn't believe it.

"I wish I am, but I'm not. It's been three months." The woman who had been with her since birth handed her the medical examination report together with the ultrasound.

Ciara's mind went blank when she saw her husband signature on it.

Naikuyom nya ang kamao kasama ang papel na hawak.

She could not hear what the woman was talking about. Ang alam lang nya ay galit sya. Galit na galit.

Nanginginig ang katawan nya sa galit.

At nang maituon nya ang paningin sa babae,

She lost her control.

Lumapit sya rito.

"PAK!" tunog ng pagkakasampal nya sa babae.

"How dare you! I trusted you Jinry! You are shameless like your mother!" she shouted at her out of so much anger.

Hindi pa sya nakuntento, she slapped her again.

Tears are falling through her eyes.

"How could you to this to me .." she whisper.

"What the hell are you doing!?" an angry voice of her mother-in-law appeared at the door.

"Doing what? This?" she said, then slap Jinry at the third time. And she's still not satisfied.

"Your son has a child with my so called soul sister behind my back!" she shouted uncontrollably at her mother-in-law which by now is happy seeing her in pain and hurting.

"Are you satisfied now?" she ask, almost a whisper.

"How dare you shout at me! Wala ka talagang galang! Ugaling squatter!" sigaw din nito sa kanya.

"Are you accusing me? You have no class! Jinry is much more way better than you!" her mother-in-law widen her eyes with disbelief.

"T-tita .." tawag ni Jinry sa mother-in-law nya.

Mukha itong matutumba.

Agad naman itong dinulugan ng ginang at masama ang tinging pinukol sa kanya.

"Look what you did to her! If ever happen to my grandson, I'll tell you, hindi kita mapapatawad!" sigaw nito.

Inalalayan nito si Jinry na umupo sa sofa.

Her face remain emotionless. The pain is suffocating her.

Napahawak sya sa dibdib. Hindi sya makahinga kaya pinagpapalo nya ang banda kung nasaan ang puso nya, to stop it from hurting.

"What the hell is going on here!"

Her mother in law cried. Pero kanina naman ay wala itong luha.

"Zade, anak you came back just in time. Hurry up and take Jinry to the hospital. Ciara is an evil woman. Sabi ko naman sayo anak, masama ang ugali nya. She slapped Jinry, Baka masaktan ang apo ko. Hurry up!" sigaw nito.

Zade did not even took a glance at her, and it pains her more.

Nakatingin lang sya sa mga ito.

Mas lalong naging masakit ang mga susunod na pangyayari.

Zade carry her into a bridal carry.

Nakita nya ang pang iingat sa mga galaw nito.

Nagmamadali itong lumabas.

Napaupo sya. Tears are falling na parang wala itong katigilan sa pag agos.

"See, I told you. You will never be part of this family. Hindi ko hahayaang madumihan ng isang kagaya mo lang ang pamilya namin" huling mga salita ng ginang sa kanya bago ito umalis.

She can't anything like now.

Sobrang sakit. Iyon ang nararamdaman nya.

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