Love to Hate him

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Adrian Black known as the bad boy of the school and ex-best friend of Isabella White. He is mysterious and a jerk. He has got it all the looks, money and girls falling to their feet for him. But there's one thing missing love. Life is all black and white for him. Isabella White is known as the nerd and is practically invisible in school and none other that the ex-best friend of Adrian Black. She is a beauty, kind and an extreme introvert. She spends her time reading on fridays instead of partying with friends. She is not the same after Adrian left her, she was heartbroken.

Romance / Adventure
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5 years back

“Bella, have you seen Mom?” said Adrian, his voice laced with worry and confusion, he had been protective of his mom ever since his dad died.

“No, but she might be in the library. I’ll go check there.” said Bella.


I went in the library to find his mom, Carol. She never let people call her ‘ma’am’ so everyone called her Carol except Adrian.

As I neared the door I heard some whispering. I peeked to see who it was. I see Carol talking to my mom about something. I went a little closer to hear what they were talking about.

" Carol you have to tell him!” Tell who about what? “I can’t! Adrian will be devastated if he comes to know I have lung cancer. Ihave only a few months left and I want to spend them happily with him and whatkind of mom would I be if break it to him today- his birthday, for once he looks so happy. I’ll tell him next month.” said Carol.

This is bad. If Ryan (nickname for Adrian) comes to know about this he will completely close himself off and turn into something he is not and take rash decisions. But he deserves to know.

Shit! Mom and Carol are coming this way. I need to leave, I was in such a hurry I mistakenly knocked down the vase which made mom and Carol come running to me.

“Are you okay” said Carol. When i looked up to see her and mom i broke down in tears remembering what i heard.

“what happened sweety ?” asks Carol. “you have cancer, why didn’t you tell us ??”

“you heard that, I have to embrace it. i cant hold it off for so long it hurts” explains Carol

“B-but can’t the doctors heal it, there might be someway?I don’t want you to leave! if you leave, Ryan will stop talking to me”.

” Darling i had come to know i had lung cancer few months ago, it has already reached stage 4, I could die anytime and why do you think Ryan will stop talking to you” asks Carol.

“Because of you and mom we became friends. what if he leaves me for someone cooler like his school friends. Its already been so hard to get through to him and losing you will just shut him off. ”

Carol said, “I know that, that’s why i am trusting you to get him through the pain.”

“But he loves you more than you know and i just know it in my heart he’s going to break. Not only that, I even can’t bring myself to tell him about your- uh- thing without sobbing myself and if i don’t tell him he’ll have more reason to hate me and i-”

Carol gently touched her shoulder. “That can never happen. You’re the closest friend my son has. He won’t blame you for not telling him.”

I lightly scoffed. “Of course he’s going to hate me. But I won;t tell him for you”

That’s when Adrian walked in. He looked at Carol and threw his hands up, “Where were you? I’ve been searching everywhere!”

Carol pulled her hand away from my shoulder. “I was right here, searching for a book.”

Adrian shrugged, “Okay. What are you two talking about anyway? The party’s going to start in like 10 minutes.”

I said, “Nothing too important.” I glance at Carol, who subtly nods gratefully. “Let’s go!”

Carol grinned, “Yeah let’s go! It’s not everyday that my dear son turns 14!”

(1 month later)

I was sleeping when I heard my window open, I saw ryan with a tear struck face which made me realise he was crying.For some reason I had a bad feeling that tonight might be the last time I might ever talk to him.

“R-ryan is something wrong, why are you crying that also in the middle of the night” he stays silent and just stares at the ceiling as if there was something on it.

“Ryan say something your worrying me”, “m-m-mom d-d-died because of c-c-cancer and i did not even know about it ” murmurs Ryan

“Ryan you couldn’t have possibly done something she was on stage 4 already” “wait how do you know she was on stage 4 already as far as i know no one knew”. Oh god he wasn’t suppose to know that, how do i explain this.

“I j-j-just g-g-guessed t-t-that”, “stop lying Isabella, you stutter when you lie”, says an angry Ryan.

Should I tell him the truth he will hate me if he comes to know that i already knew since his birthday that his mom had cancer. “Damn right I HATE YOU!” I flinched at the loudness “shit i said that aloud” “yes you did”

“How could you not tell me, I could have done something or-r I could have at least spent some more time with her. It’s all your fault! If you would have told me she wouldn’t be dead”

“Ryan listen to me, I would have told you but your m-” before I could even complete the sentence he was gone.From that day onwards he was never the same.

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