Just The Way You Are

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Chapter 14.

Chris seemed not only confused but surprised by Kaylas behavior at the 4th of July. Kayla had never shown interest in Chris but it seemed like all of a sudden she was suddenly interested. That was probably what was confusing Chris because this didnt seem like ordinary Kayla behavior. All the possibilities that he came up with as to why only made his heart whence. Nothing that Chris came up with about the possibilities made any sense. There had to be a reason but it seemed like he was brushing off the most logical possibility. The more Chris thought about it the more confusing it got. The more confusing it got the more heart wrenching it became. Knowing about the kiss now he didnt know if it made things better or worse. He knew one thing. He knew he wanted to get to know the Kayla that came back. If they did want to get together Chris wanted it to be organic not because they were forced together.

It was just another day at the bookstore but some days tend to have moments that shock you. Chris was surprised to see both Chris and Hunter walk into the bookstore that day. Think the main reason that he was surprised was because he didnt know that they knew each other. He always thought that Kayla would have her own friends in New York but it was surprising that she had friends in town besides him. Chris thought that since Hunter moved here after Kayla left for New York that they would be the one person who Kayla wasnt connected to in Lakehart.

“Hey Chris. I was just telling Hunter that my friend Sierra was coming down to look at possible venues for her wedding.” Kayla stated.

Chris was surprised that one of Kaylas friends were coming to see the town. He didnt know how people in the big city did things but he didnt understand why someone would want to come check out a small town like Lakehart. Especially when there were so many wedding venues in New York.

“I know that look Chris.” Kayla started. “Sierra doesn't live in New York fully. She met her finance back in her small town. They want to see if Lakehart is a place that they not only want to get married but settle down and start their own family.”

“Dont sweat it. They are more than welcome to come check things out. I know we will all show that hospitality that we are known for. Knowing you, they will be so tired of Mr Taco that they will more than likely be wanting to go back home.” Chris stated.
They both started to laughed knowing how right Chris was. It seemed like everyone knew how much Kayla did for her community when she was in town. It seemed like with so much that Kayla did for the community it seemed like the least she could do. Which was give them a good place to eat. It seemed like now with Kayla being back possibly permanently it was good for everyone in the town including the business. Something Kayla always did, which inspired others in town, was how Kayla always made sure to give the best impression of Lakehart as she could. Even if the tourist didnt come back, they would probably tell others and it would inspire more business for everyone involved because of the great hospitality that was shown while they were here.

There were things that Chris wanted to know more about. Like Kaylas life in New York. Even though it might be a long shot, this was the first time that Kayla mentioned anything or anyone about her life in New York. Even though things were different for the both of them, he still wanted nothing more than to get to know this Kayla again. Because he knew that this Kayla was a more involved version of the Kayla that was left behind. Reconnecting was something that it seemed like the both of them wanted. Especially with Kayla being back on a much more permanent bases. If she hadn't left, Chris wondered if that would have made a difference in their relationship? Chris knew with the million other questions that he had that he didnt want an answer. Sometimes not knowing was better than actually knowing. Even though this wouldnt always be the case, Chris enjoyed how things were going with Kayla right now.

Chris knew that sooner or later Kayla would let him in on whatever it was that she was hiding away. Just by looking at her, Chris knew that Kayla was debating with something. Chris found it surprising that someone like Barbra Starr wasnt gossiping about whatever she had on Kayla. Weather it was good or bad, Barbra couldnt help herself but to gossip over whatever it was. Chris was happy that Barbra wasnt going tell him what she overheard but it irritated him at the same time. It irritated him because it was something that he relied on from Barbra to tell the town the latest news that she had heard. Even if it came from someone else in town and they asked her to keep it to themselves. This was something that Chris wondered about. Why all of a sudden did Barbra decide to turn over a new leaf when she was always known as the town gossip. But Chris hoped whatever the reason, Barbras new ways were here to stay.
Even though the book store really wasnt all that busy yet, Chris decided that he wanted to help Hunter and Kayla find whatever it was that they were looking for. Most people were just waking up and starting their day when the shop opened. Those who did get an early start found their way to the bookstore because they knew that Chris would be there. Chris knew that his parents wouldnt be in till roughly 9 when the store actually opened so Chris decided that he wanted to open the store earlier for those who couldnt come and get what they needed the day before. The people who came this early usually had a book set aside from the day before and wanted to grab it. After getting the book they came here, they would usually shop around enjoying the quietness of the bookstore before everything became hectic. Chris never really minded opening up the store earlier since he usually tended to be an early riser himself. It would give Chris' parents time to recover from the day before. They were usually early risers as well but it was nice for them to get a slow start to their day. Even though there were people coming in after close to get some things they put on hold over the phone, Chris' parents usually took care of that. Chris always wanted to make sure that his parents were taken care of. Chris enjoyed working for his parents at the bookstore. He didnt think about leaving his parents for the competition. Chris always wanted to make sure to have meetings with other bookstores so that way they can have an agreement. He wanted to make sure that his parents didnt close down their store and it almost always worked. Even though Chris knew that the time would come where they had to close down the store he didnt think of what to do if they did.

He could always tell that Kayla was excited about the bookstore. Whenever she came in, her eyes would light up with the “I'm going to find a new adventure today.” Chris somehow knew that Kayla would find that adventure one way or another. It was something that he loved about her.
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