Just The Way You Are

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Chapter 6.

Chris knew having Kayla back in town was going to be either a good or bad thing. He didnt know which one yet. He hoped for the better. Her intentions seemed clear that she was just here to write another book which he expected. But what he wasnt expecting to have a job already lined up at the library. Which seemed to point that she was going to be in town for a while. Or else why would she need a job in town. Plus, the job at the library seemed to be doing the bookstore some good. The bookstore was never this busy at any time of the day. So when Chris or either one of his parents asked new customers what they can help them with, the answer was always Kayla Starr sent them here. This was probably the first time he realized just how famous Kayla was. Especially with the teens. A few had even found Kaylas books that they carried and bought a few to see if they liked her work. Chris knew that they would enjoy her work. Mostly everyone did. At one point, he even enjoyed her work. Maybe having Kayla back wouldn’t be as bad as he thought.

“So, this was all Kaylas doing?” Jackie asked. “Knew she loved this place but she never seemed interested enough to care.”

“Ma, this is a good thing. If she is recommending this place she must have faith in us. Noone ever recommends this place. Even if the tourists come back there’s no guarantee they will keep us afloat. With Kayla here, she knows that we have some of the best selections. Even if they are slim because we are in a small town.” Chris stated.

“Well good news is we sold out of Kayla’s books. Think it was all those teens and young adults that came in here. We haven’t had that many customers since around the time we opened.” George spoke.

Chris knew that the business was lacking and he also knew that his parents were old school. Every time Chris had an idea to spice up business his parents stated “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.” Which wasnt the case the last few years as Chris had known that something needed to change in order to get business booming again. To be honest, none of them were expecting Kayla Starr to be that change the bookstore needed in order to keep the doors open. But as long as Kayla was in town and recommending the shop to people the more likely they would find ways to repay her. Especially Chris' parents. They had noticed Barbra, Kayla’s mother, coming in towards the closing time which wasn’t a bad thing. They usually expected Barbara towards closing time as she looked around for a few minutes before talking to Chris’ parents about the latest gossip in town that she more than likely heard that day from her hairdresser.

“Yea, we sold out of your daughters books. Think those might become our best sellers. We have many in the back that we should restock before we open tomorrow so that way those who want them can buy them.” Jackie stated.

Chris couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between Jackie and Barbra. It just seemed to happen. Especially when he was the one who was usually stalking shelves with new books or straightening the shelves. He usually did the shelves while his family closed the register and swept the floor. Chris was thinking about adding Kayla’s book to their biweekly restalk that they tend to get. If Kayla Starr was the reason people were getting their foot in the door and the possible reason why people were buying her books then they might have use it to their advantage.

“Hey dad, what do you think about adding Kayla’s books to the biweekly inventory that we do?” Chris asked.

“Don’t you think that’s possibly taking advantage of your friend?” George asked.

“Well maybe. But if she’s giving us business and people are buying her books i don’t see why we can’t add her books to the list. Even if im wrong we wont know unless we try. Im probably going to run into her again anyways. I’ll ask if she’s okay with it.” Chris replied.

Chris knew that his father was skeptical about using Kaylas fame. They never seemed to need help before and it seemed to only get them deeper in trouble. They loved their job at the bookstore but if they couldnt keep it open they might have to thing of alternative ways to revenue income so that way they could keep the book shop open. There were things that they didnt want to do. George and Jackie didnt want to ask people for help even when they needed it. They were thankful that Kayla was giving them free advertising without really knowing it. Chris knew that there was something there. And if Kayla kept this up, things would keep going great for the bookstore.

"Ill add her books to the list. But the moment those sells start to dip we will readjust. Because people did seem to like her books today. That doesnt mean they will. As long as you see if shes okay with it. I dont want her thinking that we are using her to help her writing career." George stated.

"Ill ask her but I dont think that she will see it that way. I think that if she was going to recommend this place she would know that people would find and buy her books. But I will ask her. Think we both know what she will say. But whatever will help you sleep at night." Chris spoke.

Chris had this feeling that if Kayla didnt want people buying her work she either wouldnt have recommended this place or she wouldnt have became a writer. But she did become a writer and she did recommend this place so there had to be a way to thank her for what she had done.

Things could have been worse. Chris knew that. But he didnt think that things could get better. The one thing he didnt expect when Kayla returned that she would have recommended the bookshop. There were alot of questions running threw his head when it came to why she would do that. They hadnt talked for the better part of 6 years so there was no way that she could have known about the struggle that the book shop was going threw. Or she saw in her first few days and thats why she decided to help.

"Hey stranger. What are you doing here?" A voice broke him from his thoughts.

"Just sitting on a bench. Deep in though. I didnt mean to startle you." Chris stated.

Chris looked up to see Kayla standing there next to him. He patted the seat next to him as she gladly took the seat next to him. There were things that they wanted to talk about but Chris didnt know where to start. Probably Kayla didnt know where to start either. It would probably be awhile till they became comfortable around each other again.

"What are you in thought about? If this is about because I brought business to your store dont worry about it." Kayla stated.

"It isnt that. My dad doesnt want you to think that we are using you just for money. I asked if we could put some of your books on our biweekly inventory and he just wants some piece of mind." Chris spoke.

"I knew there was a chance that my book would be at your store. Tell George that I wouldnt have become a writer if I didnt want people to you know buy them. It isnt taking advantage of me. Especially if I recommended the place to the tourist who came into the library." Kayla stated.

"You might tell my dad that. Because he is skeptical. Especially if I said that its what you wanted." Chris spoke.

"Well I might just have to come by and tell them." Kayla smiled.

Chris always enjoyed seeing Kayla smile. It was honestly his favorite feature on her. Seeing her smile was always contagious. Chris was always happy around Kayla and the feeling that he had towards her were coming back and this time probably worse than before. Chris tried so hard to forget about her that it was nearly impossible now. Now that she was back he wanted to take it slow because if he told her how he felt it might ruin things. And that was the last thing that he needed. To ruin things before they knew how they felt about the other romantically. So for the time being he was okay being her friend because he knew that this might just be a crush.

"You hold the power to convince him and my mom on this. I think they would like to see you in their bookstore. After all this time away." Chris stated.

"We will see. Well your parents are having dinner at my moms place if you want to come over." Kayla suggested.

"Theres no way I can say no to your moms cooking." Chris laughed.

Things seemed to be getting better between the two childhood friends. Chris knew that there was something about Kayla that he loved and that he always loved. He didnt know what it was and he might never know but it was something that he always enjoyed when they were around each other. Kayla always brought the best out in him when they were children and now it seemed like she was bringing out the best in him again. He just hoped that one day he could tell Kayla how he felt. But if his feelings changed towards her, would he tell her? Chris knew that he had to figure out his feelings which would only come with time. The more he hung out with Kayla the more he realized that he didnt want to lose her. Because not telling her in first place is what probably caused him to lose her. He was determined to have a different outcome this time. He just hoped that when he told her that she would feel the same way.

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