Something Special

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Chapter Fifteen

*Ding-Dong* *BANG, BANG, BANG*

I jump out of bed grasping my chest. The banging gets more aggressive. I grab the bat I conveniently placed next to my bed the first night I moved in. I tip-toe down the stairs. I slowly make my way to the front door where the banging has yet to stop. I take a deep breath before stretching up on my tippy-toes. Peaking cautiously through the peephole. Swinging the door open I scream at the person on the other side.

“ARE YOU TRYING TO FUCKING KILL ME CAROLINA!” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Bitch have you seen the time? If we don’t start getting ready now we are going to be late to my dad’s party.” She replies, sending me an evil glare.

“Shit, what time is it?”


“Fuck! Come in, make yourself at home.” I tell her as I dash to the shower. I shower quickly, being careful while shaving so we don’t have to take a trip to the emergency room.

When I get out Carolina has her makeup done and is plugging in a curling iron in front of my mirror in my bedroom.

“Blow-dry your hair while I curl mine, then I’ll help you with your makeup.”

I do as the queen says. Blow Drying it upside down to give it some extra volume. When I’m Finished, she applies a smokey eye on me that works for both of my outfits today. I put on some pink lipstick. After my makeup is done she puts some soft curls in my hair. Finally we’re ready to get dressed.

Carolina get’s picked up by Henry and brought to her house to get dressed. Once she’s gone I put on my cream colored dress with the flowers and admire myself in the mirror. I feel extremely beautiful and confident today. Roman sends me a text that he’s on his way. I grab my silver dress that I have to change into along with the jewelry, heels and touch up makeup I need for Roman’s party tonight. I can’t lie I’m starting to get nervous. I somehow just realized it’s a business event meaning there will be important people there and I’m going to stand out like a sore thumb.

After about a half hour my door bell is ringing. I open it up and I all but pass out. Standing on the other side of the door is Roman. I take in his appearance from bottom to top. He’s wearing black dress shoes, gray dress pants and a light blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The veins in his forearms showing as he clenches his fist. I finally make my way to his face. He has a hungry look in his eyes and he takes in my look while running his hand through his hair.

Suddenly he grabs me and pulls me into him. Burying his face into my neck and making my body tingle all over. His voice husky in my ear.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve even met, and today you are all mine.” I shiver at the possessiveness in his voice. In this moment I want nothing more than to be all his.

“Kitten, I don’t know what you’re doing to me but I don’t want it to stop.” He whispers against my ear. He pulls away a moment later. He waits at the door while I grab all my things, then takes them from me and carries them to his truck. We hop on in and as always his hand makes its way to my thigh.

The ride to Carolina’s mom’s house is short. I didn’t realize we lived so close to each other. We pull into their long driveway and Roman makes his way over to my side of the car to help me out. As I step out he places a gentle kiss on the back of my hand and I roll my eyes playfully at him to which he smirks.

As I look up I see Carolina waiting at the door with a big smile on her face.

“Well hello their you love birds. Thanks for finally joining the party.” She winks at us. Roman laughs in response while putting his hand on my back and guiding me into the house.

“Wait! My present!.”

“I’ll get it kitten, go head inside.” He lightly jogs back to the truck to get the present I had gotten for Carolina’s father.

I head inside with Carolina. A blushing Henry is patiently waiting for her in the kitchen.

“Everyone is outback. Fair warning. Bryson showed up.” Carolina says with a pissed off look on her face. She turns around and puts a hand on Henry’s shoulder. He looks up at me.

“I’m sorry Annabelle. He brought a date.” Henry says looking at me unsurely.

I giggle in response. “Okay? We’re just friends why are you looking at me like that?”

“He brought Jenna.” Carolina says scrunching her face up.

“Well as long as the trash behaves I promise to not take her out.” I smile back. Carolina laughs in response.

“That’s my girl.” Henry pats my back.

“Mr.Jones, I believe she’s my girl, at least for today.” Roman walks up behind me placing a hand on my back.

We all walk out back together. All eyes turn to us as we step onto the back patio. Alice is the first to walk over to me with Jim.

“Annabelle it’s so good to see you again.” She says squeezing me tighter then my own mother would. Jim gives me a friendly head pat. Which somehow was very comforting. I take the present from Roman while he’s saying hello to a very shocked Alice and her husband. She gives me a thumbs up when he’s not looking. Carolina leads me over to her parents.

“Daddy, this is Annabelle. The girl mom and I wont shut up about.” She smiles up at her father.

“It’s about time I get to put a face to the name. It’s a pleasure to meet you Annabelle.” He smiles and brings me in for a hug.

“The pleasure is mine sir, Happy birthday!” I smile as I hand him the present I got.

“Sir makes me feel old, please call me Aaron.”

“Happy birthday Aaron.” I giggle at him. He opens up the horrible wrapping job I did. The smile on his face is one of my favorite feelings. I love being able to give gifts to people.

“Annabelle this is wonderful! Thank you so much! Honey look it’s a box set of the Rocky Balboa Movies.”

“Oh no, Annabella you’re fired for making me go through this.” Marie laughs while hugging me. “I’ll get you back for this young lady.”

“Happy birthday Mr.Adams.” Roman says while handing Aaron a card.

“Ah thank you very much Mr.Fiorelli. I trust you’re treating Annabelle here very well.”

“Of course, only the absolute best for my girl.” Roman says pulling me into his side.

Just then Carolina looks behind and says, “It’s showtime”

I turn around and lock eyes with a very angry looking Bryson.

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