Something Special

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Chapter Sixteen

“Happy birthday, I hope you love your gift Mr.Adams.” Bryson hands him a small box. Aaron opens it up and gaps.

“A smart watch! Thank you son this is lovely.”

“Oh gee thanks Bryson now I have to teach him how to use it.” Carolina huffs out.

“Hello there Roman.” Jenna purrs while running her hand up Roman’s arm. He swats her off like a fly.

“Come kitten, let’s get you some food.” At the mention of food my stomach let’s out a nasty growl and I grow red and drag Roman away.

We grab some food from the buffet that’s set up and take a seat with Alice and Jim. Conversation flows naturally between us and I couldn’t be happier that Roman isn’t as stuck up as he looks. I still have a lot to learn about this man. About an hour later Carolina Rushes over to us.

“Roman, could you be a doll and help Henry carry the cake out.”

“Of course.” He kisses my cheek and walks into the house to help Henry while Carolina drags me over to her parents. The boys walk out with the cake and we all sing Happy Birthday to Mr. Adams. We have our cake the I head inside with Carolina to change for Roman’s party. He brought in my dress a little earlier. On the way to Carolina’s old room, we stop outside the guest bedroom when we hear loud moaning.

“Who the fuck is fucking at my fathers birthday party!” Carolina throws the door open which I’m shocked they didn’t lock it. We both gasp at the sight in front of us. Bryson is very much inside a moaning Jenna. He locks his eyes onto mine and he continues to pump inside of her.

“Close the fucking door we aren’t done!” he yells at us. Carolina is too shocked to comply to I reach around her and close the door.

“Well that image will never leave my mind.” I whisper.

“Mine either.”

Carolina and I jump at the sound of Henry’s voice behind us.

“Baby I’m so sorry!” Carolina runs into his arms. After all he just saw his best friend banging his ex who cheated on him.

“I need a drink, go finish helping bells get dressed.” His kisses Carolina lovingly before pressing a kiss on my head and walking down the hallway. Just then the bathroom door opens up. Bryson looks smug as ever and Jenna, well Jenna looks like she just got her back banged out. Carolina walks up to him and slaps him across the face. I must look like a deer caught in headlights with how big my eyes got.

“How could you do that to your best friend!” She screams at him. He looks like the reality of what he just did hit him. He looked up at me mortified. He went to reach out to me, but I backed away. Carolina grabbed my arm and lead me upstairs to her old bedroom to get ready. I hope he doesn’t mistake me backing away as being hurt. I just didn’t want him to touch me after I just saw where his hands were.

“I don’t understand what’s gotten into that boy. He’s been acting so fucked up since he saw Roman with you. I really want to know what happened with the two of them.” She hands me my dress and I take it into her bathroom to change. I fix my makeup after pulls my dress on and switch into the black heels.

When I step out of the bathroom, I see Henry has joined us. Both of their mouths drop when they see me.

“Holy fuck, I’m straight and I want to bang you.” Carolina says eyeing me up. Henry just laughs at her.

“You look beautiful Annabelle, but I will fight you for Carolina.” He winks at me. I just laugh in response. They really are so cute together.

We make our way back down to the party so Roman and I can head to his event. I’m starting to get nervous. He was amazing today, so I have to be just as awesome for him. When we walk outside the three of us are a little shocked to see Roman and Bryson talking, civilly. Bryson see’s me first and his eyes nearly pop out of his head and his jaw drops to the floor. Roman turns around and I swear his eyes darken as he takes me in. He is also changed and is wearing some fancy black suit that hugs his body. Not going to lie I’m jealous of his clothes. He walks over to me ever so slowly his eyes never leaving mine. When he gets to me, he pulls me into his chest, and I sigh in content.

“I’ve never seen a woman more beautiful than you kitten.” He nips my ear before pulling away. I have to force myself not to pout at the lack of physical contact. We say goodbye to everyone and head to the truck. Bryson runs up to and grabs my hand before we get to it. Roman grunts in response and tells Bryson to make it quick. I’m extremely confused as to why they are being civil.

“Annabelle, I’m sorry about the bathroom earlier. I don’t know what got into me. I guess I was trying to make you jealous. I want you to look at me the same way you look at him.” Bryson is looking deeply into my eyes like he’s pleading with my soul to want him. But I don’t.

“Bryson, you are a grown man and you owe me nothing, Please stop apologizing for living your life.” With that said I walk over to Roman who helps me into the truck. Once in I watch Bryson walk away like a wounded puppy.

“What happened in the bathroom?” Roman asks while getting in.”

“oh nothing we walked in on Bryson balls deep in Jenna is all.” I say like it’s the most nonchalant thing in the world.

“Obviously you weren’t impressed.” He laughs as he pulls off. His finds my thigh which is exposed through the slit of my dress. I sigh as his skin touches mine. Everywhere he touches feels like it lights on fire. I never wanted a man so bad in my life. I make myself think of naked grandmas to calm down. I didn’t realize I was such a horn ball. The ride to the event is about and hour long so I decide to try and get to know Roman better.

“So what do you actually do Mr.Fiorelli?”

He laughs. “I own a bunch of hotels around the world. I always wanted to travel when I was kid. After moving around a lot with my parents. Dad was military. I always swore I would make houses as I called them as kid, around the world where people would always feel at home and pampered.” He says with passion I his eyes.

“I also own a few clubs around New York and Vegas. I’m looking to open more in some other states. I also donate to charities and to schools to help kids get a better education.” I look at this man ith amazement. That was not the response I was thinking of.

“What did you think I did kitten.” He asks while rubbing circles on my thigh.

“Honestly? A drug lord.” I’m so embarrassed that I thought that. Roman bursts out laughing.

“Well kitten at least I know what you think of me.: He says while wiping tears our of his eyes.

“Why do you think I’m a bad man?”

“I guess because everyone keeps telling me to stay away from you.” His expression changes to a hard one.

“So why don’t you?’

“Because I can’t” He squeezes my thigh while letting out a deep breath.

“Alright kitten your turn, favorite movie?’

“Oh that’s easy, The Goonies hands down. What about yours?”

“Space jam” We both laugh at his response.

The rest of the ride we spend getting to know more of the little things about each other. I don’t know why people tried to warn me about him. I can feel myself falling harder and faster then ever before. I am terrified.

Soon enough we pull up to a valet. Roman gets out and comes to my side to help me. I grab onto him for dear life.

“Calm down baby. Everyone is going to love you. In fact I might have to kill some of these men tonight. He says sending the valet who is not so discreetly checking me out a death glare.”

“Don’t you dare go to jail and leave me here a lone!” I scold him. He kisses my check and takes my arm as he leads me towards this beautiful hall decorated on the outside by flowers and fountains.

“I’m right here beautiful.” He whispers just as we step inside.

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