Something Special

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Chapter Three

My conscience lied, there is no good. Only the burning fire of HELL. I’m currently sitting in the shop while Jim, Alice’s very unexpectedly handsome husband checks out my car. They look so in love it’s sickening. As soon as we walked in she jumped into his arms, and shared a kiss. One that made me feel like I was intruding so I turned away shyly. After some giggles we were introduced. Turns out moms the reason for their relationship. Such a small world. Also yes, before you ask I am bitter about love. I mean what single 24 year old wouldn’t be after watching Alice pretty much pur in Jim’s arms. DISGUSTING.

“Well I can definitely fix it but I’m not sure how long she’s going to last you. She’s old and has a lot of miles. I’ll fix her up but I think it’s best you look into getting a newer more reliable Sally.” Jim tells me with a sad smile.

“Yeah I was afraid of that, I just need her to hold on a little longer. Until I can get a job and start saving for something.” I reply with a sad puppy dog look.

“I’ll do what I can. While I work on her Alice, why don’t you take her to the house then to grab some lunch. I’m sure Annabelle is hungry and maybe Annabelle you can find some places in town that are hiring.″

“Oh no I couldn’t, you guys are already doing a lot for me as it is. I couldn’t ask you to drive me around as well.” I said while vigorously shaking my head.

“Please, you’re my certified niece, your mother and I were practically sisters growing up. I would love to spend more time with you and get to know you better.” Alice replied while rapping her arms around me.

Maybe this isn’t going to be the lonely self journey I thought it would be.

Around twenty minutes later we pull up to this beautiful light grey house. It had light blue shutters, a wrap around porch with a bench swing. Flower pots hanging off the fence. It was stunning from the outside I couldn’t wait to see the inside.

“This is all mine?”

“Hello, you must be Ms. Martinelli. I’m Joseph Falcone, your great aunt’s lawyer.”

“Hello Mr.Falcone, Did she really leave all this to me?” I said while staring up in awe at the house.

“Yes dear, she did. Family meant a great deal to Clara. After her sister passed she sort of lost herself. It must be hard to lose a twin I can’t Imagine. She left a note for you if you’d like to read it. Alice it’s good to see you why don’t we go inside and Annabelle a minute to read the letter.”

“I’ll be just inside Annabelle if you need me. Hey Joe long time no see how are the kids?”

I hear Alice trail off as I take the letter and sit on the bench swing. It’s a beautiful day. It’s sunny and warm with a light breeze. I sit down and open my letter.

My dearest Annabelle,

I want to start off by saying how sorry I am to not have been a part of your life. After your grandmother’s unexpected passing, I just didn’t know how to function anymore. Losing a twin is like losing a part of your soul. When she died I felt like a part of me died with her. I love you and your mother very much. I’m sure she can tell you stories about all the trouble she used to get in when she spent the summers here in this very house that I’m gifting to you. This is my way of having us be together you can say. I may not be there physically but this was my home for many years. It was filled with love and laughter and happiness. Towards the end of my life not as much. Which is why I want you to have it. You are young, your entire life is ahead of you, this is only the beginning. I want you to fill it with love and memories that will last life times to come. Never give up darling, the future is bright. It may not be paved with perfection but its paved right just for your path.

With love,

Aunt Clara

Tears start falling down my face for a woman I never got the chance to meet. I have to ask mom about her summers here. I can’t help feeling that she picked the wrong person for this house. There is nothing exciting about my life. What am I supposed to do?

With a sigh I stand to my feet.

“Alight Aunt Clara, let’s do this.”

Stepping inside the door I’m in awe once again of just how beautiful this house truly is. There’s gorgeous wooden stairs in front of me to my left a small table with a mirror over it and to my right a shoe and coat rack. Walking into the room on my left I see it’s a casual dining area. Light blue walls with a light wooden table in the center with a pitcher of lemonade on it. Alice and Joe are laughing about something I didn’t have the pleasure to hear.

“Hey Annabelle, would you like a tour of your new home?” Joe asks while wiping his mouth.


Going back to the entrance we go to the room that was on the right, it’s a small sitting room painted a peach color. White vintage sofas outlined in dark wood are in the center of the room on top of a white area rug, a fireplace with a dark marble mantle. Dark wood bookcases line the back wall which are fully stocked might I add. The window that faces the front of the house has a gorgeous window seat with lots of throw pillows.

Walking towards the back of the house theres a huge kitsch with grey cabinets and a huge island.

“Your aunt loved to bake, she had the kitchen redone not too long ago.” Joe said as if reading my mind.

“It’s stunning.”

To the left of the kitchen was a comfy living room. It was painted white with light grey sofas. Two plush grey chairs and an absolutely huge flat screen.

“She also loved Netflix.” Joe says while laughing at the shocked expression on my face.

The back yard was simple. Flowers, a BBQ and a small picnic table. Towards the back of the yard I saw the treehouse Alice and my mom were talking about. It still looked like it was in great condition.

“Your aunt always had someone come take care of that tree house Annabelle. It had wonderful memories for her.”

I hummed in response.

Heading back inside we passed a small bathroom on the way upstairs. There were four gorgeous bedrooms. The master suite had its own bathroom and walk-in closet and a king size bed with bedding that looked like clouds. I can definitely say this did not disappoint.

“Well that’s about everything. Any questions for me young lady?”

“How much is it going to cost me to stay here?”

“Ah, no nonsense I’m going to like you. Your aunt has the finances taken care of. She was very well off. So financially you have nothing to worry about. Everything was paid off long ago. There’s just minor taxes but your inheritance will take of that for a long time to come.”



“Oh your know, just making sure this is real life and all.”

“Oh yes, you most definitely are Clara’s niece.” Joe says while laughing.

“Come we have some paperwork to deal with.

I follow them into the kitchen completely dazed and confused about how all this is now mine.

Things are starting to fall into place for Annabelle, but how long do you think all the good news will last?

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