Something Special

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Chapter Eleven

I woke up early for my first day of work. I took a nice hot shower then blow dried my hair. I decided to put some loose curls in it. After brushing my teeth I applied some life foundation. Giving my eyes a bronzey look and finishing up with some mascara and pink lip gloss. I grabbed my gym bag before heading downstairs.

My nerves were getting the best of me so I decided against a hearty breakfast. Instead I settled on a banana and a glass of water. Before I knew it, it was time to go. Getting into sally I say a quick little prayer for today to go well then I'm off.

Pulling up to the cafe I find a spot not too far. I get out and head inside. Marie is the first to greet me.

"Hey sweetheart, ready for your first day?" she asks me excitedly.

"I'm so ready for today! Thanks again Marie for this opportunity, It means so much to me." I smile at her.

I say good morning to an extremely happy Carolina and make a mental note to ask her about it later. Her date with Henry must have gone really well from that smile on her face.

Marie takes me around the cafe showing me where to find everything and how to make certain drinks. There's a little cheat sheet in case I forget how to make something. All in all this job doesn't seem too hard. Everything is pretty straight forward. The pay is also really good so I can't complain.

It's around lunch time when she sends me to the front of the store to take orders with Carolina, We are a couple of orders in when the bell chimes alerting us of a new customer. I'm handing someone their coffee when I hear the most horrific high pitched giggle my ears have ever had the displeasure of hearing.

A man clears his throat to my left and I look over. My eyes must grow to the size of sunflowers. There in all his glory was Roman. There next to him was some girl that was not happy that his attention was now on me and not her. I was now the target of her icy glare. She had a short black bob and icy blue eyes. She had legs for days and a boob job you could spot from a mile away. All in all she was very pretty.

"Hello Kitten. I didn't know you worked here." Roman says leaning over the counter that was daring to separate him from myself.

"It's my first day. W-What can I g-get you, Sir.?" I stutter back. Why the fuck does this man turn me into a blubbering fool?

He smiles at me, clearly satisfied about something. The bimbo next to him just scoffs. He continues to ignore her.

"What time do you get off?"

At this point Carolina is trying her damn hardest to make it look like she isn't listening. For fucks sake she's miming pouring coffee into a cup.

"I don't think that's any of your business. Is there anything on the menu I can get for you or your girlfriend?" I reply with a bit of an attitude. At the mention of the word "girlfriend" the bimbo smiled at me and stuck her fake tits further out. I had to fight myself from rolling my eyes. ROman on the other hand was not impressed by my little comment.

So much so that he leaned over the counter and grabbed my chin. "Kitten you are my business. She (he points to bimbo with his other hand) is a client I wouldn't fuck that if she paid me. I'll take a coffee black and whatever pastry you recommend." He lets go of my chin.

Carolina's chin is pretty much on the ground. His bimbo stormed ot when he said he wouldn't fuck her. He doesn't look too concerned, must not have been an important client. I gather myself and make his coffee. I grab him a jelly donut because it's one of my favorites and bring everything over to him.

"Thank you kitten. Now what time do you get off?" He asks huskily. Before I can reply Carolina is one step ahead of me.

"She gets off at 6PM" She shouts out earning the stares of a few customers close by. I send daggers her way. If looks could kill she would be six feet under right now. Like why the fuck is she telling him this information?

"Perfect. I'll be here at six. See you then kitten." With that he walks outside to meet up with the woman he came in with also known as bimbo.

"Carolina what the actual fuck?" I Yell at her.

"What? You clearly had no intention of answering him, so I just decided to do it for you. You can thank me later. Besides what's the big deal?" She asks.

"Uh I don't know, maybe because we don't actually know the man. You're the one that told me to stay away from him in the first place!"

"You're right, it's just he's so hot and I got excited for you. I mean I've seen him with women before but he doesn't look at them the way that he looks at you. It's different." She says with a far away look in her eyes.

"Gee thanks. I Hope he doesn't show I'm supposed to be meeting up with Bryson after work."

"Oh shit Bryson! I forgot about him. I fucked up. He's going to kill me if he finds out I'm encouraging you to hang out with Roman. He hates that guy."

"Yeah I've seen the way they look at each other. What's up with that?"

"That's something you gotta ask Bryson mamma."

She frowns and walks away from me. The rest of my shift I try to keep busy. Roman keeps popping into my head and what he could possibly want from me is driving me fucking crazy. With the end of the day quickly approaching I feel myself getting nervous. I have no idea why this man seems to be so interested in me. Since that first moment we locked eyes I can't seem to shake him. I don't know if I quite want to either. Before I know it it's time to close up shop.

"You were fantastic today sweetie. I think this is going to work out perfectly."Marie hugs me before walking out the door. We finish cleaning up and start to head out. It's now 7pm with no sign of Roman. Oh well I waited long enough. Heading over to Sally I start her up and head over to the gym. I make it there in just fifteen minutes. Luckily there is a spot in front and I grab my gym bag and head inside.

Waiting at the front desk is none other than Bryson. "Hey Princess, are you ready for our workout?" He shoots me a wink.

"Yes, well almost just gotta change." I hold up my gym bag. He leads me over to the locker room and tells me to meet him by the treadmill when I'm done. I change into my black leggings and pink sports bra. Throwing my hair into a bun I grab my phone before stuffing my back into a locker. Walking out of the locker room I head over to Bryson. Before I make it to him my phone dings.

Carolina- I'm sorry. Please don't be mad at me.

Me- Don't worry he never showed. I'm at the gym now.

Carolina- Yeah not about that....

Me-Oh no what did you do?

I wait two minutes but get no response. So I finish the rest of my journey to Bryson. He smiles as soon as his eyes land on me.

"Alright princess let's start off with 20 minutes on the treadmill."

"Ugh you officially are my least favorite person right now!"

Bryson dramatically grabs his chest, "You're breaking my heart princess." We both laugh before he forces me on the death trap you call a treadmill.

Twenty minutes feels more like twenty hours. I'm dripping an extremely unattractive amount of sweat. Plus I'm hyperventilating like a dying seal. It is not cute.

"Bryson I think, I think..."

"Spit it out princess." He has the audacity to smirk at me."

"I'm going to fucking die!" I yell at him.

He slows the treadmill down until I'm going slow enough to turn it off myself. Hopping off I squat down on the floor and try to catch my breath.

"Onto the weights. Let's go Princess."

Forty minutes later and I was back in the locker room changing. Carolina still didn't text me back. Speaking of, I never got to ask her how her date went with Henry. Walking out of the locker room I find Bryson waiting for me.

"Ready for dinner beautiful?"

"Oh my God, Yes feed me please!."At this point I was starving and I was not afraid to beg.

WE took Brysons truck to a near by pizza place. I ordered a caesar salad and a slice of pizza. I mean you can't go to a pizza place and not order pizza. It's forbidden or something like that. I mean HELLO!

"So I was talking to Henry. He said they had a really good time last night."

"Oh I'm so glad! Work was crazy busy and I didn't have a chance to ask Carolina." FOr some reason I didn't want to share with Bryson the encounter at work today with Roman. I get the feeling that he isn't Roman's biggest fan.

"How's the house treating you?" He Asks me.

"Honestly I've been at Carolina's more than my own house." I still can't believe I have my own house.

"Oh great it's here. Does she have to be everywhere we go!" I hear a high pitched voice from behind me. Bryson rolls his eyes and looks annoyed by whoever is behind me. I turn around and am met with the bimbo from earlier and a very pissed off looking Roman.

"Kitten, what the fuck are you doing here with Bryson. I thought I told you to wait for me after you got off of work." He exclaims. Bryson doesn't seem to like this and speaks up for me.

Bryson laughs."And who the fuck do you think you are Fiorelli to tell Annabelle what to do." I've never seen Bryson this mad, not even after the incident at the club.

"Don't test me Bryson." At this point the men somehow gravitated towards each other and were nose to nose. Both daring the other with their eyes to make the first move. Neither was willing to break.

Feeling a sudden surge of confidence I jumped up."Thanks Bryson but I can speak for myself. Roman I never said I would meet you after work so there's no reason for you to be so angry."

Roman backs off from Bryson. He comes over and grabs my chin."tomorrow after work, wait for me, please?"

The way he says please does something to my heart. So I can't help but to agree to his question.

Bryson just scoffs. A very satisfied Roman exits the pizzeria with a very annoyed bimbo.

"You need to stay away from him." Bryson yells at me.

"Ex=Fucking-Cuse me? But who the fuck are you to tell me what to do?" I yell back.

"You know what, don't answer that." I grab my bag and storm out of the pizza place.

"Annabelle, wait up! Annabelle I'm Sorry! Wait please!." Bryson screams after me.

Instead of replying, I run down the block. Bryson yelling at me set off a warning bell in my head. It's something my ex would do all the time towards the end of our relationship. I was not doing that shit again, So instead of dealing with it I ran, like the coward I am. Two blocks away from the pizza place a car pulls up next to me and my heart stops.

"Get in."
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