Just The Way You Are

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Chapter 4.

Chris thought it was impossible to stop thinking about Kayla once he saw her at the shop. But he was glad that she came in. He knew that it was going to happen anyways. He had told noone of the meeting with Kayla because he wanted it to be a surprise.

Anyways, Chris was on his way to the coffee shop that was owned by Hunter. They had gotten close when Kayla was gone and the connection they had made him feel better about Kayla being gone. He had seen Kayla sitting inside the coffee shop just like they had discussed. It seemed way more than a coincidence that she came back to Lakehart and that he already saw her a handful of times. He knew that taking to her was the best thing that they could have done. That her being back wasnt a bad thing. When he did see Kayla the other night he didnt know what he was going to say. He didn't realize he was standing in line till Hunter had smiled when it was his turn.

“She's back and yet you won't talk to her. You state to be in love with her yet you are here standing in line to get coffee instead of going over there and talking to her.” Hunter stated.

“Actually we had already talked when she came to the bookstore last night. We agreed to meet here today for some coffee. Didnt know it was a bad thing to get my coffee before meeting her.” Chris spoke while taking a drink of his coffee.

Hunter shook her head as she handed him his coffee. The second half of the day tends to be the slowest and his parents stated that they had it so he was free to enjoy the afternoon which is almost a first. Which brought him to the coffee house. He didnt ask for the time off but he was glad that his parents gave him the afternoon off. But after seeing Kayla he kinda needed to think about what it was he was going to say. He didnt know who was going to take the lead in the conversation. It almost seemed impossible to know what to say but he knew that it might be the best idea to just go with the flow. He walked around over to her and sat in front of her. He noticed how beautiful she was now. He had always known how beautiful that she was but seeing her in front of him made all the difference. He didnt know if this was the best idea. But a public place was better than anything.

“Hey. Super glad that you made it.” Kayla had spoke.
He noticed for the first time that she was happy. Genuinely happy. He saw the woman who he thought he'd never see again. At that moment he thought he was dreaming but he smiled and looked at her. He didnt want to freak her out so he just decided to go with the flow like he wanted.
“Yea of course I made it. Im glad that you made it too.”

He knew she was back but he didn't believe that she would actually want to talk to him the day she got back. Let alone been seen with him. He didn't know where her head was at and to be honest it might have been better that way. Things would be different for better or worse if he had know. But hopefully things would be better for all like he hoped. He knew he wanted to tell her. He wanted her to know how he felt but he didn't know if now was the right time to tell her how he felt.

The more he thought about it the more he thought that of course it wasnt the right time. It might not have been the right time now but hopefully sometime soon it would be the right time. After she left for New York, it was like he wanted forget all the feelings that he had for her. But that was easier said than done. Chris didn't know what to say right now. He knew she wanted a conversation with her, which was why he agreed to meet her, but he didn't know where to start. He knew that everything was different. He never read any of her books so he didn't know if she had thanked him at all for the impact he had on her life. Or if any impact he had on her life was significant enough to even be worth mentioning.

“You look good. Just as handsome as i remember.” Kayla stated.

He smiled before taking a drink of coffee. It was good that she was breaking the ice because he didnt know if he was capable of breaking it without running like a chicken.

“You look great as well. Just wasn't expecting to see you back in town. Think our parents stopped looking for us when we snuck out in the middle of the night to go to the park.” Chris spoke.

He knew he brought up a great memory for her because he saw her smiling. Chris was happy that she remembered the park and what it meant to the both of them. Chris just didn’t think that it would bring up a big deal that was really possibly nothing. Kayla sighed as she looked over at him. He never knew what it meant when she sighed. It was either a good thing or a bad thing. That was what he did know.

“I didn’t mean to leave you. I just had to get out. You wanted to stay and I didn’t want to be convinced to say when I was itching to get out.” Kayla stated

Chris knew what Kayla was talking about. He did get the calls when she left but they did go straight to voicemail. At the time that he was getting her calls he was convinced that he didnt want to hear any of her excuses. Because he knew that if he answered all the feelings that he was trying to hide and get over would just come crushing back and he didnt want that. Not at the time at least.

“I’m sorry for not answering your calls. But we can reconnect. Think that will be great for the both of us. You always had the best ideas.” Chris spoke.

“Yea. I have missed you Chris. I would like to reconnect and see where that leaves us. And maybe reconnecting would be good for us. It might convince me to move back for good.” Kayla suggested.

"Well you did always know what it was you wanted to do. Once you knew what you wanted you always went after it. If moving back is what you want to do then you have a team behind you." Chris stated.
He knew that he was right. He didnt know how right that he was when he said that. He didnt know if Kayla would move back but he knew that if she ever did decide to move back for good that there would be people behind her. He didnt know how much of her work she could do from home but it would be better to be around people that could give you inspiration for your novels. Which was probably why he wanted her to stay in the first place. But letting her go all those years ago was the worst and best thing that could have ever happened. Maybe for the both of them because he knew he was a better person and he couldnt wait to be introduced to the new Kayla. The Kayla that found herself in New York. The Kayla that did come back. The Kayla that did want to reconnect.
"Well I think its best if I go. Mom wants me to pick up a few things before the start of my shift tomorrow." Kayla stated.
"So your staying awhile if you got a job?" Chris asked.
"Yea. Think it would be best if I did something that helped with load since my mom retired. Plus you know there is only so much of my mother I can take." Kayla replied.
Chris laughed knowing all to well how much Kayla and Barbra drove each other nuts. Somethings didnt change that was for sure. He was happy that she was going to be around for awhile. He knew that he wanted to see her again which was something that he didnt think that he wanted.
"Well we can go out to dinner sometime this week. If you want to." Chris suggested.
"That would be great thanks. Well I will see you around." Kayla stated.
Chris saw her walk towards her new destination as he walked towards the store. He knew that his parents didnt need any help but it was better than nothing. It was closed by the time he got back and he didnt realized how late he stayed at the coffee shop. So he went back home thinking about the conversation that he had with Kayla. He had dinner with his parents as he started to read before bed. Chris knew that his parents knew. There was no denying it. He just didnt want to tell his parents everything if he was still figuring out for himself when it came to the Kayla that came home. They had agreed to reconnect but there was a lot that they didnt know about each other and thats what he wanted to know. If what his parents had is what he can have with Kayla. And there was only one way to find out.
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