Just The Way You Are

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Chapter 11.

After being back home in Lakehart for about a week, Kayla didn't see herself going back to her life in New York. That's why she asked if she could possibly work from her hometown. She wasnt expecting a yes but everyone was willing to give it a shot. Coming back to Lakehart was what she needed but also what her career might needed as well. She had this fear that readers might not like her new stuff after she moved back. But it was a risk she was willing to take. She would be following the same formula that made her earn the money because it's what her publisher suggested she do after the first two were so great.

Kayla always enjoyed Lakehart and with today being the fourth almost everything was closed down so that way everyone could celebrate. Even the tourist who didn't know how Lakehart could pull off something like the 4th. It was the paranoia which Kayla came to expect when you're celebrating. She noticed that Chris had his camera which was like Chris in a way. She remembered when they ware younger and Chris would photograph anything he thought the town wanted to remember. The photos that Chris took around the Thanksgiving and Christmas activities always were always some of Kaylas favorites. The activities were the things that Kayla remembered about coming back the last few years. She didn't know how Chris always seemed to capture the best picture possible.

“Do you always do this?” Kayla asked.

Chris seemed to laugh as it brought back some memories of them being 13 when Kayla tagged along with Chris as he took pictures of books for the website. “You should know the answer. You asked the same question when we were 13.” Chris replied.

Kayla knew that Chris meant yes. She had known that Chris was always doing the small things for the book store before he became a regular worker at the Harts bookstore. She remembered the time when a conversation that Chris had with his parents turned into an argument over the fact that the bookstore didn't have a website. It was a pretty big deal but when you have two parents who arent tech savvy like Chris was, Kayla could understand why. It always seemed like Chris wanted to use every resource that was available to not only them but their costumers as well.

“So you're taking the day off from writing today?” Chris asked.

“Wouldn't call it taking a day off. More like taking a day for inspiration. You know how persistent my mother is. I wouldnt have gotten any writing done today anyways. Think it was just better to come check out what the town did and get some inspiration.” Kayla stated.

Kayla was in fact curious about how the town did the 4th of July celebrations. Even though she might have grown up in Lakehart it didnt mean that things were the same. Plus she knew that a day of inspiration could in fact be good for her. There were parts of her book that she was still stuck on even though she knew all the big points she would like to happen. Kayla also knew that she would like it to be in a small town and knew that if she wanted it to take place in a small town she had to use the inspiration around her. Taking in the scenery was one of Kaylas favorite things about growing up. Especially around the Christmas time when things seemed to be even more beautiful in their own special way. As much as she loathed growing up in a small town, Kayla was almost joyful to be back living in a small town now. She felt like she could put herself in her work which is something that Kayla felt like she couldnt do for the better part of 6 years.

“Well I'm more than happy to help. I know that we are still getting use to being around each other again but that doesnt mean that things have to be weird between us.” Chris suggested.
Kayla knew that working with Chris was something that she wanted to do. They had always worked well together and this was just another example of why they always made such a great team. Chris has always helped her the most during her time back. Chis was in the middle of taking pictures when an idea hit her.

“Hey what if i added some photos about the 4th. I dont know if I will add them to my story or not but I think its worth a shot. I mean you were the one to suggest to add a small town in my story so what better than to add photos.” Kayla stated.

“The ones Im currently taking are going to take a while to go threw and get processed. But I think I have some from previous years that you are more than welcome to look at. No promises they are any good for your standards.” Chris stated in almost a joking manner at the end.

“We can go throw them later. Yes, I want you to help me because you have eyes for things that I dont. Today i just want to enjoy the 4th of July. The first one Ive attended in almost a decade.” Kayla spoke.

Chris shook his head as he continued to take pictures of the 4ths activities. There was something different about Kayla. It had seemed like she was enjoying the small town life that she took for granted. There were things that Kayla didnt know that she would miss. Even though there were things that she hated like the Texas heat of summer, Kayla couldn't help but enjoy what the summer brought to Texas. There were things about the summer in Lakehart that she liked growing up that she liked even more now. Things like the 4th, their summer carnival, etc. It was things like this that made Kayla want to come back for good.
There were things that she knew that she had to do. Like tell her roommate Sierra about the new development. But today wasnt the day to be thinking about any of the things that had been bothering her lately. Sierra had become like Kaylas second best friend. They did almost everything together when they both had the time. Not that either one of them minded. Both of them had come from small towns and they wanted to make something of themselves. But one thing that they didn't think of is that after almost 6 years as friends and roommates something would split them up possibly for good.

Kayla didn't want anything to ruin her day. She would more than likely start dealing with things again tomorrow when it wasn't the 4th of July. Kayla just wanted to enjoy the fried pickles, the funnel cakes, the deep fried food and somehow drinks that can send anyone into a food coma. Today, Kayla wanted to enjoy the 4th without having to worry about anything. Not her publisher, not her agent, no one. Kayla decided to worry about what happened in the coming days starting on July 5th. Today she wanted to enjoy the 4th with no stress or anything of that nature.
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