Just The Way You Are

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Chapter 13.

After talking with Chris, Kayla wanted more. But in time things hopefully grow. Even though she had to admit, she was just as surprised as Chris when he stated that Barbra wanted her to come out in her own time with her story. Karla was honestly expecting the whole town to know what had happened to her and she was lowkey expecting pity looks. Barbra was known for being the town gossip so knowing that she’s just respecting Kaylas privacy like this was truly baffling. She grabbed her coffee before heading off to the library for her shift.

Kayla had talked to her roommate, Sierra, about how things were going and told her that she might be moving back permanently. Over the years they had both discussed moving back to their respective hometowns. Sierra had been in a long distant relationship with a guy from her hometown that she had been getting to know. Kayla had met the guy a few times throughout the years when he came to visit and thought he was perfect. So when Kayla heard that he proposed to Sierra, Kayla wasnt too surprised. Kayla knew that it was going to happen sooner or later. Even when her own love life seemed to be in the gutter. Sierra had always been one of Kaylas best friend. Truth be told, Kayla had no idea how she would have survived if it hadnt been for Sierra keeping Kaylas head on her shoulders. Sierra had been planning to leave permanently before everything happened. It was upsetting to know that they would be selling the condo that they had been staying in. Kayla honestly thought that she would be staying there for a while. But that was before things had changed and possibly for the better the way that Kayla saw it. Kayla would have been upset if the condo was ripped from underneath her if she was planning on still living there. Things worked in mysterious ways and Kayla knew that she wouldnt regret her time with Sierra or any of the memories that they made together over the last 6 years.

Before she even got into the start of her shift at the library, Kayla knew that this was a long one at best. Kaylas mind was wondering towards New York and what was happening with Cole Mitchell. Her mind must have been affecting other parts of her life. Because Kayla swore that she saw an email from Cole Mitchell in her inbox. The more she realized that that it was a real email from the guy that hurt her in more ways than she would like to admit. Kayla opened the email.

To: Kayla Starr

From: Cole Mitchell

Subject: Im Sorry

I’m sorry about how we left things. I honestly didnt think my actions would have caused you to leave the one place that you loved. I realize now that I need to change. I know you are going to send this email to your team and I do plan on working on this with them so I dont ruin another great authors career again. I deleted the email and I do plan on making a public apology. I don’t expect or plan for you to forgive me after what I put you threw while you were here. It takes great courage to tell someone what happened. I wont deny what happened while we were together because there is nothing to deny. You are a great author and I took advantage of a young and naive girl when I should had know better. Again, Im sorry and will be trying harder to change my behavior in the future.


Cole Mitchell

Cole did know one thing. Kayla had immediately forwarded that email to her team. She had trusted him and fallen for his tricks before so she knew that she wanted to do anything but fall for them again. Cole always knew her weak spots so if Cole was telling the truth, then she would need to see some sort of proof. It meant alot to her knowing that he emailed her an apology. But it was going to take more than an email for her to forget of what happened. But honestly, that was probably what Kayla was worried about the most. That once the cameras stopped rolling his sweet apology act, if thats what it this was, that Cole would just start planning and doing this again. Even if it wont be with writers.

“Are things that bad?” Someone had asked.

“Im really not so sure. My team is taking care of everything on their end. Plus being back has made me realize that I want to move back. Yesterday made me realize how much I missed this small town. I think i didnt know how much i missed it until I left. I can work from here on new books and it can be a win win for everyone involved.” Kayla stated.

"If you do decided to move back for good just let us know. Think the whole library would love to have you full time. Think this doesnt need to be said but the whole town would love to have you back. You being back has been great for everyone. Especially that Hart boy from the bookstore. Weve all seen how you both look at each other. Think its safe to say that he could be your soulmate.” She stated.

“Dont think that he wants to date right now. He told me last night when we were in the park. To be honest think its for the best if we didnt jump into anything right now. Get to know each other again and see if there is a possibility that this could work.” Kayla stated.

One thing that she loved since Kayla returned home was getting to know her coworkers and becoming acquainted with mostly all of them. Getting to know her coworkers had become a big reason why she was considering about moving back permanently. She already knew what her moms thoughts on the subject it still didnt feel right to make this decision without input from Barbra. Barbra was one of the few people that Kayla knew that didnt want her to leave in the first place. So when Kayla got home she saw her mother sitting on the couch before sitting next to her.

“How do you feel about me moving back? Permanently?” Kayla asked.

Barbra looked up at Kayla and knew what she was asking. "You know my thoughts on that. You know I would love to have you back. If you want to move back Im perfectly fine with you living here until you find a place in town. I want you to move back for you. Not because of anyone else but for you."

Even though Kayla knew that was going to be her mothers anwser it didnt stop her from hugging Barbra. Kayla was happy that her mother was coming around to her dream. She knew that she couldn’t live with her mother forever but for right now that was enough. She would want what happened in New York to blow over first before even think about finding a place in town.

Kayla knew that even after Cole made his apology public that there was a part of her that might never want to officially move back to New York. There was something that she knew that she had to do and she knew that it would be something she didn’t like. And that was to tell Chris what had happened before the apology became public. There was one thing that she didnt know. That was when exactly Cole was going to come out with the apology. She wasnt for sure if he was planning on coming out at all. She hadn’t heard back from her team ever since she forward the e-mail that she got.

Even though Chris was the one person that Kayla regretted having to tell, she knew that she didnt want him to look at her any differently. But as well she knew that if Chris knew there was always that possibly. She knew that was this was a risk. She would have to risk loosing her friendship, loosing the another person who believed in her and even lose the one guy she possibly only truly loved. Kayla knew what she had to do but here was the thing she didnt know how exactly how to tell him. She couldnt focus on her book because it felt all over the place. So as she put it away, Kayla kept reminding herself that she was willing to take the risk and whatever happened it would be worth it in the end.

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