Something Special

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Chapter Ten

“Oh my goodness, Henry was all over me tonight! I was a little worried with Jenna there that he wouldn’t pay attention to me. Not gonna lie, that bitch knows how to get a man's attention.” Carolina tells me once we get inside her apartment. She somehow convinced me to stay over on the ride here.

“Yeah, what’s her story anyway? Why is she such a bitch?”

“Her and Henry were an item way back when. She ended up cheating on him pretty much throughout the entire relationship. He ended up walking in on her one night in their apartment. Bryson and I tried to tell him multiple times but he just didn’t want to hear it.” She says sadly.

“So why the fuck was she there tonight.” I pretty much shout at her. I’m so angry someone could do something so hurtful to another person. I’ll never understand why people cheat. Henry is so kind he doesn’t deserve that.

“She pretty much follows Henry around like a lost puppy. I think in her twisted brain she thinks with enough time he will take her back. Not as long as I’m in his life. I don’t trust that two-timing bitch!”

“Can’t say I blame you there bud.”

“Anyway what the hell was Roman talking to you about? Also are you okay? I can’t believe what that piece of shit tried to do at the bar. Bryson said he fucked him up pretty good outside. I’ve never seen him that angry before. I think he’s really into you.” Carolina says.

“Yeah I’m okay. It’s dirtbags like that, that make women feel unsafe to be alone. I wish I was outside when Bryson kicked his ass.”

“Preach it sistah.”

“Back to my Roman question now sweetcheeks.”

“He just asked if I was okay. Apparently the bartender told him what happened. He was not happy about it. I don’t know why the man doesn’t even know me.”

“Obviously. I mean I totally think he’s into you. He has a knack for always turning up wherever you are since you’ve got to town. Hey maybe he’s stalking you. Shit I wish someone that fucking fine would stalk my ass!” She laughs.

“Wipe that dreamy look off of your face sugartits.” I laugh with her.

“Why? Jealous? Want Roman the God all to yourself?” She says while wiggling her eyebrows.

“Oh goodness no! He’s totally not into me! If anything he feels bad for all the stupid situations I keep getting myself into. If anything he probably sees me as a charity case.” Saying that out loud made me feel sad and I’m not sure why. All I know about this man for fucks sake is his name.

“Keep telling yourself that sweetheart. What about Bryson?’ Carolina asks.

“What about him?” I reply confused.

“He’s obviously into you. I mean he takes every chance he gets to talk to you or touch you.”

“Yeah but he didn’t put up a fight when Jenna asked him to dance. After what you told me that just doesn’t sit right with me.” Why would he go dance with a girl who broke his friend's heart.

“I think he only did that to try and make you jealous honestly.” Carolina says.

Bryson- Did you girls get home safe?

“Ah speak of the devil, he just texted me.” I tell Carolina.

“Oh did he ask what you're wearing.” Carolina says wiggling her eyebrows at me.

“Oh my God No! He just asked if we got home safe.”

Me- yeah all is good.
Bryson- sweet dreams princess.
Me- Goodnight.

“Y’all are boring. Terrible flirting, 2/10.” Carolina says while peaking over my shoulder at my phone.

“Good because im not trying to flirt with him!”

“Ugh, so boring! Anyway I’m beat, let's head to bed.”

After changing into some pjs Carolina lends me and washing my face I drift into a deep sleep. A sleep filled with dreams about a certain grey eyed beast of a man.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of cinnamon and syrup. I get out of bed and head into the kitchen. There in all her glory is Carolina with an assortment of French toast, bacon and steaming croissants.

“Coffee my love?” Carolina asks in the most horrendous British accent I have ever heard of.

“Yes please! Oh my goodness everything smells so good! I don’t know where to start!”

It’s obvious Marie wasn’t just leaving the cafe to Carolina because she was her daughter. This woman is obviously talented in the kitchen. Not only did everything smell good but it was all so delicious! I had two heaping plates for breakfast.

“I’m glad you liked everything. I just love to cook for people. Speaking of, are you excited for your first day of work tomorrow?” She says through a bite of French toast.”

“Actually I can’t wait to start. It will be nice to get into a routine and feel useful.” Just then Carolina's phone dings.

“Oh my lord it’s Henry!” She jumps out of her chair and shoves her phone in my face.

Henry- Good morning. I just wanted to let you know that I had a good time last night. Well minus all the bullshit. How about dinner tonight? Just the two of us.

“Oh my God he just asked you out! What are you going to say!”


Carolina- Dinner sounds great. Pick me up at 6?
Henry- it’s a date :)

This is the part where we proceeded to scream and jump around like a bunch of high school girls.

After our little freak out we went to get mani pedis. Followed by a mini fashion show back at her apartment. She settled on ripped jeans, a light blue blouse and tan booties. After bidding her good luck I headed home.

I was making myself some pasta when Bryson texted me.

Bryson-Hey princess. Henry told me he was taking out Carolina. I’m happy for them, it's about time.
Me- Yeah they are super cute together :)
Bryson- Don't forget about our training session after work tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you again.
Me- Me too, I’ll be there.

Was it wrong of me to flirt with Bryson when I don’t know how I feel? Absolutely. Now I can be stressed about that and my first day of work. Oh what fresh hell will tomorrow bring?

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