Something Special

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Chapter Four

Pulling out of the driveway I can’t help but to smile so big my face was hurting.

“So darling what are you in the mood for?” Alice says while smiling at me from the driver’s seat of her car. We left the house once my stomach started growling at an alarming volume.

“A sandwich would be delightful right now.”

“Great, there’s a sweet little café in town that my sister-in-law owns, I think you’ll love it.”

We pulled up about 20 minutes later outside of the cutest little café. You could smell the bread baking inside. Safe to say that I was indeed salivating. We got out of the car and I all but ran inside. In case you were confused yes I am a full grown woman but when it comes to food mamma don’t play games.

“Alice! Come to pick up my brothers usual?” a petite redhead yelled from the counter. She was short but still taller than my 5′1 build. You can tell she smiled a lot from the delicate lines on her face. She looked so happy and content with herself. I wonder what that’s like.

“Marie! Not today I’m here with Ashley’s Daughter. Aunt Clara left her estate to her.”

“My aren’t you a lucky young lady. How about you ladies grab a booth and ill bring over todays special on the house.”

“That’s so kind of you but I can pay please, Alice has done so much for me and I’ve barely stepped foot into the town yet.” I reply

“Nonsense family doesn’t pay. Now go sit.”

“There’s no point in arguing Annabella, I’ve been trying to get her to let me pay for years. I just stick large tips in the jar to make up for it.” Alice whispers into my ear while giggling.

We take a seat in the booth next to the window. A few minutes later Marie comes over with the best smelling Chicken cutlet Panini’s on this side of the world. I grab my sandwich and go to take a bite. As I have my mouth open as wide as it will allow me I take a glance out the window. I stare wide-eyed and wide-mouth at the most attractive human being that has ever graced my eyeballs. In a tight suit that definitely has a name tag I can’t pronounce. He’s angrily talking into his cellphone, and boy am I happy I am not on the receiving end of that. His muscles flexing under his suit jacket, his stylish but messy dark hair blowing in the light breeze. Don’t get me started on his stubble that i’m currently imaging myself rubbing against. GET IT TOGETHER ANNABELLE YOU ARE IN PUBLIC. His grey eyes lock onto mine and he sends me a heart stopping wink before ducking his head into a black Range Rover. It’s only then that I realize my mouth is hanging open with a bite of the sandwich I just took. Dear universe if you’re listening please swallow me now, like RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

“Annabelle. You got a little drool there.” Alice says giggling and wiping my mouth with her napkin.

“Huh? What happened?”

“You sort of zoned out on McDreamy over there sweetheart. Ah the good old fashioned young love at it’s finest.”

I spit mid sip of water “LOVE? No, no no ma’am. Just admiring a fine work of art is all.”

“Who was that by the way.”

“That is someone you don’t want to get mixed up in. Don’t worry about him, love just finish your sandwich.” Alice says all of a sudden acting strangely. I push it to the back of my head and finish the delish Panini in front of me.

After we eat we head back to the shop. Jim fixed up my baby. Luckily he had the parts in his shop so it didn’t take long at all. Thank goodness. I want to go out tomorrow and find a job. I know Aunt Clara has taken care of the money for the house but, I don’t want to only have to rely on that. I want to feel like a useful person. That was the point of accepting this in the first place. It’s time to break out of my burrito.

I headed back to the house and took a long hot shower. I put on the comfiest pair of sweats I could find with my favorite scooby doo t-shirt and sat on the couch. I turned on the tv and at some point I drifted off to sleep. A sleep filled with pools of grey eyes and endless muscles.

I would love to hear feedback from you guys. It’s going to start getting better from here. IM SO EXCITED!!!

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