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Her Breaking Point

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He had rules for a reason, or thats what he said. I did something wrong I got punished. I spoke out of turn, I got punished. I looked at him or ate without permission, I got punished. Haven thats what they named me funny isn't it? Ironic really. They named me Haven because my mom would say I was her 'Safe Haven'. What a pile of shit that was. She left willingly, she didn't depart because of some tragic accident. My father didn't kill her. She left because she was a coward who didn't want kids. As soon as my older brother went to college she left. I knew she hated me. I was the product of her love with another man. A constant reminder that her life didn't work out the way it was planned. He who ever he was is a phantom in its own. A deep rooted fantasy never going to come true. My brother left, my mother left, my grandma ignored, and my father broke. They let me give up hope on escaping and then decided to play hero. But I haven't forgotten everything I went through. Guilt consumes my brother but I don't care, you don't get to leave and then buy a reprieve of trying to save someone who has been dead for years. Besides lets just be honest I reached my breaking point long ago.

Romance / Drama
Olivia Grace
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Chapter 1: Her Savior

At my 10th birthday party my brother smashed my face into the cake my mom spent 3 hours frosting. I chased him around the back yard while he ran from me. My brother was 15 at the time. . When I turned 13 my brother announced he was leaving for college. I cried when he hugged me and told me he was going to miss me. I smiled and waved when he drove away. If I would've known then that he was leaving for 8 years and what would happen between that time. I would have ran after that car screaming.

The scars that littered my body were heavy. My back the worst part. Bumpy hard rippled flesh scars ranging from red to white to brown. And peeling bloody new lacerations that would become scars yet. My skin that used to fill my body in slight curves now stuck to my bones like a wet blanket. My used to be round and slightly chubby cheeks now sunken in and hollow. My blue eyes like the sea now dull and dead with dark circle accessories to match.
I was an ugly monster made from hate, and there was nothing I could do about it. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and saw a dead broken walking corpse staring back at me. I tried to will myself one moment to cry but it never came. I can't cry, I can't take a moment for peace because my name is screamed by Charles, my father.
"HAVEN!" his voice shook the house and I instantly snapped into action like a rubber band.
I ran down the stairs as quick as my bony legs will let me. I stand on the blue tape. Rule 1: Stand still, ankles together, hands connected behind back, eyes down.
"You're fucking useless" alcohol filled my nose and I bit down the urge to cough. I stood there, I didn't flinch I knew it was coming.
The back of his hand met my cheek and cut it slightly. I stayed knowing I was not given permission to move.
Rule 2: The first hit will come unseen and quick if you flinch it's a trip to the basement and 20 lashes.
*For every scream during the lashes you will gain 10 more lashes with a belt.
I recited each rule in my head blow after blow.
Rule 3: You will not fight back for every time you fight back you will be locked in the basement for 3 days no food or water.
*Punch, Kick* I wheeze from the impact of his work boot on my bruised ribs. While I know I am malnourished I am not completely skin and bones, you can just see my spine and ribs when I move. He lets me eat just not enough to stay healthy sadly.
My scalp burns as he tugs painfully on my hair almost yanking it from the root it seems. He holds my swollen face up and clasps his hand on my neck.
Rule 4: You will clean house and make sure dinner is ready by 8:00 pm.
*If dinner is later over 5 minutes you will get 10 lashes and you will spend 1-2 days in the basement.
My vision started to fade in and out. Charles dropped me and I inhaled air like a drowning man. Charles got so close to me I could smell the alcohol on his breath like a brewery, his once kind face contorted into hate. Hate for me, hate for his life you name it, it's my fault.
"You are worthless, you are a bitch just like your mother was...SAY IT BITCH" He yells at me and I don't flinch or miss a beat.
"I am worthless, I'm a bitch just like my mother was" he grins from the corner of my eyes.
"Get up stairs and get ready for school. If you're late you'll receive punishment. Understood?" He asks and I nod but don't move until he says the words.
"Good, pet. Go" He said the words and I shot upstairs and got ready. As much as I hate school I am thankful for the chance to go. Luckily he only slapped my face and the redness can be hidden. I put on a big sweater with a hood and some loose fitting pants.
I then addressed my wounds as best as I could.
Sirens boom through the house as police men rush through the door. "Charles Scott police put the knife down" the man ordered his pistol aimed at my fathers face. My hand wrapped securely around his fist as his knife is aimed at my gut and his other hand is wrapped around my throat. "NOW! I won't ask again" My father stills for a moment. Before he spins me around and holds the knife to my throat.
"You think you'll get out of this? I already sealed your fate you're done for" he says.
"Drop it" the cop says one more time. My father tosses the knife and puts up his hands.
"Turn around, Hands behind your head interlock your fingers and on your knees." he follows suit and the cop steps forward.
"Charles Scott you are under arrest for Child Abuse in the first Degree, Endangering the welfare of a child, Assault in the first Degree, and Attempted murder of Haven Scott in the second degree.
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court. You have the right to talk to a lawyer for advice before we ask you any questions. You have the right to a lawyers with you during questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without a lawyer present, you have the right to stop answering at any time. Do you understand these rights as I have said them to you?" the cop looks at him as they walk to the police car.
"Yes, I do" Charles mumbles.
"Watch your head" the cop says again and shoves him roughly into the back of the vehicle and slaps the top of the car twice. The car then drives away.
I sit on the stairs in front of my house shocked, I say nothing, I don't know what to do. The salt and pepper haired cop walks back to me and kneels to my height. "I think it's best we drive you to a hospital to get you checked out" I nod.
"Do you have anyone to call?" I shrug, even if I knew my brothers number I wouldn't know what to say, I haven't spoken in a while. I can't remember. I haven't been to school in a while. I graduated high school about 4 years ago. I've barely left the house since. "Okay, come on" he says.
I slide into the cop car and put on my seat belt. As he starts to drive I let my thoughts wonder. The previous events race through my mind until one question is left. How did they find out?

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