Just The Way You Are

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Chapter 5.

Kayla was pleased that morning thinking about Chris. She knew that he had changed but yesterday he had made it so easy to talk to her. It was probably because they were friends for as long as they could remember. It seemed like the both of them, mainly Chris, just wanted things to go back to the way they were. But things never went back to the way they were 6 years ago. Not after everything she went through with Cole. It was close to impossible, especially in New York when he threatened to ruin her career before she even got big. Kayla was lucky that her publisher didn’t drop her and said that she didn’t have to be in New York for them to work together. As long as she sent manuscripts out and as long as she gave them a book every so often, it didn’t matter if she worked in Canada or the outback of Australia. Kayla surprisingly took the advice and left. She knew that she always did her best writing for whatever reason right here in Lakehart. That’s where almost everyone knew she had an act for writing. It made Kayla realize that she needed to get back to her roots and figure out who exactly Kayla Starr was.

She had arrived to the library early. She did arrive a little before 7 just so that way she can have her time to write as well as try to get awake the library opened. She was in the zone when Chris came in and waited at the front desk and watched her work. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted her next book to be, but it definitely was nice to get her thoughts out on paper.

“What are you working on?” Chris asked, trying ro be subtle.

“Hopefully a new book. I’m not 100% sure of what i want it to be about yet so i’m just getting ideas down on paper. My mom is trying to talk me out of writing again. Like she did when I was younger. But she did stated that she read my books and maybe I shouldnt give up on it entirely.” Kayla replied.

“Why did you move back? Last time I checked you were wanting to be this famous author.” Chris asked

“Yea. New York didnt work out as great as I would have liked it to. My publisher thought it would be a good idea for me to get out of there. I’m still trying though. The library isnt what my mom calls practical but its better than nothing if you asked me.” Kayla replied feeling kind of anxious.

This was the first time she had talked to Chris about anything since before telling him that she was leaving post high school graduation. She knew he was upset with her but this hasn’t stopped him from wanting to know why she was back. Truth be told she was still trying to figure out why exactly she came back. Things had been good for her but she wanted that small town life that she had grown up with. Sometimes a girl just needed to revisit her roots and make everything okay.

“Well we both know that you will come up with something. You could write about coming back to Lakehart. Kinda like a big city girl visiting a small town texas.” Chris stated.

“This isn’t a Hallmark movie Chris. This is real life.” Kayla stated.

“Write about what you know. It might surprise you on how good it is.” Chris suggested before handing her a cup of coffee from Hunters coffee shop.

Kayla was shocked and thought about Chris’ advice all throughout her first shift at the library. Her new coworkers knew that she was trying to write a new book but at the same time they noticed that she didn’t slack off when someone needed help. Kayla knew what kind of books to recommend and what kind of books for those who would just get into reading. It was like Kayla was meant to be in the library surrounded by what she loved the most. She even suggested if they loved the book when they were done with it to go check out the Harts bookstore down the street to see if they had the book. So it was a win win in a way. Kayla was getting business and was sending business Chris’ way.

Every time she got a chance, Kayla would work on her book. Taking Chris’ advice from when he came to visit seemed like the best thing he could have said. It had helped her figure out a base for her new story. A story that might help her take off. It helped her realize that maybe just maybe Kayla didnt need New York as much as she thought she did. Of course, Kayla would have to tell Chris the real reason why she came back to Lakehart but right now didn’t seem like the best time. She needed to figure out who Kayla was here in Lakehart again before telling Chris anything. Kaylas roommate from New York had a brief idea of what was going on in Kaylas world. Even her roommate saw this as a great opportunity to get out of town no matter how long it might be.

The closing shift of the library was going to be Kaylas favorite shift and she could feel it. With everything winding down for the night it gave Kayla time to roam the shelves in order for a good read that might also be at the Hart Book shop. It might give her a reason to shop at the bookstore instead of just showing up of what seemed like to spend time with Chris. Kayla had this feeling that she would find herself spending way too much time at the bookshop when she wasnt working or working on her book. Books just seemed to called her name. Kayla remembered the time when Chris’ parents offered her a job around the time they gave Chris his job. Looking back, maybe Kayla should have taken the job with Chris at the Hart bookshop. It would have been amazing to spend some more time with him before she eventually ripped her heart out leaving her best friend behind.

"What are you still doing here? We will see you tomorrow. If you come in early you can browse again as well." Mrs Howard said.

"Sorry kinda got lost in thought. Memories dont seem to fade do they?" Kayla asked.

"Not really. You probably have a hard time letting go if youre thinking about Chris. Think the whole town thought you both were going to get married. It was quiet shocking when you left." Mrs Howard replied.

Kayla never understood why the whole town seemed to be invested in her and Chris' relationship. It was always bizarre that everyone was more interested in what they were doing than anything else. But Kayla thought that might happen when you lived in a town that had Barbra in it who loved to gossip about any and everything. Its like if Barbra knew the next day the whole town knew your business even when you wanted to keep it private.

"Everyone probably knew of mine and Chris' personal life because of my mother. I love her but sometimes she doesnt know when to keep her mouth closed when it comes to things that are suppose to be private." Kayla stated gathering up her stuff.

"I think some people told her multiple times to not tell your business but knowing your mother she doesnt listen. It always seemed like you can never figure anything out for yourself and tell people on your time because she always beat you too it." Mrs Howard spoke.

"Which is why I didnt tell her the whole truth of why I came back. I want it to be my story to tell not my mothers. I still need to figure some things out and come to terms with some things before I start telling people why I came back." Kayla stated.

"You do it at your pace. Dont do it just because you feel like you have too." Mrs Howard spoke.

It was Kaylas first day at this job and she was happy to have Mrs Howard as a coworker. Things seemed to be going well for her and it was what she wanted. Her mother might not agree with her line of work but it seemed like she was coming to terms with that books were making her happy. That writing her books seemed to make not only her happy but other people happy as well. Kayla hugged Mrs Howard before going on her way. She didnt know where she was going to end up but she knew that sometimes thinking was the best thing for her. She didnt know how long she was out until her phone rang and she saw Chris name on her phone.

Chris: You might want to call your mom. Shes freaking out.
Kayla: Where is she? I might try to ease anything if she sees for her own eyes that Im okay.
Chris: My parents place. She came over when you werent home.

Kayla sighed and went over to the Harts house. She didnt mean to upset her mother but it seemed like it was what she did best in a way. She arrived to see her mother hugging her.

"Sorry mom. After work I decided to take a walk. I didnt think I would be out that long." Kayla stated.

"Well Im glad that you are alright. Just let me know next time." Barbra spoke with her voice still shaky.

Kayla agreed as she took her mother home. She wasnt expecting to see food on the table. He mom wasnt the best cook but she ate some anyways because she was hungry. She had finished her first outline before she went to bed that night. She seemed happy with it. She knew that whatever happened she had to be ready.

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