Just The Way You Are

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Chapter 15.

Kayla always wanted Sierra to come to Lakehart and to see the town. But Kayla couldn't help but feel somewhat jealous at the fact that her friend was getting married while she was still single. Hunter couldnt help but see the look on Kayla's face as she entered The Daily Grind. It was a place where both Hunter and Kayla had visited a lot over the years and came to the point where the owner felt okay leaving it to Hunter. The place was usually closed at 5 in the afternoon, but there were those who knew that it stayed open somewhat later for those who have a night shift in another town or for people like Kayla who tend to do some of their best work at night.

“Ive told you one and pretty sure ive told you a thousand times since. I personally think Chris is the one you were meant to be with. Ive told Chris the exact same thing. I am honestly surprised neither one of you have done anything. Thought one of you would do something by now.” Hunter stated.

“Um hello, I did do something. I kissed him on the Fourth of July. Hes the one that stated that he wanted to get to know the new me. Everyone is stating that Chris likes me but Chris' body language states other wise. So sorry for not knowing exactly what to do.” Kayla stated.

“He tried for 6 years to move on. He was never compatible with the girls he went on dates with and maybe he knew that too. But think the reason he wants to get to know this new you is to see if something is still there. If not then he can finally move on from what ever was holding him to you.” Hunter stated.

Kayla was fond on the relationship that she made with Hunter. She remembered what it was like when they had met 4 years prior when Kayla was back for the Christmas holiday. Kayla had walked into The Daily Grind to see Margo, the woman who had been running the coffee shop for as long as Kayla could remember to see Hunter. They had got to talking and next thing they knew they had become close friends. Kayla had grown up without any siblings so it was easy to see Hunter as the sister that Kayla always wanted. Kayla always wanted her mom to be happy. Even if that meant marrying a man who had children. She had even tried to get her mom to adopt after her father died but the answer was “I'm too old to raise another child.” Barbra was in her late 40s to early 50s so she might not have been able to handle a child with so much energy but maybe one that didnt have that much energy but still needed the love and affection that came with needing a family.

“How are things back home? Your mom must be happy to have you back in town.” Hunter asked.

“I think that she is happy that im thinking about moving back full time. She gave me the 'if you move back dont stay under my roof too long' speech. Which in hindsight I was low key expecting. She does seem to be coming around to the writing dream that ive had for like 20 years though. She told Chris that it was my story to tell about what happened in New York. That doesnt seem like my mother whatsoever.” Kayla had told Hunter.

Kayla was her mothers daughter in a way. Kayla did seem to gossip like her mother. But the biggest difference between Kayla and Barbra was that Kayla really only told who she trusted and they were the people who really didnt tell anyone else. Thats why it seemed more realistically that Kayla from any kind of game plan with Hunter. But Hunter seemed to have the same surprised expression as Kayla when Chris told her what Barbra had said.

Hunter had always seemed to be a great friend to Kayla. Hunter never took advantage of Kayla but Hunter might have let it slip to the Austin Area that THE Kayla Starr was coming home for the time being. It seemed like it was the only time she had betrayed Kayla. The town had seemed to be struggling for a while now and with Kayla being back it meant more people which meant more money. Hunter promised to herself that she wouldn't tell anyone about what she did. Hunter didn't want to lose Kayla as one of friends that she had. Kayla had known a bit about Hunter but not too much to ask any questions. Hunter never really let people get to close as it means that it gets harder to say goodbye. Kayla knew that Hunter had been running from something but to know that she was still here after 4 years had to mean something. But Hunter felt herself getting close to Kayla. With Kayla being back, it meant that people would be coming from all over and meaning that someone was going to be looking for her and knew what she did.

“What’s got you so jumpy?” Kayla asked.

“Just don't want to leave this place. It became almost like home. It's the closest thing that I’ve had to a home in a while.” Hunter vaguely explained.

Kayla had learned from the very best. Don't push people. If Hunter wanted to she would tell Kayla what exactly was going on. But it was not enough to know that something was wrong and not do anything. Kayla took out a paper and pen and wrote down her therapist's number and slid it to Hunter.

“If you ever want to talk to anyone, call him. He might give you some ideas on what to do next. He is a therapist but he does believe in what you tell him stays between you and him. He helped a lot during the mist of what was going on in New York.” Kayla stated.

Hunter gave Kayla a small smile before tucking the number into her back pocket. Kayla had always been a good friend to Hunter. One of the greatest friends that Hunter could ever ask for. She could understand why she wanted her friend Sierra to come. It might be a security blanket in a way for Kayla to seem somewhat normal. It was too hard to do that when everyone is happy that your home and the tourists are only here because of you.

Kayla knew she did all she felt she could do. If Hunter wanted to talk to her, then Hunter would have to get over whatever was bothering her. Kayla knew something was bothering Hunter just like something was bothering her. Maybe the reason Hunter didn't want to talk to Kayla was because Kayla was going through her own BS in her own life. Kayla knew that there was a lot going on in her life especially with the email from Cole that she didn't know how to interpret it. Kayla adored Hunter but knew if she left who would take over the Daily Grind? Kayla didn't know anyone who made a better cup of coffee in town than Hunter. But if she knew anything she couldn't stop Hunter if she wanted to leave.
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