Something Special

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Chapter Nine

“We are meeting the boys outside. I think Henry said Jenna is also going to be there tonight. Ugh I fucking hate that bitch. Let’s just say if this was high school she’d be the queen bee that everyone either wants to be or wants to fuck.” Carolina says rolling her eyes.

She also looks kinda sad. I wonder if this Jenna chick and Henry have a history? “ Well I can’t wait to meet the bitch. Especially while we look like this. Fucking hot as balls. Let’s knock her down a few pegs.” I send her a cocky wink.

“Yes Bells you are officially my best friend! Can I call you Bells or does that have boyfriend drama attached?” She asks, looking sorta sad.

“Bells is completely safe. Now I need to come up with a nickname for you. Maybe sugartits since you like to open your door butt-ass-fucking naked!”

We bursted out laughing. The rest of the cab ride was spent with Carolina telling me about how she tried to seduce Henry and he turned her down. Apparently he’s not into just hooking up, he wants something meaningful. Only thing he didn’t understand was that Carolina did too. Mostly just with him but still. So now she’s scared that he thinks she’s a floozy.

“We’re here!” Looking out the window the flashing neon lights almost cause a seizure. The name of the club is in neon pink.

“Roman’s? Oh dear lord does THE ROMAN own this club!” I’m nearly shouting at her as we get out of the car.

“Well it’s one of the many things he owns. He is a very rich man Annabelle. He’s hardly ever here at night anyway what’s the big deal. Wait a second. YOU’RE TOTALLY FUCKING INTO HIM AREN’T YOU?”

“Can you shut the hell up! I don’t even know him how the hell can I be into him. The few times we have run into each other have been quite uneventful.”

“Then why are you turning redder than that dress you are wearing? Poor Bryson you are going to break his little heart.” She clutches her chest dramatically.

Rolling my eyes I reply, “I’m not into either of them I don’t know them! I mean sure there bodies I mean like holy fuck have you seen Bryson’s six pack!” I’m practically shouting.

“What about my six pack do you like the most princess?” He whispers into my ear from behind me. Carolina is clutching her stomach from laughing at my expression.”

“Uh what are you talking about pshhh I wasn’t talking about your six pack. Not that it’s not nice. Uh I’m just going to shut up now.” I turn on my heel and start power walking to the entrance. Bryson and Carolina giggling behind me.

“Henry and Jenna are already inside, I don’t know why she invites herself. Sorry Lina.” He says looking at Carolina with sad eyes. She straightens her shoulders and pushes up her chest.

“Don’t worry Bry, Jenna has nothing on me.” She confidently walks through the security and into the club. Bryson and I followed like little puppies behind her. She spots Henry at the bar with a brunette who I am assuming is Jenna. Her choice of mini skirt and crop top leaving very little to the imagination. Luckily for Carolina Henry looks like he’d rather be poking skewers into his eyeballs at the moment.

“Hey Henry it’s so good to see you again.” Carolina says walking up next to him. He looks at her like she’s the only woman in the room. He jumps off the barstool and wraps her into a hug. Both of them blushing like little school kids. I can’t help but to smile.

“You look absolutely beautiful tonight baby girl. Care to dance?” With that he takes her away to the dance floor. She sends me a triumphant smile over her shoulder. I smile back before turning to Bryson and a very angry looking Jenna.

Jenna turns her attention to Bryson and smiles. He puts his hand on the small of my back which does not go unnoticed by Jenna. “Who the fuck are you” she yells angrily at me.

Bryson tenses next to me. I guess no one actually likes the bitch. “Jenna this is Annabelle, she’s new in town. We are trying to make her feel welcome.” He says as if he’s talking to a toddler and not a 20 something year old woman. I smirk inwardly. Sticking my hand out to her I introduced myself. Instead she just rolls her eyes and pushes her way between Bryson and myself.

“You owe me a dance from last time baby.” With that she takes his hand and drags him to the dance floor. His eyes pleading with me to save him, then he disappears into the crowd of sweaty gyrating bodies.

“This is going to be a long fucking night, I need a drink.”

Taking a seat at the bar I ordered a long island iced tea. The bartender is quite handsome but not as good looking as Bryson or Roman. God why can’t I get Roman out of my head?

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing sitting all alone at a bar?” A deep voice says next to me. Great this night just keeps getting better and better.

“Nothing that you have to worry about sir.” I reply with a roll of my eyes.

“Sir, hmm I like the way that sounds coming out of that pretty little mouth of yours.” He says while sending me a disgusting smirk. My skin starts to crawl and I start to feel queasy.

“Listen man you need to go before I call security. We don’t tolerate this shit in this club. So get the fuck out.” The bartender tries to come to my rescue. But dirtbag is having none of that and he completely ignores him. Standing closer to me he puts his hand on my thigh and starts to rub it.

“Get your FUCKING hands off of me!” I yell at him trying to push him off, but he’s much stronger than I am. He pulls me up against his chest and goes to put his hand on my face. Before he gets the chance he’s screaming out in pain.

“GET YOUR FUCKING DIRTY HANDS OFF MY FRIEND YOU SICK FUCK.” There standing behind him is a very angry Carolina being held back by Henry. Dirtbag is on the floor clutching his manhood. Bryson grabs him by the back of his collar and is dragging him out the door.

“Who needs security with friends like yours.” the bartender says to me.

I’m just standing there shocked. Carolina runs up to me and throws her arms around me. “Are you okay? I saw Bryson with Jenna and came to find you. I’m going to kill that fuck! How dare he touch you like that?” It’s at this moment I realize how special this girl is and how lucky I am she chose to be friends with me. Instead of replying I just hug her tighter.

“DO you want to leave Bells? I will call the cab right now?” She asks worriedly.

“No! I don’t want the creep to ruin our night. We came here to have fun so let’s dance!” I’m not lying, I refuse to let that asshole have any power over me and ruin my night. Carolina orders us two shots each and we down them before heading to the dance floor. Henry grabs my shoulder, and sends me a reassuring nod as we walk past. I smile at him in return and grab his hand to join us on the dance floor.

We have been dancing like school kids for 3 songs when Bryson reappears. He has a scowl on his face and I frown when I take in the rest of him. His shirts all wrinkled and dirty and his knuckles are bloodied and bruised. “Bryson what happened to you!” I shout at him while running up and inspecting his bruises. Instead of replying he runs his thumb across my bottom lip before taking my hand and leading me back onto the dance floor. We are all laughing and having a great night until I look over towards the bar.

There in all his glory is Roman. He has on a white button up and dark jeans. The top few buttons are undone and his sleeves are rolled up. My mouth literally starts watering so much that I have to wipe the drool from the corner of my lip. He noticed me staring and motions me over with the curl of his finger. I don’t know if it’s all the shots or that I’m just plain stupid but something makes me go over to him.

“Kitten my friend here told me what happened tonight. Are you alright?: He motions his head towards the bartender.

“I’m fine. Carolina and Bryson took care of that fucktard.” I blurt out. At the mention of Bryson he visibily tenses.

“If I were here you would not have been alone for that to happen to you. He’s a piece of shit for leaving you in the first place.” He grits out through clenched teeth. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the protectivness of my new friends but what he said got under my skin.

“It was no one’s fault. Especially not Bryson. Besides you don’t even know me. I am none of your concern.” With that I spun on my heel and went back to my group. Sadly Jenna made her way back to us.

“What the fuck would Roman want to talk to you about?” She asks while laughing. Like the thought of me being near him was so comical to her.

“None of your fucking business. Why does a useless slut like you hang around people like a lost puppy anyway?” I reply.

“What the fuck did you just call me?” She says getting in my face. I’m too angry to back down.

“SLUT did I stutter?”

“YOU BITCH!” She swings at my face. Before she makes contact I grab her wrist. Bryson, Carolina and Henry all got closer to us ready to grab us apart.

“If you EVER swing at me again, It will be the LAST thing you do. Understand?” she just shakes her head. With that I turn to Carolina. “I’m going to call a cab it’s been a long night.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“No! It’s fine. I don’t want to ruin your night.”

“Bells I am coming with you. We are going back to my house, end of discussion let’s go.”

“Yes mom” she just laughs at my response.

All four of us are standing outside waiting for the cab to come get us. Henry starts whispering in Carolina’s ear making her giggle. Bryson looks like he wants to say something but chooses not to. Finally the cab pulls up and we get in. Waving goodbye to the boys I put my head against the window and listened to how much fun Carolina had with Henry. Enjoying these last few moments before she hounds me about what happened with Roman. This night is never going to end.

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