Love me like you miss me

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Love me like you miss me

Chapter 1- The encounter

It was the beginning of June, a 7 year old girl named Misa looked out the window, that night the rain kept pouring down without a stop, she thought to her self "is the sky crying?". She rushed down to ask her mom the same question she asked herself, her mom burst into laughter and said "no dear it's just how nature works, the sorrow rain pours down and soon after the rain comes a bright sunny day that will bring happiness, it's just like life" she said. Misa the little girl hugged her mom and said "you are my sunshine mommy". Misa and her mom were very close, Misa felt that her mom was the only thing left in this world that cared about her. Misa's mom used to tell her a lot of stories about how fun it was to be young, Misa used to listen to these stories in such interest. Her mom used to make her favourite, "miso soup". She learnt to cook and so much more form her mother.
One day Misa and her mom were walking down the street and casually talking about dinner. Suddenly her mom felt her heart ache and collapsed on the ground. Misa was scared, confused she kept calling her "mom! wake up, mom!", Thankfully there was a boy walking across the street, he heard Misa shouting for help, the boys name was Haru. Haru was a 13 year old boy who had come to Osaka from Tokyo to see his grandmother, Haru rushed to help the girl. Her mom was admitted in the hospital, Haru and Misa were sitting in a bench waiting for the reports, " you have done enough, I shouldn't waste your time more" said Misa, " don't be like that I'll be here for you" said Haru, Misa felt thankfull and layed her head on his shoulder, "ma'am, wake up it's late, the hospital is going to close" said the nurse. When Misa woke up she didn't see the boy beside her and saw that he had left his jacket on top of her. "Where is he?, I didn't even ask him his name!" Said Misa feeling confused, the nurse didn't know what to answer, " the reports of your mom will come tomorrow ma'am" said the nurse, Misa left the hospital ignoring what the nurse was saying. When the reports came it said that she had a heart stroke and there was a possibility of death, As Misa was listening to the doctor speak, tears started filling her eye. Misa's mother had only some time left in this world so she stayed by her mother's side day and night. After some days Misas mom died, Misa who was just 13 had lost her mother, she felt cold and fell on the ground of her mother's room and kept sobbing all night....Her dad couldn't care less and couldn't be with misa as he was busy going abroad to attend his business meetings, so most of the times she had to spend the days alone in the house.
Misa was now 16, it's been 3 year's since her mother passed away. Misa became very pretty as she grew up she had the most gorgeous long black hair with front bangs covering her eyebrows, her eyes were sharp and had a soft Carmel brown colour to it. As she was brushing her hair she heard someones voice and a dog bracking outside the window. The new neighbors were shifting just beside her house. As she was peeking trying not to get noticed by them , she saw a boy with a pitch black hair that kept falling on his eyes, he was tall and had a pale skin, with him was his mom, dad, his grandmother and a huge dog covered with wh fur, Misa kept looking at him, she felt his face was familiar but wasn't quite sure, he noticed her staring, the lifted up his hair with his hands and smiled at her ,Misa ashamed that she was caught staring at him, got nervous and said "hi! welcome to the neighbourhood!" He smiled back and said "Thanks".

Chapter 2- The new kid

The alarm was ringing from 6:00am to 6:30am but Misa was sound asleep. At 6:55am she got up, "shit! I'm gonna be late for school, how could this happen to me ugh" She got dressed rushed down stairs and grabbed a piece of bread, stuffing it in her mouth. As she was about to run she saw her neighbour, he was also late for his first day. "Hah going to be late too huh?" Misa said in laughter. "Stop laughing you're gonna be late too" he laughed back, "now common hurry" he said her. They both started rushing towards school, while they were running Haru asked "what's you're name?". "It's Misa , what's your name?" Misa asked, " it's Haru, Misa, what a pretty name" Said Haru. Misa slowed down a bit after hearing what he just said. "Uhh...thanks" Misa said, as she felt a bit confused and shy. When they reached the school the time was 7:05, the teacher didn't mind, as they were only 5min late, the teacher introduced the new student " Haru" who has transferred from Tokyo. After Misa took her seat, which was in the back row next to the window at the corner. As there was only one seat left which was the bench just infornt of Misa's bench, sir asked him to sit there. The whole class started whispering..."woah look at him", " so cute!". "Keep it down!" The teacher yelled.
As the teacher kept rambling about chemistry. The teacher called "Haru! Come up here and solve this equation". Haru, without any hesitation solved the question correctly. "Well done Haru" said the teacher , "beauty and brain, the whole package" said the girls, they kept giggling when ever Haru saw them. Misa felt irritated and said to herself " as if he is that big of a deal" she rolled her eyes and concentrated the rest of the class. During lunch hour Haru's desk was filled with girls and they kept asking him questions. Haru felt like he was being suffocated. Misa had two friends Sakura and Miku, she has been close to both of them since elementary school. Sakura asked Misa " what's up with the new guy?", " I know right!? " Asked Miku, " ya he is just a new neighbor of mine" said Misa. " you think he is cute?" Asked Miku, "what! No!, He is just a friend"said Misa. "ya a 'friend' we know you Misa" said Sakura sarcastically. " Shut up you guys" Misa said in a laughing voice, when suddenly, "Misa!" Called out Asahi, Asahi was one of Misa's childhood friend, he was one year elder than her and had brown hair with deep brown eyes, she dispised him because of what he had done to her in the past, he just stood in the entrance of class waiting for her, this caught Haru's attention. "Go away" said Misa, Asahi had a really bad temper but he always cared for Misa, Asahi welcomed himself in and pulled Misa by her hand. " You didn't have to create a Sean! What would people think" said Misa in an angry voice. Asahi ignored her and said " my mom and me wou like you over for dinner, be there at 8 sharp". " I'm not coming" said Misa. " Come for the sake of my mom" said Asahi. " Lunch break is almost over I have to go" said Misa, she left him and ran back to her class. When it was time to go home Haru called out " Misa!", " Oh hey Haru" said Misa, " wanna walk together?" Haru asked. " where are your admirers" Misa asked as she kept laughing. "Admirers? Oh you mean the girls?...they kept following me and wouldn't let me go... you're not getting jealous are you?.Haru asked..," of course not! I was just curious. Misa felt a bit calm knowing that he didn't have interest in other girls. "Who was that guy, he just pulled you out of the class?" Asked Haru , " he is my old friend, I really dont like him, he just won't leave me alone" said Misa. They didn't stop taking till they reached their houses, Asahi kept stalking her and he didn't like the sight of seeing her with him, " it was fun speaking to you"Haru said. Misa punched him softly on his shoulder and says"Hah same, I'll see u tomorrow, bye!" . Haru said "bye" and looks at his shoulder and smile's.

Chapter 3- An old friend

It was beautiful Sunday, the clouds had cleared up and a cold breeze blew over Misa's hair, As Misa was standing in the bridge staring at the lake below. She was imagining a memory of her mother, and thought to herself it would have been so different if she were still alive, after a movement of peace and quiet, Misa was startled by Asahi "Hey!", Asahi's mom and Misa's mom were friends from high school. " What do you want?"asked Misa, " Oh nothing, I came to your home but you weren't there so I could only think of one place you could be" Asahi said with a smile on his face. " Can you please stop smiling like that, it's creepy" said Misa. " It's your face that makes me smile, I'll stop it if it's creepy" Asahi said, " Make sure you come for dinner ok, me and my mom will be waiting for you" said Asahi. Misa just walks away and doesn't look back, Asahi sighs, and starts thinking about the past, and how he regrets hurting her.
When Misa was on her way home, she saw a little kitty right in front of her house, it had green eyes and a beautiful ash colour, she reached out to her pocket and grabbed a piece of cooky and gave it to the poor little kitty, "meow meoww" the cat said, Misa felt a bit of joy and started petting the cat, "I'm all alone in this house, why don't you give me some company?" Misa said as she was smiling and took the cat home, Misa kept studying till 7:30pm, Misa didn't wanted to upset Asahi's mom by not making a presence for dinner so Misa got dressed and went to Asahi's house. " Come on in! Misa we were waiting for you" said his mom, "thank you for having me" said Misa, . Asahi's mom smiled at her and welcomed her in, " dinner will be ready in 10min, why don't you go to Asahi's room till then" said his mom. "Uhh...sure.." Misa said, she didn't like the idea of seeing him but she couldn't say no to his mom.
When Misa went to his room, she saw him in his study table, writing. " Hey..." said Misa. " Oh hi Misa didn't see you there, come on in, sit" said Asahi. It has been so long since Misa had come to Asahi's room, so much had changed but his books were all arranged the same. Asahi sat beside Misa, " you look pretty in that dress" said Asahi. " You don't flatter me Asahi so just stop it" said Misa. " Oh really? Does that Haru guy flatter you?" Asked Asahi is a annoying voice. " He is just a friend, nothing more than that" said Misa. " I'm sorry for my behaviour...I regret so much every night, I think about you" said Asahi. Misa stood up and was about to leave the room when suddenly, Asahi grabbed her hand and said " give me a second chance, give us a second chance!" Said Asahi, " you left me when I needed you the most, when I lost my mother I thought I had you but no you had to leave me too, you stopped talking to me for 2 years. We were so close, I loved you infact but now I dispise you, whenever I look at you now, memories of me being sad and alone comes rushing back. Said Misa, with tears in her eyes, she ran down and say goodbye to his mom. "Misa dear, wait!" Her mom called out to her but she didn't turn back and left.

Chapter 4- Unfortunate rain

It has been a week since Haru had arrived to the new school, Haru hadn't made much friends, even though, girls found him actractive, Haru didn't consider them as his friends, his only close friend was Misa. There was still 10mins for the classes to start, Misa thought to kill time by having a conversation with Haru, who was sitting right in front of Misa, Misa tapped of his shoulder and said "hey!". " Oh hi" said Haru in a low voice. "Is something wrong, you look a bit down" asked Misa,
" Oh it's nothing, I just didn't get sleep last night". Said Haru, forcing a smile on his face. Misa felt something was wrong, " if something is wron-" Misa got interrupted by her friends " hey Misa, your early to school" said Miku, " what's wrong Haru your look dull" said Sakura as she looked worried, "why so said?" Miku said, making a sad expression on her face. " Can you all just shut up!", Said Haru in an angry tone, as he stood up and walked out. Haru ran down to the ground of the school and sat on the bench, He covered his face with his hands and started sobbing, he didn't feel like himself so, Haru took a leave for the rest of the day. Miku and Misa were shocked, "did I say something wrong?" Asked Miku, "no he has been acting like that from the time he got to school" said Misa. " Boys!..they always don't appreciate anything what girls do...ugh" Sakura said, as the day went on, Misa couldn't concentrate at all, her mind felt disturbed and could only think about Haru. After school, the weather changed, it started pouring, " why today, I didn't even bring an umbrella" Said Misa, Sakura and Miku also didn't have an umbrella, Misa ran towards home, she put the school bag on top of her head ,all three were soaked wet in the rain when they reached their homes. Haru was looking out his window and saw Misa soaked in rain while she was entering her house, "I have to go there and apologize" this thought struck in Haru's mind .Misa had changed into her dry clothes and had a towel on her head, she was upset, Misa started sneezing, " seriously! Now I'm going to get a cold?, what a horrible day", Misa knows she shouldn't go out in this rain but she couldn't stop thinking about going and seeing him, she couldn't stop herself " anyways I'm going to catch a cold, might as well see him" Misa said to herself she took an umbrella and rushed towards the door. When she opened it , she saw Haru standing in front of her door, holding a flask bottle, reaching for the door bell. They both looked at eachother with their eyes wide open in shock.

Chapter 5- We share the same sorrow

There was a movement of silence...the only sound heard was the pitter patter of the heavy shower. Haru was not able to say a word, it felt like his mouth was sealed and words were stuck. "Wh...what are you doing outside! Come in, your getting wet!" Shouted Misa. "Uh...ya..ok.." said Haru. Haru was dripping wet when he came in. "Your going to chatch a cold, let me get you a towel" said Misa, she threw the umbrella and asked him to come up stair, haru dried him self up and was whipping his hair, " what's in that flask bottle?" Asked Misa, " I saw you come from school fully soaked, I thought u might be cold so I made hot chocolate with Marshmellos" said Haru " Whoa Marshmellos! , I'll get us a glass" Misa said in excitement " you like Marshmellos?" Asked Haru as he laughed, " yeah I love em" said Misa. Misa grabbed two glasses and poured the hot chocolate,
" Cheers!" They both said. " made this, it's so warm and nice" said Misa, " oh it's nothing" said Haru with a smile, " is this your cat?" Haru asked. " Ya I felt pity for it, it was all alone on the streets" said Misa, as she smile's at the cat. " Your so kind and sweet" said haru, as he looks at her eyes and smile's. " Oh thanks" Misa said while blushing. They both sat in Misa's room, wet and cold, but for some reason drinking hot chocolate and laughing with Haru made Misa feel warm and happy, " I'm sorry for how I acted in school" said Haru. " It's okay, you must be going threw something really hard" said Misa, " if talking about it makes you feel better, than I'm here for you" said Misa. " It's been a really hard day, my dog just died...and me, my mom got into a big fight...I don't feel like going home without harley" said Haru as his voice kept getting lower. "Harley was your dog's name?" Asked Misa " yes" said Haru. " Losing someone close to you...its hard I know, you can forget it for sometime but when those memories come rushing back, that's when you'll miss them the most, their voice their touch, the thought of never able to experience that again, breaks me down" said Misa while she took a sip from her glass. Haru felt that she had read him like a book, " Did you lose someone too?" Asked Haru , " ya my mom..., She passed away when I was 13" said Misa. " I'm so sorry for being so insensitive, I didn't mean to..." Said Haru, " no it's fine, I just wish I could have done more for her, so little time and so many memories" Said Misa as her voice kept cracking, she felt a lump in her throat, and couldn't keep her tears in. Haru slid her hair back of her ear and saw her eyes filled with tears, Haru without thinking twice, suddenly kept the glass of hot chocolate away and hugged her. " It's going to be okay" Haru whispered. Misa hugged him back tightly, she felt safe. That night...two broken hearts and the sound of rain changed the atmosphere of the room.

Chapter 6- hold my hand

It was a new day, the sunlight fell on Misa's eyes, "today is going to be wonderful" Misa said to herself as she woke up from bed, Misa got dressed, tied her hair in two braids and smiled at herself at the mirror. When Haru woke up from his bed all he could think about was yesterday night, and Misa's face. He felt worried for Misa, he got dressed quickly and went near Misa's home, "Misa! Come on!" Haru shouted, Misa pops her head out of her window and says, " In a minute!" , When Haru saw Misa come out of her house, his heart started pounding, " Are you okay? Your making a weird face" said Misa with a smile. " Huh..ya just couldn't sleep well last night" said Haru. " Ya same here, that talk we had last night really helped thanks", said Misa, " I'll always be there for you" said Haru with a smile. Misa starts to blush. "Hah...ya.." said Misa as she felt shy. Things became really quite, Misa's hand and Haru's hand kept touching eachother as they kept walking, Haru felt to hold her hand and was about to when suddenly..." Hey Misa! Wait up!" It was Asahi. "Shit not him... Ugh" said Misa. Haru quick picked his hand back. " Hey you must be Haru, hi!" Said Asahi, Asahi didn't like Haru much as he had become closer with Misa. " Uhh..hi" said Haru in disappointment. Asahi came, and started walking in the middle of them both, " You braided your hair? It doesn't look very good" said Asahi. "It's not that bad, I thought it looked cute" said Haru." Oh thanks Haru...I just wanted to try something new" said Misa, she completely ignored Asahi and started to blush. Asahi saw that and felt rage but he didn't show it, " How about we all three go somewhere together? I would like to get to know Haru better" said Asahi. " Yes, that would be so fun" said Misa "yeah ok, how about we go to the fare which is going to open this Sunday?" Asked Haru, " yep sounds about right!" Said Misa. Misa and Haru had a great day in school, Haru got selected in the soccer team, and made new friends, Misa was waiting outside the school for Haru to complete his soccer practice, when Haru came outside and saw Misa, his heart pounded again, " your making that face again" said Misa laughing. " You were waiting for me?" Asked Haru , Misa looks away and starts to blush, " well... don't you wanna walk together?", Asked Misa , Haru came beside her and said, " ya of course... It's kinda cold do you want to hold hands maybe." said Haru as he put his hand forward, Misa held his hand softly, and said " it is cold". Misa looked away, she want Haru seeing her blush. " That idiot...what does he think he is doing" said Asahi, who's soccer class had also finished late and he ended up seeing them both together. While they were walking Haru said " I'm alone in home today, my mom and dad have gone for vacation and my grandmother would be sleeping". " I'm alone too...." Misa said in a sad voice.
" Hey you wanna have dinner at my place?" Asked Misa, " yeah of course!" Said Haru. They both smiled.
Chapter 7- Nothing last forever

Haru and Misa had planned to have dinner at her place, Haru found this a perfect opportunity to say how he feel towards Misa, The second Misa entered the house, "hey Misa!!" Said Misa's aunt, "look how big you have become my cute little Misa" her aunt said while pinching her cheeks, "what are you doing here?!" asked misa, she had a shocked look on her face. " My friend is going to come over for dinner!" Said Misa. " Don't worry I'm just here for few days, it's been so long so I thought to come by and see you" said aunt. " I wont disturbe, I'll be up in the guest room, okay? We'll chat tomorrow morning" said her aunt with a smile. Misa loved her aunt and it was always fun having her around, " yeah okay make yourself comfortable" said Misa with a smile. when Haru came to Misa's house at 8:30, Haru saw Misa in a bun tied up and she wore an apron, she was in the kitchen cooking and he also saw Misa's aunt " oh hello aunty" said Haru. "What a sweet boy, is this the friend you were talking about?" Asked her aunt, while smiling at the boy. " Yes, his name is Haru" said Misa. " Ohh I see, well I'll be up in my room if you kids need me" said aunt, after a movement her aunt went up, Haru said" did you forget I'm good at cooking too, let me help". " you are a guest, go sit down I'll handle everything" Misa said while pushing him away and forcing him to sit. Haru sat in the living room, he looked around for a while and saw a jacket, a black jacket which had a stitched logo on the back, when Misa entered the room with plates, she saw him holding the jacket, " oh that's not mine, it's actual-" Misa was interrupted by Haru, " it's were the girl I saw 3 years ago" stuttered Haru, Misa couldn't hold herself to stand and sat down. " Are you okay?" Haru asked holding Misa's hand, " thank you so much" Misa said this while holding his hand tightly, Misa eyes filled with tears of happiness, " you helped me so much that day and I didn't even know your name" said Misa as tears fell down her cheek.
Haru rubbed her tears and said " don't cry, I'm here for you". They both hugged eachother, " you can keep the jacket" said Haru smiling. Misa laughed, their bond had become much closer than before, Misa thought to herself " he was always there with me, even from the beginning" . That day faith had bought them together, eating dinner and laughing with him, Misa felt blessed and didn't feel she was suffering in pain anymore, every second she spoke to him her heart felt light and warm, she wish it could last forever. " Misa I wanted to say you something important" said Haru , " for the past few days, I can't stop thinking about you and you understand me better than anyone, Misa i-", " ring ring". Haru was interrupted by the telephone. "Hold that thought, I'll be right back" said Misa, Haru took a deep breath, and relaxed. " Ugh...I really wanted to know what he was going to say me!" Misa thought to herself. " Hello, dear Misa it's me your father" , it's been so long since Misa had heard her dad's voice. " Dad, uhh..what happened why are you calling?" Asked Misa with a worried face. " There is going to be slightly changes, I want you to come here, Tokyo, so I can keep a close eye on you" said her dad, "what! dad!" Shouted Misa, "A car will come and pick you up on Monday, hope you understand my daughter" said her dad, " I'm not going anywhere, I'm staying!" Shouted Misa, clutching her heart. "......." He cut the phone, completely ignoring what Misa just said. Haru came out and saw Misa sitting on the floor, with a worried look on her face, Haru rushed towards her helping her to get up "Misa! What happened" Misa said, as every bit of her heart shattered " my dad is making me mov to Tokyo...." . Haru didn't like the sound of that, he felt confused and angry, Haru said as he agressivel held her shoulder "No you can't move anywhere, you'll not going anywhere! ,because....I love you Misa!".

Chapter 8- the plan

There was a silence....Misa's heart skipped a beat, "A confessions?, "I waited so long to hear those words from him, but why can't I say anything!" Misa thought to herself, she loved him but the words wouldn't come out, she didn't know what to say him. She looked at his eyes, and leaned closer towards him, when suddenly " what's going on here?...who was the phone call from Misa?" Asked Misa's aunt. Haru and Misa were startled, Misa took a step back. " It's late, I guess I have to go now, bye Misa" said Haru,
"Uhh...ya, bye" said Misa. After the door shut, Misa said "it was from father, the call" said Misa, looking down. "We'll talk about this tomorrow okay go get some rest" Misa's aunt said to her with her smile. Misa went up to her room, "what does that man want now" Misa's aunt thought to herself in anger.
The next morning, it was a Sunday, the day where Asahi had planned to go to the fare. Misa had totally forgotten about that because of last night. When Misa came down, her aunt had prepared break and was wanting to talk to her. " come on sit down, so what did daddy say last night" Asked her aunt, " he said I have to come to Tokyo, so he can keep a close eye on me" said Misa, " what!" Exclaimed her aunt. Misa said everything to her aunt, how she felt for Haru, that she didn't wanted to leave this place. Misa started crying, " I will not let that man take you away, I'll manage everything" said her aunt. Misa's mom would never forgive her if she let him take her away. Misa's cell phone starts buzzing, it was Haru, " hey Haru" said Misa, " hey Misa, today is the day we are going to the fare, remember?" Asked Haru, " oh no, I completely forgot!" Misa said as she stood up. " I thought so, it's at 8:00pm I'll send you the location of the fare" said haru. " I'll be there! Bye" said Misa. Misa said her aunt about the fare and her aunt was okay with it, she wanted Misa to enjoy her life to the fullest. " I'm I forgetting something?" Misa thought to herself. "Oh my god, Haru confessed his love yesterday! How in the world can I forgot such an important thing!" Misa thought to herself, she looked in the bathroom mirror and blushed, " I love you Misa!" Those words said by haru kept repeating in her brain, "ughh what is wrong with me" misa said to herself, she washed her face, and got some work done around the house, " I'm going out for some important work, I'll be back late" said Misa's aunt and left. Her aunt was planning to check files of Misa and who was giving authority to be her legal guardian. Misa and Haru kept talking on the phone, shared their excitement about the fare, but then Asahi called, " uhh Haru I'll call you later, Asahi is calling" said Misa, " oh okay, take care" said Haru, " hey Misa, your coming right?" Asked Asahi, " yeah I'm coming Asahi..ugh" said Misa, she had totally forgotten that Asahi was tagging along, she didn't wanted to speak to him on call so she said " uhh I think there is a bad connection, kkerree...I can't hear you okay bye" Misa cut the phone " ugh what a pain" she said to herself. Misa was playing with the cat all day, she was looking forward to see Haru, she felt excited and happy. But then in the back of her head the thought of leaving him and going to Tokyo made her feel sad. The time was 7:30pm, Misa wore a pink dress with daisy's on it and she had curled her long hair, she went to the fare hoping to see Haru, but she only saw Asahi, Misa saw Asahi speaking to someone in phone, Asahi was talking to Haru and saying that the plan had been cancelled and that they were not meeting, " where's Haru?" Asked Misa "He said that he couldn't make it" said Asahi, "what, no way he was so excited" said Misa " yeah but something urgent had come up so he couldn't come" said Asahi, " hey can I get your phone?, I want to call my mom, there is no balance in mine so" said Asahi, " "yeah sure" said Misa, Asahi pretend to call his mom and switched off her phone, so she wouldn't receive any messages or calls from Haru. " Since we are here, why don't we enjoy the fare?" Asked Asahi, " yeah ok come" said Misa in disappointment. After a few hours, Misa felt happy, and was enjoying with Asahi, they both ate, played and even danced. Misa and Asahi had a great conversation, they kept laughing . Misa had completely forgotten about Haru.

Chapter 9- never leave my hand

As the the colourful lights of the fare lit up the dark, Misa and Asahi were enjoying themselves, completely forgotten about Haru. " Hey Misa I'll go get us some apple candy" said Asahi. " Yes please!" Misa said laughing. Asahi felt satisfaction as his plan was working flawlessly. When Asahi went, Misa stood at the corner and thought to herself " today was so much fun". She started getting bored so she looked up at her phone and saw it was switched off, " is the battery down?" She thought to herself, when she got her phone to start working she saw " 8 missed calls" and " 20 unread messages" both from Haru!.
" Hey where are you?" " Since the plan is cancelled I was thinking we both could meet?" " Helllllooo?"
After reading all these messages sent by haru Misa knew exactly what was going on, her face had turned serious and was filled will rage. When Asahi came near her with the apple candy, " hey what's up, you look dull?" Asked Asahi, " why did you do it?" Misa asked, she showed him the messages. " Look Misa I'm sorry but I really wanted a night with only you" said Asahi. " So this was your plan all along!?" Asked Misa. " I've done so much for you, why can't you just forgive me!" Said Asahi. " I'm leaving" said Misa as she starts to walk away, Asahi threw the apple candy and pulled her back, he pinned her against the wall and said "please, I did this all for you, don't leave me again" shouted Asahi, Misa saw his eyes and saw that he really ment it, even though she hated him with all her heart, she still cared for him. Misa hugged him, and said nothing. Asahi was shocked , he wasn't expecting that at all. That night as the cool wind blew, in the middle of all the noice of the crowd, Misa didn't rage towards him but in fact piti for him. After a movement of silence, " I appreciate all you have done for me but I like Haru now, you will be my best friend like in the old days" Said Misa, " at least you don't dispise me now right?" Asked Asahi. " No, Im sorry for how I acted before" said Misa, all the angry she had built up had melted away. " You have to go back to Haru, he must be waiting for you" said Asahi. " Thanks for understanding" Misa said, smiling at him. Misa ran towards home, she called Haru and asked him to come out of his house, when haru came out, he saw Misa running towards him, " Haru!!" She shouted, in all the excitement of seeing Haru, Misa had almost tripped and fell, Haru caught her at the right movement, " are you okay, clam down" said Haru, " yea I'm fine, I'm just glad to see you" said Misa, when Haru saw Misa all dressed up he asked "did you go to the fare?" Asked Haru. " Yes, but I only went because I thought you were coming and when I went there you were not there and then I got to know Asahi tricked me, I really-" said Misa in one breath, Misa felt nervous and didn't know what was coming out of her mouth " clam down Misa! I don't care where you were, your with me now that's all I care " said Haru, he hugged Misa and kissed on her head.
"It's your last day here, I want to take you somewhere special" said Haru. " Wait out here, I'll be right back" Haru said, he rushed inside home grabbing a blanket and asked her to follow him. Misa trusted him blindly, and grabbed his hand and ran back of him, Misa loved it, the way the cold wind hit her face while running, the street lights lighting up the road, she had never felt so alive. Misa started to laugh " let's run faster!" Shouted Misa in excitement, Haru pulled her hand and held it tightly, " never let go of it!" shouted Haru with a smile.

Chapter 10- hope

As the both ran in the cold wind, laughing and feeling alive, Haru asked " can you climb?" , Misa felt confused " yeah sure" said Misa. They reached a dead end and a fence beside it, it was surrounded by trees, Haru helped Misa climb the fence, " don't worry, I got your back" said Haru, Misa jumped to her other side of the fence and so did Haru. " You okay" asked Haru " yes!" Said Misa, Misa kept following Haru for sometime, " there's the spot!" shouted Haru. Misa couldn't believe her eyes, she could see everything from up there, "wow, I didn't have any idea about this" said Misa with her mouth wide open, Haru sat at the edge, "common sit" said Haru, Misa sat beside him, all the buildings looked small and the wind was even colder up there, Haru wrapped her with the blanket he had bought, " what about you aren't you cold?" Asked Misa, she shared the blanket with him. Haru stated to blush and looked away. Misa layed her head on his shoulder and admired the view. They both started to have a conversation about how she was going to leave tomorrow, after a while things got really silent, the only sound heard was the crickets singing. Misa suddenly got up, she looked at the view and she whispered " I love you" , a cold wind blew over Misa's hair, Haru's eyes were wide open, " what did you say?" asked haru, Misa started giggling she turned towards him and shouted " I love you Haru!" , Misa felt her heart filled with joy like never before. Haru wasn't expecting that, his eyes lit up, Misa kept looking at his eyes, he leaned closer to kiss her, Misa couldn't move as she was nervous, but she felt it was right, she put her hand around his hair and kissed him back , that cold night, they felt warm begin with eachother and then they kissed under the moon light. At home Misa's aunt had figured out a huge truth, she knew exactly what to do to keep Misa away from that man. Misa and Haru spoke till they reached their homes. " Before you leave for Tokyo, don't forget to say goodbye" said Haru. " Yeah I won't forget" said Misa with a smile. Misa went straight to bed, as she was really tired. The next morning, Misa's aunt called out " Misa! There is something important I have to tell you" , " what is it?" Asked Misa in a worried face. " before your mom died she gave me the authority over you, but I was too scared to take care of a child, I felt like I couldn't do it so you ended up with your dad" said Misa's aunt. Misa was confused for a second, but she understood everything, " so you are my legal guardian?" Asked Misa. " Yep, that's pretty much it.." said Misa's aunt.
" I have to get the paperwork done and if I do that you wouldn't have to leave" said Misa's aunt with a smile. " That's great but when will you get the paper's" asked Misa, " that's the problem it's at 10:30pm, the car will be here at 10:00pm" said Misa's aunt with dispare. "Don't worry, I can stall those people for a while" said Misa. " Yes that would be helpful" said her aunt. Misa had a bit of hope left in her, " I can't give up this easily" said Misa to herself. Misa left for school, when she reached, she saw that her friends were absent. "Today will be boring I guess" Misa said to herself. Haru and Misa felt strong affection towards eachother, they both kept speaking, wherever they made eye contact, both of them looked away and blushed. The rest of the day went by, Haru and Misa were holding hands and walking, " didn't you tell your friends that you're leaving?" Asked Haru, "no I didn't want to worry them" said misa. " Oh yeah, things will get emotional" said Haru, " yeah exactly" said Misa. " I really wish you could stay" said Haru looking down, he starts to hold Misa's hand tightly in anger, " Haru! My hand" shouted Misa, " Oh I'm sorry" said Haru, he leaves Misa's hand and starts to walk towards home. Misa holds his hand and hugs him, " I know, even I don't want to leave you" said Misa. Haru grabbed her and wrapped her around his arms. When Misa went home her aunt was not there, she had gone to pick up the paper's. When the car arrived to pick her up, Misa's aunt wasn't home and she had promised to distract them before she came. She asked those drivers to come inside for a cup of tea, she tried to keep them entertained for a while but it was time, she had to go, when she sat inside the car, Misa's aunt came running " Misa! I got the paper's" she shouted. Misa in all excitement stepped out of the car and went stood behind her aunt, " according to these papers, her father has no right to take her to Tokyo, the drivers contacted Misa's dad, he was confused.
Misa's dad saw the paper's, he got furious that Misa's mom had gave authority to her aunt. After an argument, her father gave up, he thought Misa as a burden anyways and agreed to give Misa to her aunt. soon after Misas aunt had shifted into her house, when Misa ran to Haru and said " I'm not leaving!", Haru had a big smile on his face, he was about to hug her when suddenly Misa tripped and fell on him, as she layed over him and looked at his eyes she burst into laughter. She was so happy to see him again. He looked at her and started laughing. " I'm sorry, I couldn't control it your face expression was priceless" said Misa as she continues to laugh. Haru smiled at her and said "I'm just happy you're here with me". She stops laughing, she lookes at him with a smile and says " me too".

The End

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