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Kayla and Chris were always best friends growing up. One day they drifted apart because Kayla went off to follow her dream of becoming a famous author. While Chris on the other hand stayed behind so that way he can take over his families bookstore. What will happen when Kayla decides to move back home and runs into Chris?

Kathryn Randell
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Today was the day Kayla was going to leave Lakehart. It was her dream. After her father had died of a heart attack just a few short weeks earlier that’s when she knew she had to leave. Staying was going to be to painful for her. She knew that she at least had to try and follow her dream. The plan was for her to become a famous author. She had been planning this since for as long as she could remember. She knew that she wouldn’t say goodbye to the second person who believed in her, Chris. She knew if she did, he would give her every reason in the book to stay. She couldn’t do that. Not when everything is riding on her leaving.

She packed up a few things knowing she might have to come back for them but she didn’t know when or where. She knew that her mother would be at her weekly meeting where she’s grieving over the loss of her husband, Kayla’s father. Barbra had tried the last few weeks to have Kayla come to the sessions to maybe help her. But Kayla often refused solely for the main reason she didn’t want people to know that she had lost her father so young.

"What do you mean you wont come? This has been helping me alot and think it might help you." Barbra asked.

"Because I dont want people to think any worse of me than I already feel. I loved dad and he believed in me. He knew I would want to try regardless of the outcome." Kayla replied.

Barbra scoffed before grabbing her purse and left the house. Kayla knew that this was her only time to make the airline before her flight left. She didnt know why she chose now after spending her whole life here to leave but she did. She wrote a note to her mom apologizing but she knew it would do no use. Her mother made up her mind and Kayla knew there was no changing it. Kayla hoped that one day she would return for good and her mother would be proud of the woman she became. But for right now, Kayla wasnt the woman either one of them could be proud of.

Also, Kayla knew that leaving could be her form of therapy. One that her mother would never understand. For some reason, Barbra had gotten it into her head that Kayla should stay put and marry someone local. It had been a fight that Kayla and her mother had been fighting about for years. And up to a few weeks ago, her father had been by her side. He knew that Kayla was scratching to get out. But as stubborn as Barbra was, he had stuck around because of the fact that he loved both Barbra and Kayla. He always believed in Kayla and knew that he had to let her leave and learn for herself if this was a dream really worth chasing.

Kayla knew that this dream was worth chasing. She knew that she might end up failing but it’s better to try than to not have to tried at all. Kayla wasnt afraid to admit she got her stubbornness from her mother. Kayla knew that was part of the reason why they always butted heads alot. Almost always. But if Kayla didnt chase this dream she would probably regret it for the rest of her life. Little did she know how wrong she was.

Chris on the other hand, couldn’t bring himself to say goodbye to Kayla. Because he knew that saying those words meant there was a possibility that she wouldn’t come back. He always wanted hope that maybe one day she would come back and stay permanently. But he knew that he couldn’t keep her in the way of her dreams. So he did what he knew what to do till it became too much. Get up and go to work at the Hart Bookstore. The same bookstore that he had been working at for the past 2 years. Somehow it was enough to get him threw the first few days. Then it just became a routine. Get up, go to work and then go drive around their small town knowing that he wished for the day that Kayla might come home. He didn’t know if that was enough. If Chris wasn’t able to convince Kayla to stay and Barbra wasn’t able to convince Kayla to stay then they knew that no one really could make Kayla Starr stay in Lakehart Texas.

Chris' parents saw the look in his eyes the first few days after it was confirmed that Kayla was leaving. They both had hope that Kayla would come back and they could live happily ever after. It was a long shot but nothing could prepare them for the son that they got in return after that day.

Chris sighed as soon as Kayla left. This was the moment that he was regretting. What hurt worst was that she didnt even say goodbye to him. He didnt know what was going threw her head but Chris always knew that Kayla had her reason. He just wish he knew what those reasons were. Was he not good enough? Was this town not good enough? Things were going to be different but Chris didnt know if he was ready for different. It didnt matter if he was ready it was happening right before his very eyes.

"She will be back." Jackie stated.

"But when mom? She might never come back and she didnt even know how I felt. It seems like everyone knew how I felt about Kayla except Kayla." Chris stated.

"Just keep your hopes up. Stranger things have happened. Give Kayla time. You know shes going threw a hard time right now. From losing her father not that long ago. Truth be told, you might have done the same thing if something happened to your father or me." Jackie spoke.

Chris knew that there might have been some truth to what his mother had say. He knew that his mother wouldnt lie to him unless she had a good reason too. She didnt know if Kayla would come back either so she might have just told him to keep his hopes up for the day that she might return. As of right now, no one knew if Kayla was going to come back. But it was better to keep your hopes up instead of loosing all hope. It was better that way. It must have been hard for Chris to hear that but he was glad that he got to hear it from his mom instead of someone else. If it was someone else who knows what would have happened. It was times like these that he was glad to have his mom around to give such good advice like the kind she just gave.

He hoped that Kayla would come back and stay. He just didnt know it would be years before he would have that chance to finally tell Kayla how he actually felt.

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