Just The Way You Are

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Chapter 9.

Kayla had a feeling of what Chris was going to say. She just didn’t expect it to hurt as much or as deep as it did. Chris was almost always her rock. And knowing that he didn’t even read her published work hurt. More than she might be ready to admit. She didn’t know that moving away would hurt him more than it did. Moving hurt her as well but Chris meant everything to her. But she guessed that’s what happens when she chose to pack up and leave for New York to make your dream come true. She knew that she might not have read his work if the roles had been reversed at least she didn’t lie about that part of the conversation. Just was glad that thigs were going to be better and that was something she felt confident in.

It was early the next morning when her agent contacted her, she had expected them to say exactly what they had said. To work from a distant for a while. As much as Kayla knew that it was coming it didnt make her upset or anything. If anything it made her happy to be working form her hometown. Somewhere that gave her inspiration. Her agent wasnt planning on dropping her which made Kayla happy. They made a deal that even if her publisher did, her agent promised getting her a new one so Kayla didn’t have to start over completely. Kayla’s agent had been there when she was thinking about joining the writing business at 17.

When Kayla was in the middle of her first book, Kayla got advice from her agent that Kayla didn’t even take. When looking back she should have taken and that was not to get involved with Cole Marshall. And what did Kayla do? Get involved with Cole Marshall. It was a lesson that her agent did not want Kayla to learn. But here she was learning her lesson. She knew that there might be a chance that she might never go back to New York again because of her involvement with someone well known and respected in almost every aspect of New York. With everything that Kayla was feeling confident in as of lately it didn’t stop the fear that she had when it came to Cole Marshall. He did have blackmail on her and it was something she told her team as well as everything else. So that way when and if things did come out and Cole did blackmail her, no one in her team would be surprised and they would have a plan in place.

The shift at the library was a long one. Kayla had a hard time keeping her eyes open and the coffee she got before her shift wasnt exactly help. She was happy when her shift eventually ended. She did the same as the last shift as well as every other shift which help redirected people to the book store if they wanted books to buy. It was mainly the tourist that she was redirecting there so that way they could get the home like atmosphere of the bookstore in a small town. She knew that she would have to stop using her connections to the Harts in order to help them out. But it was near impossible considering it was a small town. And to be fair even if she didn’t know the owners of Hearts Bookstore and wasn’t close to their son growing up, she still might recommend the tourist to go there. It was the perfect bookstore for almost anyone. It seemed like mostly everyone loved a small town bookstore and were willing to go there especially since Kayla had recommended it.

When Kayla got home, her mind went back and forth between going to sleep and working on her outline. Eventually, her body decided for her. She had fell asleep for a few hours and when she awoke it was already time for dinner. Kayla was still rubbing the sleep from her nap as she saw that her mom had made dinner which was something that she was not expecting. She knew from the past to know that this more than likely wasnt a good sign.

“I know that you’re expecting a lecture but this time I just wanted to cook for you. You seemed like you had a long day and from how you looked this morning didn’t get much sleep last night.” Barbra stated.

Kayla was still hesitant as took some food that her mom made before sitting at the opposite end of the table. Even when Kayla was growing up she always sat opposite of her mother. It didn’t change when she came back for holidays and it sure as hell wasn’t going to change now that she was back possibly forever. Kayla was grateful that her mother opened up her home for her for this visit home. Kayla was still hoping to move back permanently to Lakehart. To Kaylas surprise, Barbra didn’t lecture her about anything. Kayla and her mother had a very nice conversation about life. Barbra even asked Kayla about her book that she was working on. Which was something that she was not expecting. Barbara had really never shown interest in Kaylas work but she was thankful that she at least read them. Kayla didn’t know what happened to her mother but she knew that didn’t want to push it. But something told her that Barbra knew the real reason why Kayla came back. Or at the very least wanted to know why Kayla wanted to return all of a sudden.

“Are you going to tell me why your being all nice mom? We both know that you know something. Youre never this nice unless there was something in it for you.” Kayla stated.

Barbra sighed before answering her daughter. “I didn’t mean to overhear the conversation you were having this morning. You remember how thin these walls are. But I didn’t know that you’ve been going threw things. I knew there had to be more of why you just came home but i didn’t think it was because you got forced out of New York because of a mix up in the wring crowd.”

“This my lesson to learn mom. I didn’t want practically anyone to know that this happened. My agent said he was bad news and I was the one that was naive and didnt listen. Now, Im paying for it. Honestly I think me and my agency can make this work. They didnt drop me and think if we can communicate from emails and phone calls we will be willing to.” Kayla spoke.

Kayla was trying not to sound excited to tell her mother this. But it was true. Maybe getting mixed up with the wrong people was the best thing that could have happened to her career. Things might change and she might be able to work in New York again if she wanted to. But right now Kayla wanted a different pace in life. One that was calming and relaxing. One that she could be happy in. Not that she wasnt happy in New York because she was. But now back in her hometown of Lakehart things seemed to be falling in to place that never seemed possible before.

"I will not tell your secret. I know that is hard to believe because how much I love to talk. But I feel like this is something you need to tell people in your own time." Barbra stated.

"Thanks mom. There is still alot that needs to be figured out but I promise that I will try to be honest with you about it." Kayla spoke.

Kayla was content with the changes that were happening in her relationship with her mother. Yes there will more than likely always be the tension but it was better to have something to work threw. Even though they always didnt have the greatest relationship, now seemed like a good time to at the very least start working on that. This was another relationship in Kaylas like that she wanted to fix and from the sounds of it Barbra also wanted to work on their relationship.

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