Something Special

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Chapter Two

Okay, I possibly spoke too soon. Here I am on the side of this highway. It’s hot as hell outside. Can someone tell me why I wore jeans in 80 degree weather! Sally decided that she lived a long enough life and started to smoke. So I did the logical thing and screamed at the top of my lungs that I was going to blow up and die in my green 94 Honda civic. I would have cried but honestly I didn’t really expect anything better since the current state of my life wasn’t all that fabulous.

Jumping out of my car and grabbing my phone I try to call my father.

“Of course, no reception. Why am I not surprised.”

So the next course of action is obvious.


I scream while kicking the tire, like that will somehow solve all my problems. Then I start crying because it won’t.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a pickup truck slowing down to pull over by me.

“Great, not only does Sally decide she doesn’t want to live anymore. She’s trying to take me down with her.”

" Okay Annabelle, you got this. Don’t get in his car, and if he gets too close kick him in the balls and lock yourself in your deathtrap of a car.”

You would be surprised I managed to survive these wonderful 24 years wouldn’t you.

I tense up as the truck pulls up behind Sally.

The last thing I expected was for a middle aged woman to hop on out.

I quite loudly let out a sigh of relief. Not because I assumed since she was a woman I was safe, but she was a little smaller than me so I was quite confident I could take her on if need be.

“Hey there, my name is Alice. I work with my husband at his mechanic shop and a few exits out. Do you need a hand?”

“Uh, yeah actually. I’m Annabelle. I don’t know what happened, she just started smoking, so I jumped out in case you know she blew up.” I say in a shaky voice while scratching my head. Still unsure if I can trust this woman or not.

" Well Annabelle do you mind if I take a look?”

“Not at all be my guest.”

“Great, just pop the hood for me please.”

Getting in Sally I say a silent prayer to the gods above and pull the switch to pop the hood.

“Oh yeah just as I thought, looks like it’s the radiator. I can hook you up to my truck and tow you to my husband’s shop.”

“Oh, is that expensive to fix. I kind of inherited a property not too far from here. I haven’t gotten a job yet. Maybe I can just blow it up. Are firecrackers expensive?”

She straight out laughs at me and shakes her head.

“Oh lord, you remind me of my sister. Shy and always coming up with crazy solutions. Don’t worry sweetheart, the first fix is on the house. We take care of our own in this town. Say you’re not Clara’s niece are you?”

“uh , yes actually. She was my great aunt whom I’ve never met.”

“She always did say how sad she was that she isolated herself from everyone. After her sister passed, your mothers mom, she sort of became a recluse you could say. They were twins and It broke her. I think her leaving the house to you was her way of saying she loved her family no matter what.”

I guess Aunt Clara wasn’t much different from me. We both kept to ourselves. Except I never experienced loss like that. I was an only child. My mother never talked much about my grandmother. She died when I was very young, from what I know it was a massive heart attack in her sleep. She was only 55, it was very unexpected.

“Well come on then, daylights wasting away. I don’t want to leave you out here alone. There are some crazy people out there.”

“Um, I’m not sure.” I say with a shaky breath baking away.

“I promise I just want to help you out, I know it’s scary being a girl on your own somewhere new. Hell I was you once. How about I call your mom; she probably remembers me. Ashley right? Maiden name Hammers? Our moms were good friends growing up.”

Me being the idiot I am, I completely forgot that mom grew up over here.

“That would be great but I don’t have service”

“Don’t worry I got a signal booster in the car. You sort of need one with this kind of job.”

She hooked my phone up to it, and I dialed my mom’s number on speaker.

“Hey baby, did you get there safely?”

“Ashley Hammers is that you?”

Cue the high pitch Squealing.


“Haha, I was worried you wouldn’t remember me Ash.”

“Of course I do, we had some unforgettable memories in that old treehouse. I don’t mean to sound rude but what are you doing with my daughter?”

“I found her on the side of the road, her car smoking up. It looks like it’s the radiator. I want to bring it over to Jim and I’s shop but your daughter is smart and won’t get in the car with strangers.” she says smiling at me.

“Annabelle honey, you are in good hands. Alice and Jim are the sweetest people and will have old Sally fixed in no time.”

“Uh, whose Sally.” Alice asks with a confused look on her face.

“Sally is that beauty behind you.” I say while looking a little disgusted in my cars direction a small shiver going down my spine.

“Well let’s get you and Sally off the highway and into somewhere a little more safe, Shall we?”

“We shall, bye mom I’ll call you back to keep you updated.”

“Thanks sweetie, and give Alice my number. I believe we have some catching up to do, love you lots.” she says before hanging up.

“Alright, hop on in and I’ll get the car hooked up so we can be on our way.”

Well at least I’ll know one person in this strange new town. I still can’t help but feel only good things are to come from here on out.

Soooo here’s the first two chapters can’t wait to get into it more. It’s going to be JUICYYYYY let me know what you guys think :)

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