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Orphic (adj.) mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding. In which Iris reminisces Solar; the boy who simultaneously ruined and saved her. This is a love story- but it also isn't. This is the story of how they came to be; of why they stopped being.

Romance / Other
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Chapter One

γ€Œ March 18th 」

My friends were laughing, playing games and drinking. I wasn't into all of that so I spent my time in the kitchen.

The snacks were how I occupied myself, I didn't want to think about my ex. He broke up with me that day- through a text.

I can't do this anymore. Is. It's not you, it's me. I hope we can stay friends Iris, you're important to me. Remember that.

How cliche.

I cried, ripped our photos which I had hung to my wall then cried some more. Maggie found me snot-nosed and red-eyed; she wanted to beat his ass. "He isn't worth your time bubs," she told me. "Come out with me and Johnny," her boyfriend. "There's some party on greek row and it's supposed to be hot."

I shouldn't have come.

I was crippled with sadness, riddled with self doubt and fragile.

You found me munching on potato chips.

At first you said nothing, you only looked at me from across the room. I could feel your eyes burning holes into me- my head snapped up and my eyes met yours.

You didn't look away. Instead, you leaned away from the wall you rested against and walked over to me.

"Are they any good?" You asked. I nodded and you reached for some, "Not bad."

"Mhm," I wanted to go. Your presence was heavy- something about you was too much. Right as I was planning on turning around, you smiled at me while extending your hand.

"I'm solar."


It struck me as odd because I'd only ever heard that name in reference to the galaxy; that should've been my first clue. The first indication into how deeply your world of fulfilling seconds would disrupt mine of longing moments.

But I didn't know the future- I knew what I felt when you smiled at me. And naively, I smiled back. "Iris."
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