Something Special

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Chapter One

Do you ever think to yourself “Today is the day I become something special”.

No? Just me? That’s cool. Most of the time shit gets in the way and the “special” thing I become is a burrito on my bed. Most of my friends are pretty successful middle aged people, ie 24-28 year olds. They went to college, did their things and are bringing home the bacon. I on the other hand graduated highschool and got a part time job. The only bacon I bring home is the kind you eat and in my case excessively eat.

Needless to say when I woke up this morning, the last thing I expected was to get a letter in the mail. Mostly because it’s 2020 and normal people send a text not some creepy ass handwritten letter. Apparently my mothers great Aunt had passed and her wonderfully old lawyer is saying that she left her house to me. Me, a person she has only seen a naked baby photo of. Thanks by the way for sending that to everyone you know mom. Anyway she left me her house that’s located in upstate New York. Everything is paid off, so all I have to do is find a job when I get there.

So here I am packing all my belongings into my piece of shit honda civic. We were both born the same year so we have that special bond. You didn’t actually think I would turn down my creepy Great Aunt’s house did you? I mean HELLO there is literally nothing here for me. It’s time to stop being a burrito and upgrade to a classy fajita. In case you were wondering yes, food is all I think about.

“Oh Annabelle, my baby girl. I can’t believe you are leaving us.”

“Mom, it will be fine, it’s only a couple hours away.”

“You know your mother kiddo, you’re her only baby and you’re finally fleeing the nest.”

“Mom, Dad I love you guys. You can visit whenever you want, but you know call first.”

“Alright sweetie, your father and I love you very much. Make sure you call everyday and facetime when you can. Oh lord what if I forget what you look like?”

“MOM! Calm down, sheesh that’s what you have a cellphone for. I promise to send you updated pictures regularly so you don’t forget. Now let me go before Sally over here decides she’s too old to drive this far.”

“Kiddo. Please promise me you will start saving for a better car. I can’t stand the thought of you being so far away and this piece of shit breaking down without me there.”

“Yes dad, I promise now I love you both, I will call when I get there.” I yelled to them while rolling up my window.

Pulling away I couldn’t help but feel both scared and excited. Scared because I have no idea what I am in store for and excited because this can be the big change I needed to turn my life into something well something a little less sad. All I can think as I drive down the highway was how grateful I was to my mysterious Aunt Clara.

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