Something Special

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Chapter Twelve

When the car pulled up next to me my heart stopped and my stomach nearly fell out of my ass. Of course, the first thing my ass thought was that I was about to get abducted. That was until I heard his voice. If you would’ve told me this morning that I would be in a car with THE GOD ROMAN himself I would have laughed in your face. This day is just fucking weird my dudes.

“Annabelle, I said get in.” Oh he must not be happy he didn’t call me kitten. With a huff and puff and managing not to blow his house down I get into the passenger seat.

“Why are you walking by yourself at night?”

“I don’t know Roman, maybe because you just caused a scene back there with Bryson.”

“What does that have to do with you walking alone. If you were on a date with him he should have at least had the balls to take you home and not make you walk.” He says with a death grip on the steering wheel. We still haven’t pulled away from where he picked me up.

“First of all it wasn’t a date. He’s my friend and now personal trainer we just worked out and decided to grab a bite to eat. Secondly if your presence didn’t piss him off so much he wouldn’t have been so pissy and we wouldn’t have gotten into an argument!” I don’t know why but I am so angry with this man that I know nothing about.

“Regardless, a gentleman doesn’t let a woman wonder around in the dark by herself.” He says trying to calm himself down. He really isn’t happy with me being out here all alone.

“I was not wondering, I was heading back to the gym to get Sally.”

“Well kitten you were going in the wrong direction and who the fuck is Sally?” He scrunching his eyebrows.

“Oh, yeah I was never very good with directions.” He just rolls his eyes at this.

“Oh and Sally is my car.” At this he smirks.

“You named your car?” He smiles at me.

“Well duh, doesn’t everyone?”

“No kitten, not everyone.”

“So you’re telling me you have a pet name for a complete stranger but not your own vehicle?”

“Fine, would you like to name her for me kitten?”

“YES! Hmmm how about Bernadette?”

He starts to laugh. “It’s absolutely perfect. Just like you beautiful.” At this I roll my eyes.


“That was simply the corniest line I have ever heard.” We both start to giggle. At some point during our conversation he started to drive off. Before I realized we were already back at the gym.

“Well thanks for the ride Roman.” I smile at the beast next to me. I go to open the door when he grabs my arm.

“Wait, give me your phone.” I don’t know what possesses me but I end up handing over my phone to him. He types something into it then hands it back to me.

“I don’t want you wandering around alone in the dark. If you ever need anything call me.” He stares deeply into my eyes daring me to argue with him on this.

“Thank you Roman.” He waits for me to get into my car and drive off before he does the same. Before I know if I’m pulling up to my house. Parked out front is Carolina’s car. Getting out of mine I great her.

“Hey is everything okay? You never answered my last text.”

“Oh crap, I was with Henry and I completely forgot please don’t hate me! I got a call from Bryson saying you stormed out of the pizza place so I wanted to come see you in person to make sure you were okay. What happened?”

“Ugh, let’s go inside I’ll tell you everything.”

So after changing into some sweats and making us some hot chocolate I tell her all the details of this weird ass night.

“I’m going to kick Bryson’s ass! How dare he speak to you that way! But also I can’t believe Roman is so interested in you no offence. How do you feel about him?”

“Who Roman or Bryson?”

“Well, both?”

“Roman, I just you know? Then Bryson is just so ugh.” I try explaining with multiple hand gestures.

Carolina just laughs. “So you don’t know is what you’re telling me?”

“Pretty much. I mean I don’t really know either of them. But Roman is just so fucking delicious and I can’t stop thinking about him!” Damn it felt good to get that off my chest. Carolina just smiles sadly at me. Before I can ask why she starts to talk about Henry.

“So about my date last night.”

“Oh my goodness bitch, tell me everything!” I yell at my new best friend.

She continues to tell me about how sweet Henry was. How they went to a nice little italian restaurant for dinner. Then he took her for a walk around the pond in the park. They ended up back at her place and apparently just “talked” until the sun came up. How sickenly romantic.

“We should go to the bar again friday! I know we all had a good time. Well much better than the club anyway. What do you say?”

“I don’t know if I’m going to be in the mood to see Bryson yet.”

“Well if you’re not then it can just be us girls. No boys allowed.” She smiles at me.

“Maybe, I’ll think about it.”

“Perfect. Well I’m beat. I’ll see you tomorrow at work. Love you bitch.” She blows me a kiss as she walks out the door.

“Love ya sweetcheeks.”

After she left I decided a nice bubble bath would do me wonders. I went upstairs to the master bathroom and drew myself a nice warm bath with one of my favorite bath bombs. Laying in the hot water I can feel all the stress of the day melting away. Suddenly my phone dings interrupting my nice quiet bubble.

??-Miss me yet?

Me-Depends, maybe if I knew who this was…

??-The man who invades your dreams.



Me-Hahaha I figured. Thanks for tonight by the way, you didn’t have to go out of your way like that for me.

Roman- For you anything. Sweetdreams Kitten.


This man is going to be the death of me. Going back to my quiet blissful bath, I am interrupted once again. This time by my phone ringing. “For the love of all that is holy leave me the fuck alone people!” I don’t bother looking at the called id before I yell an annoyed ‘hello’ into my phone.

“Annabelle? I didn’t think you’d actually pick up the phone. I’m so sorry for tonight. I had no right to act that way or say the things I said. I understand if you don’t want to forgive me, but I just had to know that you were home safe. I couldn’t live with myself if something bad were to happen to you because of me.” Bryson breathes into the line.

Part of me wants to give him a hard time. At least that’s what the old me would do. The new me though, the girl I want to become, wants new friends. So I decided to let him off easy. This time.

“I forgive you Bryson. Things got heavy and sometimes when we are angry we say and do things we normally wouldn’t. Try it again though and I’ll turn your dick into a smoothie. Understand?

“Fuck, yes got it I will be a good boy from now on. Can I maybe stop by the cafe tomorrow and bring you some lunch. My treat?”

“Sure, I’ll see you then. Now let me get back to my bath please.”

“Oh so you’re like naked right now?” His voice getting all husky.

“Oh, my God Bryson, goodnight!” I say hanging up. I can’t help but to giggle to myself. He really sounded like he felt bad. Hopefully he learned his lesson. I don’t really want to lose him as a friend.

The water started to get cold so I decided it was time to get out. Throwing on some fuzzy pj’s I climb into my bed. I moan getting under the covers. After today’s chaos, this feels like heaven. Tonight’s dreams consist of not just one but two handsome boys that plague my life. Oh boy what am I getting myself into?

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