Just The Way You Are

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Chapter 10.

Chris thought might be for the best if he tried not to think so much about Kayla. As far as he knew her dreams were more than capable of coming true still from right here. He thought it would be for the best if he went back to ignoring his feelings towards Kayla. But at the same time Chris knew that his parents wouldn't accept this knowing that Kayla was back and seemed to be changing him for the better. He didnt know what to do conidering this was the first time he had been dealing with these kinds of emotions. So he did what he did best in these types of situations. He chose to fake it at least for right now. He seemed content faking it throughout the shift at the store. He wasnt expecting Kayla to come in when they were close to closing.

“Were about to close for the night Kay.” Chris stated.

Kayla looked over at Chris and smiled. The smile that always seem to get him. Kayla got in and it seemed like she knew what she was getting because she was at the counter in 15 minutes flat. Chris knew that once Kayla was on a mission she couldn't be stopped. He had seen something similar multiple times before now. So it definitely wasnt surprising that Kayla was at the checkout counter as quick as she was.

“I didn't mean to come in this close to closing. My mom and I had a talk last night. I think the whole town will find out soon why I really came home anyways. Even though my mom stated that she wouldnt tell the whole town.” Kayla stated.

Chris didnt know the real reason as to why Kayla had returned home. But there was something that they could agree on. It was that if Barbra knew something about anyone it wouldnt stay that way for long. Barbra was the type of person who didnt keep secrets for long.

“I know that your mom likes to tell every one about things that arent her business. But if you need someone to talk to I am still here and just know that I still care. We can talk about whatever is bothering you.” Chris stated.

Chris knew that he couldnt lie to himself even though that he really wanted to. He had spent the better part of 6 years trying to forget that Kayla and his feeling for her even existed. But now it was hard to tell if his feelings for her were because of the fact that he still had those feelings for her or because of something else. He hoped that one day things would change to the point to where they could be more than this.

“Thanks. I know that me being back cant be the most easiest thing in the world. But you have made my life here okay since coming back. I honestly thinking about moving back considering that it would be easier. Just being back here has made things better. Its like things have slowed down. Especially when you come back from New York.” Kayla stated.

Chris had to laugh at this. He knew exactly what she was talking about. The fact that being here in Lakehart can make everything feel like its just slowing down. It was one of Chris' favorite thing. It honestly made Chris feel like there were more than 24 hours in a day. Kayla always seemed to know the words to make anyone laugh. It had reminded Chris of when they were younger. Kayla would make a face or crack a joke and everything seemed to be okay in the end. It seemed like this time what she said was true. Like things were going to be different and Chris was more than okay with that.

Chris was packing up her books and when she stepped outside she looked behind her and noticed that Chris was locking up the store. Kayla smiled as she noticed something warm inside her stomach when Chris had approached her. Kayla knew that there was a chance this would fade. Plus there would be a chance that Chris would like her back. It always seemed like there were things that only the other understood. Chris could see that Kayla that was feeling something. It wasnt that hard to figure out if someone had known Kayla as long as he had. He always knew if he pushed something with her, whatever it was, she would close herself off and it might take awhile before she felt comfortable opening up to any one again. Even though Kayla had stated that moving back permanently was an option, Chris also knew that there was the opportunity would come and she would leave as soon almost as quick as she came. After Kayla left, Chris felt like he had become an alternative in her life. Considering how easy it had been for Kayla to leave. Chris wanted Kayla to stay. But forcing her to stay somewhere she didnt want to stay was almost impossible.

“Do what makes you happy Kayla. No one is forcing you to stay if you dont want to stay. I just want to make sure that if you want to stay its because its what you want. Not because its what other people want for you. Everything will work itself out in the end.” Chris stated.

Chris felt Kaylas eyes on him. Chris knew that even though it was coming off rude that wasnt how he wanted it to be. He always wanted Kayla to do what was best for her and not stay in a town that might not want you in the end.

“That sounds exactly like something my dad would say. ‘Do what makes you happy Kayla' and ‘This is your life you gotta live it.’ It's times like these where I would like advice from my father. I just wasnt expecting that the advice he would give me would come out of you. I have been trying to figure out what is not only what is best for me but what is best for those around me. But for some reason I still find a way to screw everything up.” Kayla stated.

The last thing that Chris wanted was to make Kayla upset for whatever reason. He should have known that doing what was best for her was something that she was trying to do. He should have known that it would have taken longer than other times depending on what it was the heart wanted. Chris hugged her as Kayla as it seemed to calm her down somewhat. These were the moments he enjoyed the most out of everything. This was when he realized that maybe holding on to the feelings he had were hurting more than just him. That they were hurting her as well.

When he got home he decided to write Kayla a letter. He didnt know if he was going to give it to her yet or how but it was better to write down what he was feeling. It were moments like these where he could talk to Kayla but Chris didnt want to push her away when it seemed like he was the only person that she could trust besides Hunter.

This is probably something that I should have told you before you left. But I know as soon as you know it will change things between us. It was the last thing that I wanted to do. If you dont feel the same way then I completely understand. If you just want to be friends that is fine. Because the last thing that I wanted to do was hurt you. And thats how it feels like I have been doing in a way since you returned. But you need to know that I am in love with you. I have been since we were kids. I know that this changes things between us. So you do you and I will be waiting here for your decision. Whatever it may be.
Chris had put it in his desk and he knew that he would have to give it to her sooner or later but he just needed the courage to either tell her in person or to give her the note. He was hoping that nothing will change between them even though when Kayla found out it would change everything for them. When she found out, he just hoped that the outcome would be the one that he wanted. He had to remind himself of the advice he had told Kayla. That it would all work out in the end. Because somehow everything found a way of working itself out. Including this. So he just had to remain hopeful which was something difficult for Chris to do.
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